Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 150

Welcome to a 2-hour Special Edition of The Lost Loops of 42nd Street” featuring the finest in raunchy girt/girl entertainment including: Bikini Girls (color): After a dip in the ocean, three horny harlots return to their room for some clam diving (also finger action, tongue wrestling, and a lot of yodeling in the valley). An intense strap-on scene will leave you gasping for air. For those easily confused, helpful subtitles let you follow the action with such captions as “Mmmmmmmmmm” and. of course. ’Ohhhhhhhh.” Surf’s definitely up! Lickety Split (color): A pretty blonde in a baby-doll nightie, and a raven-haired beauty in black satin visit bush gardens (but never leave the couch). The tongue lashings delivered by these horny laplanders must be some sort of record. And check out the toy with the power cord! You’ll pop a fuse on this one. Mike Hunt (color): Two attractive dolls get hot in front of a blazing fireplace. One of them is West Coast Superslut MIMI MORGAN. Rim shot fans will love the closeups. Nero Fiddles (color): SUE NERO, that is. She has a gal on a leash and paws, licks, and pinches her bitch. After some intense munching. Sue brings out some Toys for Twats. Her pet gives Sue a good tongue lashing, then straps one on for good measure. Poke-Her-Hontas (color): MERLE MICHAELS and a great-looking Native Amencan get it on alter reading Playboy on the patio in a perfect day in LaLa Land. Hot Salsa (color): VANESSA DEL RIO heats up a hot tub, then spreads the legs of her blonde playmate and unplugs her tampon with her teeth! A huge toy up the whazoo is next! Big Red (color): Is it true? Yup! ANDREA TRUE arrives home to find her girlfriends enjoying each other. Andrea’s clothes hit the floor faster than a New York minute as she dives into the action. The double-dong finish will bring a tear to your eye. Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 150 avec les actrices porno Andrea True,Mimi Morgan,Sue Nero,Vanessa Del Rio.


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