Carnal Encounters Of The Barest Kind

These hot, willing women and hard, horny studs are boldly going where no kinky crew has gone before! Strangers from outer space think that all we Earthlings care about is sex! They are ready to prove their point by infiltrating the human race and breeding us out with silly, but sexually deviant antics! Get ready for a cheese ball XXX sci-fi skin-flick notable for its clay-mation strangers, stop motion disembodied stranger cock fuck scenes and a pick-nicker getting a fried chicken leg stuffed up her snatch! Carnal Encounters Of The Barest Kind avec les actrices porno Angel Ducharme,Bill Margold,Crystal Royce,Maria Tortuga,Marlene Munroe,Patricia Manning,R.J. Reynolds,Robert Bullock,Vicki Glick,Donald Bryce,Cindi Rellar,Nancy Patterson,Bobby Broadway,Dan Rathernot,Hans Gretlia,Jerry Patterson,Lee Giberson.


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