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This Precondom Bi-Sexual Lancer Brooks film has just about everything going for it. A Really Hot Cast, an interesting plot, and lots of Intense Sex should make everyone glad that the great people at Catalina Video have preserved this movie on DVD! Bi-Coastal avec les actrices porno Cara Lott,Deidra Hopkins,Michael Mann,Patricia Manning,Tony Savage,Chris Allen,David Ashfield,Troy […]

The Seduction of Seka

Seka’s steamy sexuality explodes as she is seduced and chocked up to reveal her insatiable bi-sexual desires. Her husband has gone to the office and a special request brings the two carpenters remodeling her home into the bedroom. No further persuasion is needed for them to take their simultaneous pleasure with her body! Later, Seka’s […]

Bi ‘N’ Large

Here are some supercharged sex scenes starring your favorite AC/DC lovers! It starts with a gang as Patti Petite, Ty Jones and David Diamani show you what the “roaring 20’s” really mean. Shanna McCulloch brings her fantasies to life in a sizzling menage-a-trois with Jim Bentley and Randy Cochran. Everybody gets down and dirty with […]
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Laura and Dirk have always loved each other’s bodies and now they’ve switched, thanks to a magical Chinese potion. With Laura inside Dirk’s body and Dirk inside Laura’s, they decide to induldge their deepest bisexual fantasies and turn their world upside-down in the process. Trading places was never this much fun. UninhiBIted avec les actrices […]

Aerobisex Girls 2

The Aerobisex girls are on the loose again…they are hot on the trail, or should we say tail? This is an all girl adventure that will curl the hairs around you know where…and singe them with searing heat! The visions in this video are deep reality sprinkled with fantasies of pure outright lust! Aerobisex Girls […]

The Mating Game

Advertising pays off hot and hard in the Mating Game, a bisexual singles magazine that sets off a wild chain reaction of outrageous sex. Everything and everyone you’ve ever wanted to do can be found in the Mating Game. From A to Z, these switch-hitters score over and over again! So, lay your bets – […]

Get Bi Tonight

Are you ready for the ultimate in sexual exercise? Any and all holes are filled by the horniest of bisexualists in this nonstop pure sex film. Every frame filled with hard action. Dick-sucking, pussy eating, and cum-shooting by some of the hottest bi-lovers you’ll ever see is the calling of the day. Just think of […]

Bi N Sell

VCA pictures brings you a digitally re-mastered DVD about the high dealings of a yard sale. What started off like any garden variety yard sale, turned into a neighborhood fuck fest! No more watching your neighbors at 3 am from your lonely window…buy their crap and then fuck them senseless! You can fuck your neighbor […]

Strap-On Sally 7

This edition of the saga picks back up in New Jersey, with east coast superstar Chantilly Lace breaking in a whole new batch of bisexual strippers!… Strap-On Sally 7 avec les actrices porno Christi Lake,Jessie James,Jim Gunn,Megan,Mya Luvv,Nicollina Fox,Rochele,Theresa Roxx,Megan.

John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens

It Took seven years to produce this magnificent erotic saga of the mighty Johnny « Wadd » Holmes’ rise to the big banana of porno stardom. Holmes is interviewing luscious Serena and between screen tests he recalls his first job with Candy Samples – – her luscious breasts and mouth made him shoot harder than ever before! […]

Bisexual Experience

Bisexual Experience avec les actrices porno Leanna Foxx,Matt Windsor,Tony Belmonte,Sam Abdul,Mark Andrews,Jade East,Natasia,Heather Hart.

Bi Cycling

Beautiful and bawdy bicyclists get together for BI CYCLIING, a sensual look at lovers who readily shift into high gear. Erotic bi-sexual lovemaking is among the many twists and turns this story takes, as we see the screen’s most alluring performers vie for the pole position Bi Cycling avec les actrices porno Arcie Miller,Joey Silvera,Kim […]

Hong Kong Hookers

Samantha Fong has a stunningly rip body her sweet smile and tiny, hard nippled breast are reminiscent of a young girl on the verge of womanhood. But don’t let her under developed bosom fool you Sam can pleasure a man in the most wild and erotic ways. She has been practicing from a very early […]

Bi Now Pay Later

When Sharon suspects that her husband is cheating on her, she never suspects that it might be with a man! But that isn’t the only surprise… as things go from wild to wilder. Bi Now Pay Later avec les actrices porno Micky Ray,Sharon Kane,Corby Wells,Chi Chi LaRue,Johnny Rey,Karen Dior,Rick Rogue,Tony Belmonte,Breanna Malloy,Jesse Tyler,Kent Fuher,Mo Rivers.

Girl Has Assets

The choice is between long, blonde Rayne and red-headed Raven as to who’ll make you the hottest, and it’s not going to be easy to pick. Rayne, the girl with the assets, is out to succeed in business without really trying… unless you call making it with the boss work. She tells her chum in […]

Lust Horizons

Looking for a new apartment? Down the street is an apartment building you should know about, Lust Horizons. You’ll find it’s a horny haven of bisexual activity that has to be seen to be believed! Get an erotic eyeful of guys and gals doing it every way they can. Move in and you’ll never move […]

Color Of Honey

Blake’s wife Barbie would rather shoot pool than watch soaps. He lets her do as she pleases because she gives him lots of hot sex! She runs the tables as well as the boys in the pool hall, letting them take turns at all her deep pockets! She’ll even let her bisexual friend Nancy in […]


Rocky, a macho mechanic who loves the feel of hardened tools! Now meet slutty Jeanie, who loves to love anything or anybody! Take a greasy garage and a sanitary massage parlor, throw in about 6 gallons of lube oil and you have the makings of one hell of a hot, wet Bi-Sexual Ball-a-Thon! Bi-Dacious avec […]

Anal Vision 2

Bound only by the confines of her tightly strung bikini, Jessica (our blond goddess) takes balcony balling to new heights as she begs her man to take her the hard way in her oh-so -tight arse…One view definitely worth checking out!Marie’s patented aerobisex technique gives her trainer a new angel on how to work his […]

Entertainment Bi-Night

Lights, camera, hot wet action is the « bi-words’ at the 27th Annual Port Awards. What these ‘tail-ented’ performers do to make a sex movie good is beyond words! Just take it from me, when you see what this well built honey and her three male partners do to each other, your mouth will water! And […]

Dreams Bi Night

It all begins with a photographer’s exotic dreams materializing within his studio. The results produce some incredibly enticing scenarios showcasing torrid, BISEXUAL lust!!! Dreams Bi Night avec les actrices porno Aja,Ed Navarro,Sharon Kane,Sharon Mitchell,Tim Lowe,Cory Monroe,Peter Anglich,Cory Monroe,Kevin Glover.

Sueca Bisexual Necesita Semental

Sueca Bisexual Necesita Semental avec les actrices porno Nicole Segaud,Marina Hedman,Jaime Bascu,Jordi Batalla,Josep Castillo Escalona,Selene Marquis,Ricard Reguant.

Jouir jusqu’au delire

Brigitte Lahaie, appearing uncredited with with an ash-blonde perm, plays one of the whores. Evelyne (Claude Jaeger) has a b/g session with Charlie Schreiner. Then two unidentified male clients have a bi-sexual threesome with Elisabeth Bure (appearing as a brunette). Richard Lemieuvre has a threesome with Brigitte Lahaie and Micky Love after watching them in […]

Bi-Guy… His Very First Try

Bi-Guy… His Very First Try avec les actrices porno Henri Pachard,Joey Silvera,Stefan Peach,Eddie Crane,Richi Cummings,Jimm Mac,Jonathan King,Bionc?,Kiki LA.

Aerobisex Girls

This steamy sexvid is one of Bruce Seven’s earliest all-girl epics, and it’s clear that he’s had an eye for Sapphic eroticism for quite some time. In this white-hot feature, he’s brought together some of the tastiest, breastiest babes of the era for a fast and furious trek through the far reaches of lesbian lust. […]
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