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Erotic World Of Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle was known as a girl who would do it all, a real life sex freak whose films were an extension of her personal path to becoming a Slut Goddess. Her sexual hyper drive certainly came honestly, as with a perfect pair of gargantuan tits, an adorable face and a pillow bottom ass, she […]

Carnal Encounters Of The Barest Kind

These hot, willing women and hard, horny studs are boldly going where no kinky crew has gone before! Strangers from outer space think that all we Earthlings care about is sex! They are ready to prove their point by infiltrating the human race and breeding us out with silly, but sexually deviant antics! Get ready […]

Blue Confessions

In this cleverly crafted, gem of a movie, Loni Sanders stars as a frustrated freelance writer who undertakes the laborious task of conjuring up eight graphic articles on people’s sexual fantasies and desires. Totally baffled by the perplexity and confusion of subject material, Loni suddenly hears a mysterious voice from her subconscious speak to her. […]
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Inonde mon ventre

The film opens on Lise masturbating in front of an audience. In fact she acts out her fantasies (not for money but for fun) thanks to Madame Bastide who also employs a black midget, whom she personally seems to enjoy, and a blonde girl who appears twice in the film. Lise is married to Bertrand […]

Suzie Creamcheese

Come and take a taste of the most delicious creamcheese ever made! Suzie uses all natural products, lots of love, and a private ingredient that makes her creamcheese the one to eat! But the one thing that Suzie likes more than eating is sex. And Suzie proves that she knows what she is doing in […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 92

Ten bucks buys a hunky mustached fella a fun time with a cute, busty, eraser-nipped brunette… Then a quick cut to a tousled blonde getting well paid to chow down on her well-hung hippie honey’s horn!… A lightly tan-lined blonde with perky breasts serves her darkhaired honey hair-pie… Then he creams her peaches! An attractive, […]

Initiation d’une Jeune Marquise

Set in the 18th century. Marilyn Jess is Patinette, the maid at a mansion where there are four young noble ladies. The young ladies are sex mad. In the first scene one of them stops Marilyn from doing the laundry in the stream for a lesbian session on the lawn. Marilyn enters the mansion to […]

Few Good Women

Need a plumber? These girls and their friends are always willing to help. They are a sexy plumbing service that will show you a new way to clean your pipes, like they have never been cleaned before! These girls are guaranteed to clear out your backed up pipes, and get everything flowing! Few Good Women […]

Lonesome Housewife

Lonesome Housewife is not about a lonesome housewife. (Of course not.) Johnny Gonad (see Bananas) risks his job on a newspaper to get a piece of Cynthia, gets fired, then goes looking for a new job. But Johnny Gonad can’t remember how to knot a tie, and his guy Claude Gonad has a stiffer prick. […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Chessie Moore

Golden Age Of Porn Chessie Moore porn Remember the good ole’ days of porn! Natural beauties with huge tits who loved fucking! Chessie Moore was the big tit queen! Chessie Moore, with her huge all natural big milk filled juggs! Now, that’s classic porn the way it used to be! Golden Age Of Porn: Chessie […]

The Butt Detective

A millionaire hires a private detective to find a woman he had a fling with at an orgy some time previously. The only clue he has to her identity is a Polaroid photo of her butt. The Butt Detective avec les actrices porno Beverly Glen,Jon Dough,Mike Horner,TT Boy,Tom Byron,Alex Sanders,Amber Woods,Juli Ashton,Scott Turner,Nicole Lace,Rebecca Bardoux,Vanessa […]

The Visualizer

The Visualizer, originally released in 1992, could have very well been called The Daydreamer. The film follows Mike Horner as the lead Dan Baker working at a dead-end job for TT Boy and still struggling with his girlfriend more than a year ago. As he walks through life fantasizes he gets laid. The film opens […]

Anal Commander

As the 18th century French philosopher once referred to those who lead lives of quiet desperation, he must have had a premonition of folks trying to get a bank loan (and laid) in the late 20th century. Marc Wallice is in charge of dolloping out the goodies at his local S&L (sounds like a Ron […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 90

Plenty of color this time, as our late ’60s Love-a-thon continues, with a beautiful young brunette with perfect pert breasts, shaving herself bare before servicing her sweetie!… Then a busty dolly trades her dildo in for vacuum cleaner hose before her hairy, horny honey slips off his jeans and into her, and Dan muff-dives his […]

Backdoor To Hollywood 2

Backdoor To Hollywood 2 avec les actrices porno Brittany Stryker,Ed Navarro,Randy West,Ron Jeremy,Trinity Loren,Julian Newmark,Frank James,Scott Irish.

Deep « C » Diver

Dive head first into this erotic escapade, where vacationing couples set sail for ecstasy and a place where their inhibitions are left behind. These travelers have an insatiable hunger for sex, and they show that you don`t need to leave the bedroom to go spelunking in exotic, cavernous regions. Grab your snorkel and prepare yourself […]

Die Hilfreiche Nachtschwester

This German porn movie is about a pretty blonde night-nurse who doesn’t need medicine or pills to help her patients get better. What can be more effective than a blowjob and a passionate sex session to put a patient on his legs? Even if this is not enough, a hot group orgy is something that […]

Jack Hammer

Meet Jack Hammer, an adventurous and ever-horny private detective, or as he calles himself, « a professional dick ». One day an incredibly sexy client (played by gorgeous Nina Hartley) comes to his office and asks him to find a precious herloom that was stolen from her, a big black dildo with which all female members of […]

Good Golly Miss Molly

“What are you doin’ Molly?” “I’m daydreaming about those rock ‘n’ roll stars from the Sixties. Those Beatles… those Beach Boys… what studs!” Yeah, Ringo… what a stud. Al Jardine… what a stud. Molly, played by Ebony Ayres and her live-in boyfriend Jerry (Johnny Nineteen) have a relationship on the most solid of footing. While […]

Major Slut

Our worried major can’t figure out how to relax the overly tense troops. Allowing them to wear civilian clothing didn’t seem to work. The top brass put their heads together to find a physical release for their hard-working troops. The only thing that worked was America’s All-Time Favorite Sport…SEX! See the military’s newly learned manuevers! […]

Die Zauberflote

Hughe de Grand-Mât is a dissolute man who lives in a stately home alone but for his secretary, Joyce (never to be mentioned again). Feeling his death approaching he gathers all his descendants in order to decide who is going to be his heir. (The soundtrack mentions the families being stern and serious but sublime […]

A Stripper Named Desire

A preacher and a politician want to close down a dance club. They black mail a former titty bar superstar, throw the bar’s owner in jail, and wind up with egg on their face. The star, however wind up with something else on their face. A Stripper Named Desire avec les actrices porno Chaz Vincent,Todd […]

Celestine, bonne a tout faire…

Sex comedy from Jess Franco actually has the same source of Luis Bunuel’s Diary of a Chambermaid but this here goes for way more laughs. The police raid a brothel and a prostitute (Lina Romay) escapes into the countryside. The woman, Celestine, ends up at a rich folks house where she ends up relaxing with […]

It Happened In Hollywood

Is a hardcore porn/comedy feature film which was made during that brief period in the late ’60s and early ’70s when feature-length pornography was sometimes shown in regular motion picture theaters. It follows on the success of Deep Throat. It has the dubious distinction of depicting more sex acts per minute than any such feature […]

Boys Will Be Boys

Diamonds to diamonds and lust to Lust. What more could a boy ask for? We will leave that up to you. In this steaming hot male on male tale with a twist and a plot and a whole lot of fucking director Gino Colbert bring s you into the dark seedy world of guns and […]


Singlehanded depicts the solo fantasies of seven separate studs, and shows that one isn’t necessarily the loneliest number! Scorching segments include « Bearskin Rug », « Hot Marine », « Forest Fantasies » and « Mirror Magic ». John Holmes makes an unexpected but welcome appearance and he proves he doesn’t need a partner to engage his private parts. Enjoy! Singlehanded avec les […]

Female Chauvinists

This sex comedy is filled with lesbian and/or outdoor sex scenes.Big busty models of the past Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Roxanne Brewer show their ample wares. The movie starts off with Roxanne(a redhead with an impossible bust) and her boyfriend hard at it, when their flatmate turns up.Roxanne Brewer goes “undercover” to help expose […]

Bachelor Party 1

J.T. Video proudly brings you, « Bachelor Party! » You’ve never seen a bachelor party as hot as this! At this party, the main entertainment includes a lot of hot and sloppy blowjobs, and even more cum swallowing! After seeing this film, who wouldn’t love to have a party like this! Bachelor Party 1 avec les actrices […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 94

An Elvis-haired guy in a striped shirt feels up a dark-panty-hosed brunette… A curvy, tousled, enthusiastic choad-chomper who gives a sexy, delirious performance!… A foursome gets it on – including a couple of cute hippie chicks – in frantic action… And a skinny guy sheds his boxers for a shapely brunette… While two very foxy […]

Edward Penishands

A modern day fairy tale, which tells the story of Edward, the man created by an inventor, who died before finishing him and left Edward with penises where he should have hands. One day when the local Avon hottie appears where Edward has been living alone, and she takes him home to stay with her […]

Badge 69

Murray, credited under her Linda L’Amour pseudonym, toplines as a NYC cop, with the « Dragnet » theme playing. It’s amusing that in the supporting cast, is journeyman porn actor Jack Webb (credited as usual under his nom de film Chris Kissen) -probably a coincidence or somebody at Porn Central Casting was on the ball. She arrests […]

Rage In The Cage

The RAGE cannot be contained by bars. It must be unleashed only when your target is primed and ready. But you know, with This kind of fury, nobody is ever really ready. Willing – yes. Ready – no. Vic Hall is a victim of justice and a prisoner to your every filthy lust! Rage In […]


This tawdry tale of double-dealing and sexual intrigue focuses on the sleazy goings-on in the building of a Vegas high-rise. Damon Christian stars as a peeping photographer who teams up with sultry hooker Lee Carroll to entrap some local politicos. Once he’s shot some steamy pics of them in the clinch with Lee, Damon blackmails […]

40 the Hard Way

When four hot-to-trot fortysomethings gather for lunch at an exclusive eatery, the conversation quickly turns to items other than the menu. The women soon start gossiping about their philandering hubbies and trading sexy stories (which we then get to see in all their boobulous glory). Eventually, the plot picks up and the gals decide that […]

Betrayal Of Innocence 2

Follow an alluring blonde as she travels into the world of sex, cum, and toys for the first time. From an innocent girl to the owner of an XXX dance club she becomes adapt at fucking and licking pussies and cocks. What shall our heroine do…stay in the world of sex or runaway? With plenty […]

Jacqueline Lorians Collection

An absolutely stunning redhead who oozed innocent sexual curiosity, Jacqueline Lorians, was one of the loveliest porn actresses of the 1980’s. A gorgeous treat for the eyes with a devinely, slender figure, radiant fair skin and a pair of the most sensually inviting and mesmerizing eyes ever seen on film. Jacqueline was a very compliant […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 45

It’s hair pie, served up ’60s style! A voluptuous pixie brunette, opens for inspection… A bouffant platinum blonde, with a lovely rounded blonde-all-over… A lustily trashy, pretty, pouty, high heel blonde with perfect cupcake breasts… A chatty short haired blonde in go-go boots and knit mini dress… And a pouty blonde with dark bush! Later, […]

The Enchantress

Jeez, even my hero, Bruce Seven can have a rough go of it when he’s working with next to nothing, although this inexpensively made production does have a purpose. This is a textbook example of pulp movie making. The story line, that anyone in possession of a certain glass bauble can have a great sex […]

Passion Chain

Weird science! Professor Ed Hutton (Damien Cashmere) has a goal in life: to transfer the mind of one person to another. And he’s not going to let hard-nosed Dean Woodley (Nina Hartley) stop him (even if she does wear split-crotch panties). In fact, this video is just loaded with science. For instance, Billy Dee’s girlfriend […]

Night Vibes

Join Chessie on her night time sexcapades and this adventure will certainly blow your mind! Chessi gives another « Double D » performance which you’ll find hard to believe! Night Vibes avec les actrices porno Marc Wallace,Ron Jeremy,Sharon Mitchell,TT Boy,Viper,Chessie Moore,Saki St. Jermaine,Tony Montana,C. Everette Smythe.

Joe Rock Superstar

Marc Stevens plays Joe Cock, a Jim Morrison by way of David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust vocalist whose claim to fame is his uncanny ability to get it up on stage. When the film starts, his girlfriend (Tina Russell) is upset that her oral skills aren’t arousing him so she blows guitar player Sean Costello […]

Goin’ Down Slow

John Leslie serves up a sexy crime mystery worthy of Perry Mason in his second steamy adult feature. Goin’ Down Slow. It’s all about a cheating housewife, a nosy neighbor, and a woman named Madame Rona – Who’s really a man! Confused? Well, add to this recipe an insatibale shutterbug who gets it on with […]

Angel of the Night

Somewhere between Poltergeist and Agatha Christie novels lies Angel of the Night, a super-ambitious sexvid that disappoints only because there’s not enough of Angel. She appears in two sex scenes, one that really heats up the TV screen. But for more Angel, you should check out Angel’s Revenge. On the other hand, most of the […]

Maisons Closes

Jacques Mortaise, CMD looking for fun, walk around in Pigalle to find a place where he will be able to satisfy his desires and to forget his troubles. He ends in a nightclub where, by spending a lot of banknotes, he spent a pleasant night. On the early morning, a bit screwed, he leaves the […]
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