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Geheime Kassetten

Tapes is a Classic Bareback movie from the 70’s that features young, hot men doing what they love the most. The movie also features a scene with a sexy cross-dresser who shows us that even though she looks like a woman, she sucks cock like a man! Don’t miss out on this vintage gem! Geheime […]

Pool Man

Let’s be honest, no one wants to swim in a dirty, filthy pool. That’s when you call the « Poolman ». Don’t stress, he’ll clean your pipes! Pool Man avec les actrices porno Casey O’Brian,Corey Nixon,Gary Dean,Robert Bruce,Rod Garetto,Tommy Tanner,Steven James.

Swallow It

Cheers, and fill me up again and again. I just can’t swallow it fast enough! Sometimes you gotta just go with the flow… The French Connection and Cream of the Crop have done it again. They’ve uncovered a classic masterpiece about the one subject we all want to experience: a no-holes-barred, non-stop fuckfest splattered by […]
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Men: Skin And Steel

Men: Skin & Steel… A club for men who like the feel of metal on flesh, assists some horny urban perverts in making their wet dreams reality. Erotic shaving, cock and ball rings, tit clamps, chrome arm bands and an array of metal tools combined with several uncut daddies and their eager boys to give […]

Military Muscle

It’s not just an adventure. It’s a blowjob! These military men have some mighty meat that will master your man-gina faster than you can say « Marines »! Here is a prick-pummeling profile of platoon pleasure and covert copulation. This is where Marine muscle and brazen brass cum together in a dick-drenched delirium! Military Muscle avec les […]

Jr Cadets

Presumably taken from the Junior Cadets series of loops. Other than assuming the one scene with Jack Wrangler is contained here, there is no information available describing which loops are included here. Jr Cadets avec les actrices porno Jack Wrangler,Charles Stern,Jay Kirk,Bob Bishop,Velia Manuel,John Hudson,Peter Cole,Willie Beam,Chuck Cooper,Nick Marshall,Ray Robbins,Steve Golden.

G.I. Jocks: Out of the Ranks

These G.I.’s know how to get themselves out of a tight squeeze and into one too! G.I. Jocks: Out of the Ranks avec les actrices porno Alex Carrington,Gregory Marks,Johnny Rahm,Johnny Rey,Marc Saber,Randy White,Rob Cryston.

Great Balls Of Fire

I’ll shake your nerves and I’ll rattle your brain. I’ll make you hit notes you never knew you could. Come on, sing for me!! These guys are hot, horny, and ready to unleash their lustful passions on each other for you!!! The action is hardcore and will leave you begging for more!!! Great Balls Of […]

Convertible Blues

300 ponies, chrome, leather and steel. Go ahead… fire that bad boy up and do it on the road. These hot rods love to whip out the stick shift and go full throttle! Talk about studly boys fucking each other in the classic muscle car flick. Gotta love the romps around the house and the […]

Natural Born Driller

These hot studs were born for drillin ass, and man have they got the tool for the job. You wont want to miss a beat when these studs go cock to ass in a nonstop gay fuck frenzy. Big thick meat poles penetrate tight fuck holes in the hottest gay fuck fest this side of […]

Home Coming

They’re coming home to a home coming that will keep the team up all night! Sure being out on the road is great, but there’s nothing like a warm and loving Home Coming to put some much-needed spice in a man’s love life. So when the whole gang made it back to where it all […]

Boots And Saddles

A young man flees Jack Wrangler, fearing he has just gotten gonorrhea – only to wind up in the hands of Nazi Scorpio. (Well, he has a Nazi flag on the wall, and likes leather-sex…) So, by film’s end, Jack rescues him. Boots And Saddles avec les actrices porno Adam DeHaven,Jack Wrangler,Scorpio,Chip Kingsley,Claude Caswell,Joe Ryder,Lou […]

Cherokee Station

Jayson MacBride looks for the Cherokee Station where the hottest sex is to be found. Cherokee Station avec les actrices porno Jayson MacBride,Jeff Stone,Ian Mcgraw,Ken Holtz,B.J. Bare,Mike Wills,Richard Bryant,Sven Thorne,Terry Zale,Vince Neal.

Boys In Love

In Boys In Love, high school memories remind this twink of two studly friends he once desired. Flashbacks show the friends pleasuring one another as this twink pleasures himself in this story of lost innocence. A film from pre-condom era, with hot bareback fucking! Boys In Love avec les actrices porno .

Bi ‘N’ Large

Here are some supercharged sex scenes starring your favorite AC/DC lovers! It starts with a gang as Patti Petite, Ty Jones and David Diamani show you what the “roaring 20’s” really mean. Shanna McCulloch brings her fantasies to life in a sizzling menage-a-trois with Jim Bentley and Randy Cochran. Everybody gets down and dirty with […]

2 Slips Ami-ami

Jacques lives with his girlfriend (Liliane Lemieuvre) and her girl (Frédérique – Cathy Stewart) lives with them. The film opens with his coming home from work at night. He seems to be an airline pilot. He encounters Frédérique who is still up. He tells her to go to bed and joins his relaxing girlfriend who […]


Laura and Dirk have always loved each other’s bodies and now they’ve switched, thanks to a magical Chinese potion. With Laura inside Dirk’s body and Dirk inside Laura’s, they decide to induldge their deepest bisexual fantasies and turn their world upside-down in the process. Trading places was never this much fun. UninhiBIted avec les actrices […]

Bucks Birthday

Celebrate this wild cowboy’s birthday with his friends as they party hard and each gives him the ultimate gift of pleasure. Featuring a memorable birthday cake scene that you won’t forget. Bucks Birthday avec les actrices porno .

The Waterbed

Hot studs get in bed together in this aquatic erotic adventure. Aqua anal like you’ve never seen before in a waterbed like no other. Watch these men get drenched in more than just water. In this classic Gay romp flick, a bunch of hot and horny insatiable guys all move in together and let their […]

Oreo Boys

Oreo Boys avec les actrices porno Joe Simmons,John Boy,Justin Greene,Sport,Dee James,Hank Pearson,Mark Laight,Prince Pannesi,Sean Burke,Frank Ross.

Big Hands

A sexually confused married man falls for a young man on a ferry. Trippy fantasies and a hot young stud make this flick worth watching. Experience their love blossom in a beautiful forest setting with of course some hardcore fucking. One of the best products of the 70’s you could ever wish to sample Big […]


Scientists at a private research lab get into some real hard sexual exploration. A big black man is serviceed by a white man before he pounds his tight white ass. Two horny guys in a barn sucking and fucking. Blond guy eats cum.! In the bathtub or the desert these men know how to fuck […]

Navy Blue

One of the most memorable scenes: Jack Wrangler getting a blow job from Giuseppe Welsh in a helicopter, flying over Manhattan!! George Payne and Wrangler are in the Navy, best buddies, in love with each other, but too afraid to tell the other. Payne fucks a Salvation Army Santa! The final scene, where Wrangler and […]

Motel Cowboys

Who’s ready to ride a stallion? At this seedy Southwestern motel, all the horny travelers are hung and ready for a little cowpoke! Even the horny proprietor (played by hunky Eric Edwards) grabs his bull by the horn for all of us to admire! And, these guys are so hot and horned up that they […]

The Nasty Bunch

They showed up in the black of night. But instead of bringing fear, they brought a new passion for sex. Very, very, nasty sex! It was a quiet and peaceful building, full of guys who understood, guys who liked to share – share romantic moments… share late nights… share themselves. It was so laid back […]

The Mating Game

Advertising pays off hot and hard in the Mating Game, a bisexual singles magazine that sets off a wild chain reaction of outrageous sex. Everything and everyone you’ve ever wanted to do can be found in the Mating Game. From A to Z, these switch-hitters score over and over again! So, lay your bets – […]

Maverick 7: Chained

A pair of convicts escape from prison while chained together, changing from enemies to lovers (chains can do that, ya know). DeSimone considered this ruined in postproduction by the editor. Two young convicts who are chained together escape from jail. Follow their story as dislike for each other turns to love as they flee from […]

My Man Mickey

Two hard bodies looking for some action, pick up two beefcakes and go back to their place to have a fun time of sex and manipulation. Featuring unforgettable group sex scenes that are sure to get the party started! My Man Mickey avec les actrices porno .

Stop Or I Will Shoot

Stop or I’ll shoot…a big fat load of hot, sticky spunk at you! Or maybe I’ll beat off until that perfect moment that the smallest flick of a tongue will set me off and I’ll explode all over your face!! Even better, I’ll fuck you in the asshole, nice tight, warm asshole and blow my […]

Hair Raising

When I first cast my eyes on this title, I immediately pictured a scared cartoon cat. You know, when all of it’s hair points violently upward. Ya, this movie have nothing to do with that. It is, however, a solid movie including some hot, buff guys with loose assholes and even looser morals, plenty of […]

Sexual Odyssey

Rick’s got a problem – or so his family thinks. You see, Rick likes guys… really likes guys, if you know what i mean. So his Dad sends him to the world-famous Dr. Karlof, a psychiatrist who specializes in converting gay men to straight studs. How is this seemingly impossible task achieved, you ask? Through […]

Cabana Boys

The Cabana. At night it’s a hotbed of desire. But during the day, it’s pure crime. These studs are so hot hard and ready to be oiled down by worshiping hands. Hot and hardcore guy on guy action that’s sure to have you standing at attention and cumming back for more! Cabana Boys avec les […]

The Massage Boys

After a hard stressful day there is nothing more soothing than the strong silky hands of an Massage Boy. As he runs his fingers down your back, and rubs his smooth naked body against yours, relaxing all of your muscles except for your throbbing cock, the only question left is which you would prefer, oil, […]

Black Workout 2

Take a walk on the wild side! Here is a steamy montage of hunks of Black meat, pumping and pounding the eternal perpetual motion on iron pumping frenzy. A sweaty adventure behind the doors of an all-Black bath house. Meet the men who will make your fantasies come true! Showcased here are 18 of the […]

Get Bi Tonight

Are you ready for the ultimate in sexual exercise? Any and all holes are filled by the horniest of bisexualists in this nonstop pure sex film. Every frame filled with hard action. Dick-sucking, pussy eating, and cum-shooting by some of the hottest bi-lovers you’ll ever see is the calling of the day. Just think of […]

Bi N Sell

VCA pictures brings you a digitally re-mastered DVD about the high dealings of a yard sale. What started off like any garden variety yard sale, turned into a neighborhood fuck fest! No more watching your neighbors at 3 am from your lonely window…buy their crap and then fuck them senseless! You can fuck your neighbor […]

Jackoff Champs

This hot video features eight great looking young guys, each doing his « own thing » by himself. First is long-haired Tommy Jones — what beautiful eyes, what a body! Next, are blond surfers, Greg Landon who goes first, then Steve Lancer who « gets off » on his surf board. No. 4 is Jamie Ryan. Jamie’s body is […]

Idol Country

The two hottest names in the business team up for the erotic adventure of the year Idol Country. Because you can take the man out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the man. Idol Country avec les actrices porno Chi Chi LaRue,Grant Larson,J.T. Sloan,Jake Andrews,Marco Rossi,Mike Chavez,Rod Majors,Ryan Idol,Steve Marks,Tanner […]

Parta ola mwro mou

Parta ola mwro mou is a kind of classic porn movie that has something special for everyone. No matter what you like the most – hot lesbian action, gay or lesbian sex, anal lovemaking, masturbation or group sex – you’re gonna find all of it in the legendary « Parta ola mwro mou ». Parta ola mwro […]

Uncut Gems: Diamonds In The Raw

The infamous reigning King of Freskin, Thor Johnson takes you again into the world of a roving movie maker. Seven uncut daddies are featured in some delicious cock sucking and foreskin worship. Introducing 9″ uncut D. Overhang, showing his massive tool, and making city bear Allen growl for more! Thor’s own hooded cock is given […]

8 Inches Or More

8 Inches Or More avec les actrices porno Jack Wrangler,Eric Ryan,Brad Baker,John Meadows,Terry Terry,Tom Cord,Vito DiViona,Velia Manuel,Marc Stevens.

The Night Boys

Vampires have long been known to have irresistible sexual power over their chosen victims, and Count Vladimir is no exception. His valet, Ivan, is compelled to lure young men into the mausoleum where the Count takes them to the torrid heights of sexual ecstasy, and then turns them into his serfs. The Night Boys avec […]

Santa Monica Boulevard

To the streets crowded with studs is where you’ll go with new superstar Julian Adams as he looks for the man who can fulfill his sexual fantasies. Shot directly on video tape you are up close for all the sounds and action that will make you feel as if you’re right there doing it with […]

The Filth and the Fury

There seems to be a typo in the title of this film. The box calls it « The Filth and the Fury, » but when you play the movie the screen says « The Filth and the Furry. » That’s an important distinction, because the men here are far furrier than they are furious! This is a four hour […]

The Protector

It creeps in like a fog, engulfing the city in inky darkness. But he is there to wage his eternal war with weapons of wood and muscle and balls of solid rock. He is « The Protector, » and he owns the night. Assiduously guarding his community against burglars and thieves who prowl the area, this Protector […]

Macho Men

A beefy, French traveler comes to New York City in search of his lover, Jerome. Along the way he has wild sexual encounters in very public places. Featuring an unforgettable, meat locker scene that will be hard to forget. Macho Men avec les actrices porno .

Black Obsession

Rare film from the studio « Las Vegas Video » with a gay storyline and beautiful black girls, watch and enjoy! Black Obsession avec les actrices porno Andre Bolla,Nina DePonca,Purple Passion,Raven,Ray Victory,Victoria Paris,Flame,Dominique Simone,Leanna Foxx,John Long,Jake Steed,Angel Cruz,Stormi,Regis Black,Monina,Billy Dee,Sean Michaels.


Jack Wrangler is a « madman » who makes a time bomb inside a dildo, then plants it among one of several identical dildos in a dirty bookstore. He has sex with the store clerk, then the two of them get it on with 2 others. Several guys purchase one of these dildos, Jack Wrangler jerks off […]

Pier Groups

Joe, an engineer for a demolition company surveys the New York City piers on the Hudson river. He discovers a huge playground where sex-hungry men engage in raunchy group sex. Victor Houston, Johnny Kovacs, Myles Longue and others participate in theis exploration of anonymous sexual liaisons in the abandoned warehouses. Lots of outdoor action as […]

Hot Shots Double Feature 2

A set of 16 plus video and film excerpts assembled into three sections: Beauty, Action and Adventure as if the viewer should be the judge as to who is best. Scenes from Heatstroke, Rawhide, Wrestling Meat 2, Fade In and others. Hot Shots Double Feature 2 avec les actrices porno Casey Donovan,Chris Allen,Leo Ford,Brian Hawks,Chris […]

All Tied Up

Filmed with men in their unprimped, natural bodies. The story tells why two lovers are roughly assaulted in their own apartment. The intense bondage sex, that wouldn’t be allowed today, climaxes to a modern rendition of ‘Bolero’. Low production values with dubbed dialog, don’t seem to hurt the sex. All Tied Up avec les actrices […]
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