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House of 1001 Pleasures

This is Olinka’s best film, and among the best of all French adult movies. Some misfortune results in Olinka working in a fancy French brothel. When she falls in love with a customer, she plans her escape. That’s the plot, what there is of it, but what make this a great hardcore film are the […]

Girls Gone Bad 4

These girls look like normal upstanding citizens, but they are complete lesbo freaks behind bars or closed doors!! They work hard and really enjoy munching some co-workers carpet whenever they get a chance!! This video is filled with pussy-lickin’ fun and is sure to excite and entice you with it’s real hardcore feel!!! Girls Gone […]

Black Magic

The premise of this 1985 romp is simplicity itself. That old Black Magic, it’ll get you everytime… or at least whenever you gaze into Madame Andrea’s crystal ball! That’s why Stella and Gigi check out Andrea’s supernatural sex connection to get a peek at their own upcomming love lives. What these ebony vixens encounter is […]
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Nurse My Cock

The hospital bed becomes a cum soaked playground for cock craving nurses in this 2 hour ode to the hardcore hospital films of the 1970’s! Vanessa and Leslie are working the late shift together, but need to take a break to pleasure each other’s … Full Descriptionhorny little ass holes. Super skinny Marlene is a […]

Entre Pitos Anda el Juego

Lina Romay plays a bored housewife who goes out and gets sexual pleasure from anyone she comes into contact with. I’ve seen a handful of the hardcore films from Franco and they can be erotic, disgusting or done as comedy and this one here goes for the laughs. I had to view this in Spanish […]

Champagne for Breakfast

The sexiest mature woman ever to appear in XXX cinema! Kay Parker was most famous for her roll in Taboo films, yet many fans don’t realize she appeared in many other excellent hardcore productions during her career. Filmed in 1980, Champagne For Breakfast features Kay Parker as she joins the cast of this all star […]


A sexual drama of uncommon depth, ‘Mascara’ is one of the best sex films of director Henri Pachard’s career. The film stars Lisa DeLeeuw in one of her best roles ever, playing a lonely young woman who spends her days in the pool and her nights looking for lust in all the wrong places. After […]

La Doctoresse A De Gros Seins

Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it’s J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her. The next day, she welcomes Etienne Jaumillot (an […]

World Of Peeping Toms

A roving camera crew, doing a documentary on peeping toms, haunt garbage-strewn back alleyways. They interview a variety of degenerates (who look a little like Johnny Legend) The first lunk is outfitted in a tattered straw hat, trenchcoat and huge dark shades. They catch him in the act and give him the third degree. (« How […]

Great Balls Of Fire

I’ll shake your nerves and I’ll rattle your brain. I’ll make you hit notes you never knew you could. Come on, sing for me!! These guys are hot, horny, and ready to unleash their lustful passions on each other for you!!! The action is hardcore and will leave you begging for more!!! Great Balls Of […]

Deep In The Bush

Take an exotic adventure Deep In The Bush. With six hardcore scenes, including guy-on-girl, lesbian action and interracial sex this movie is a lost gem, a true blast from the past. Deep In The Bush avec les actrices porno Amber Savage,Cal Jammer,Cameo,Mia Powers,Nikki Knights,Paula Price,Ray Victory,Fallon,No Director Credited,Tony Montana,Carol Cummings.

Take My Body

Don’t miss the incredible look-alike (of you know who) ‘Mary Monroe’ as her fabulous body and uninhibited sexual passions literally burn up the screen with unrestrained pleasure…! » »Set in the most exquisite locations imaginable, « Take My Body » contains more sex per minute than anything I’ve seen yet…’Mary Monroe’ is even more arousing than ever…! » »Natasha, a beautiful […]

Love After School

Love After School is an extracurricular fuckfest featuring demi-legend Eve Orlon as « an unusual gal » who’s got « her own sex thing. »Translation: she’s a sex-ed teacher who supplements her in-class instruction by visiting her students at home and giving them live demonstrations. Gadzooks! The students eagerly look forward to these visits because, like all American boys […]

Super Bruste

This German compilation is a smorgasbord of hot hardcore fucking and sucking. There are tits flying everywhere, black cocks, hairy pussies, twosomes, threesomes and buckets full of hot man juice. If you like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you are in for a treat because this flick has something […]

Denim Dolls

Eric Price and Rachel Ryan are good buddies. They enjoy passing the time lying around recounting their sexual exploits and sharing fond memories of lays of the past. Their various escapades are reprised in living color to make up the plot of this wall-to-wall sex video, in a very hot box. This feature is packed […]

Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers

Sixty nine. A telling number, don’t you think? that’s the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I’m sure you’ll agree there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply […]

City Of Sin

In this hardcore parody of « Dragnet », two vice detectives roam the city looking for prostitutes. Only instead of arresting them, the cops have sex with them. One day they hit the « jackpot » when they discover a brothel. City Of Sin avec les actrices porno Howard Ziehm,Linda McDowell,Carmen Olivera,Barry Williams,Ben Tremain,Cleo O’Hara,John Maxwell,Nora Wieternik,Patti Snyder,Sandra Henderson,Victor […]

Open House

An absolutelty amazing young salesgirl gets too horny while reading a book in a place that has an open house on that day. Not long has passed before the house becomes a place of hot sex and sin. Aja is gorgeous and extremely horny in this vintage porn movie from the late ’80s that doesn’t […]

Hot Shorts Presents Rene Summers

One of the prettiest girls in adult erotica and star of many of your favorite x-rated films, does her nastiest in this highly sensuous edition of Hot Shorts. The hottest, juiciest, oral and anal sex scenes ever done in this turn-on masterpiece! You will lust for every moment of this hot hardcore action. Hot Shorts […]

Big Hands

A sexually confused married man falls for a young man on a ferry. Trippy fantasies and a hot young stud make this flick worth watching. Experience their love blossom in a beautiful forest setting with of course some hardcore fucking. One of the best products of the 70’s you could ever wish to sample Big […]


Scientists at a private research lab get into some real hard sexual exploration. A big black man is serviceed by a white man before he pounds his tight white ass. Two horny guys in a barn sucking and fucking. Blond guy eats cum.! In the bathtub or the desert these men know how to fuck […]

Lonesome Housewife

Lonesome Housewife is not about a lonesome housewife. (Of course not.) Johnny Gonad (see Bananas) risks his job on a newspaper to get a piece of Cynthia, gets fired, then goes looking for a new job. But Johnny Gonad can’t remember how to knot a tie, and his guy Claude Gonad has a stiffer prick. […]

Star 90

I used to own this movie and it is an excellent starter for those who are exploring the world of porn for the first time.A legend in her prime,not too hardcore,but just enough to satisfy us pro’s!I love this movie and it brings back fond memories,but the new girls in today’s porn make me thank […]

Tender Flesh

Tender Flesh (a.k.a. Sexophrenia), Rene Bond plays an inhibited housewife trapped in a sexless marriage to an old coot (Keith Erickson). She begins having trippy erotic dreams. A narrator wanders into the frame and explains to us that she is suffering from a disease called « Sex-o-phrenia » (« One of the oldest maladies. » he says.) Pretty soon. […]

Best of Tracey Adams

Tracey Adams was one of the most alluring sex kittens of the 1980s, a full-breasted bad girl whose unquenchable appetite for raw sexual sizzle made her a fan favorite. Her lusciously leggy good looks were the definition of feminine appeal, topped by one of the prettiest faces to ever grace the hardcore scene. Tracey was […]

Robin Head

Coast to Coast video presents Robin Head, a hot movie from the 80’s featuring over 70 minutes of hardcore action! What’s it about? Does it matter? All that really matters is that these hot cum-sluts know how to get the job done and are guaranteed to get your engine started up right! Robin Head avec […]

Fast Cars Fast Women

The sexiest mature woman ever to appear in XXX cinema! Kay Parker was most famous for her roll in Taboo films, yet many fans don’t realize she appeared in many other excellent hardcore productions during her career. Filmed in 1981, Fast Cars, Fast Women features Kay Parker as a race car owner who gives her […]

XXX Bra Busters In The 1980’s

Here’s what’s included in this Boobalicious collection: Barbara Alton takes on a young Ron Jeremy in Hollyweird! That saucy, stacked Amazonian beauty Tina Marie masturbates in the tub and then gets pummeled by Kevin James. Includes the strawberry blonde sexpot Cheri Delight in two rare scenes, an early, teenage scene with Christy Canyon, the voluptuous […]

Oma Pervers 17

Depraved Old ladies in the business! Few of this age to agree to such a hard fucking! We have no grannies! Awesome middle-aged lady indulges a cheeky men. Oma Pervers 17 avec les actrices porno Joey Murphy,Teresa Orlowsky,Olaf Tanner,Steve Vincent,Franco Roccaforte.

Cabana Boys

The Cabana. At night it’s a hotbed of desire. But during the day, it’s pure crime. These studs are so hot hard and ready to be oiled down by worshiping hands. Hot and hardcore guy on guy action that’s sure to have you standing at attention and cumming back for more! Cabana Boys avec les […]


Filmed in New York under fake names to prevent arrest, notorious director Bob Chinn, aka Wizard Glick, put together a phenomenal movie starring John Leslie as an elevator repair man who meets a gorgeous tenant played by CJ Laing. The encounter leads to a hardcore sequence of sexual decadence that begins with super hot studs […]

Black Jack City

They’re a new breed of gangster. The new public enemy. There are 8 million naked stories in the city… this is hers. Filled with cum and hardcore sex, this women is ready to show you where the Jack in Black Jack City cums from. Black Jack City avec les actrices porno Flame,Melanie Moore,Charisma,Dominique Simone,Tom Chapman,Sikki […]

Body Games

A weekend retreat for the super-rich is actually a front for a full-scale prostitution house in this fast-paced romp. Randy Paul and Jon Martin star as a couple of college roomies in need of some fast cash. Before he quite knows what’s hit him, he’s interviewing for a job working at an exclusive country resort. […]

Betrayed Teens

Linda is abducted by bikers and her mom contacts a private-dick to find her. Turns out Linda wasn’t abducted at all, but was hanging out with the bikers of her own accord. When the gang realizes that the mom concocted the « abduction » story, they decide to go back with Linda in tow to mess with […]

Out At Night

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Heather who came from a very ordinary place. Little did Heather know that she would grow up to be the biggest star in the sky. We want you to take part in this story filled with happy endings as Heather and her friends enchant you… Come […]

Cicciolina e Moana ai mondiali

In this hardcore flick Cicciolina and Moana (Ilona Staller and Moana Pozzi) are hired to help the Italian team win the soccer world cup 1990. Cicciolina e Moana ai mondiali avec les actrices porno Cicciolina (Ilona Staller),Eric Price,Feline Fabre,Massimo Lotti,Miss Pomodoro,Moana Pozzi,Roberto Malone,Ron Jeremy,Nicholas Moore,Sean Michaels.

Backdoor to Hollywood 6

The sixth installment of the long-running backside-fixated series offers up some of the most jigglingly delightful ladies of the late 80’s in some seriously sensual segments. Naturally boobulous babe Champagne kick starts the action with a rough-and-tumble outdoor romp with Rick Daniels that’s sure to get a rise out of any audience. Next, exotic stunner […]

Get Me While I’m Hot

A Classic 80’s hardcore featuring Keisha and Peter North. Porn Star Keisha is a luscious dream queen who first hit hardcore screens in 1985 and continues to turn out steamy performances today. Keisha’s probably the prettiest Latina to ever appear in porn, a lush fantasy girl with a deliciously ripe body. Keisha started in hardcore […]

Adultery For Fun And Profit

This was the Grand Prize Winner at the Amsterdam Adult Film Festival in 1971. But don’t hold that against it. It’s actually a tightly-paced, sexy chunk of hardcore filmmaking. It’s well-made (for a change) and the tantalizing cast of moist starlets provide some erotic fireworks. Richard has got it made. He’s an ultra-cool sweet-talker who […]

Kitten Natividad Collection

Kitten Natividad is a household name, well, if you live in a household of tit lovers. The former Russ Meyer starlet (and girlfriend) has been showing off her bodacious tatas on screen since 1972, but it wasn’t until the 80’s that Kitten’s jugs had ballooned to watermelon proportions and she finally indulged in hardcore action. […]

In Loving Color 3

Another blast of interracial erotica from the man who brought you « In Loving Color » and « In Loving Color 2. » Packed full of stars and hot sluts that keep you cumming for more. These hardcore cock-loving bitches are the flyest girls in town. They’ve got the moves that will keep you cumming all night long. In […]

Wild River Girls

Two men lose their rubber raft on a river on a river in the wilderness and find a rural community. Three girls then spend their time trying to have sex without the sheriff or their aunt catching them! There is plenty of sex in and among the slapstick. Another family that loves to share! This […]

Nasty Nymphos 5

6 ALL NEW sex scenes, 7 beautiful babes (5 of them taking it up the ass), some interracial action, 5 facial frosting, lots of hard fucking and Video Virgin Dominique Winters in her ANAL stretching debut! It’s an all out fuckfest of nasty nymphos! ENJOY!! Nasty Nymphos 5 avec les actrices porno Jon Dough,Mike Horner,Tera […]

Hot Rocks

This offering features one of the most used plots in all of porndom. It’s the radio station that improves its ratings by turning to sexually charged content. This time out, the station managers decide to really throw caution to the wind and have folks actually have sex right there in the studio, while the whole […]

Rugged Men

This low-rent, hardcore version of a kinky Kenneth Anger film contains three sexual vignettes. The first, « Fright, » is set in the pre-gentrified Hudson River docks area of Greenwich Village. Filled with all kinds of now-forbidden sexual acts, the film begins with a cop arresting a young man for hustling. He takes him to an abandoned […]

Dear Fanny

DEAR FANNY answers letters on everyone’s favorite subject: SEX. From Fanny’s beachfront Malibu office, her two assistants and even the mailman get into the act as they read one bizarre letter after another. See Ron Jeremy in his prime stick all eleven inches into Fanny’s ass after a lascivious letter sparks the nymphomaniac between her […]

Busen Extra 2

Big huge tits are the focus of this German import. Scorching hardcore action featuring veteran performers. Your dick will certainly salute to these juicy Germans! Lay back, grab a ale, and enjoy these big boobed beauties bouncing and getting boned by big-balled bananas in their box! Busen Extra 2 avec les actrices porno .

Girls Of Double D 8

Director John Stagliano brings us this excellent little sexvid from 1989, a silly feature that delivers lots of first-rate hardcore action. The story revolves around a struggling bra company, whose chief designer has been having trouble keeping up with the prodigious demands of a burgeoning marketplace. In other words, he can’t seem to figure out […]

Aerobic Sex Im Fickness Center

Once of the gems from the German porn scene of the late ’80s, this vintage movie stars the lovely Anke Bonn, a perfect teen star that leads the way of a young cast fucking their brains out in an aerobics center filled with horny guys and girls. Without a story or a plot, this classic […]

Big Bust Babes 7

The title of this one says it all — ‘Big Bust Babes#7? delivers scene after scene of buxom beauties engaged in all manner of high-spirited hi jinx! We begin with Karisma, a dusky damsel whose awesomely enhanced assets are more than any man can resist. Certainly not Leo Martin, who joins Karisma for a wild, […]

Bodies In Heat 2

Sharon Kane is a detective who specializes in undercover investigations with steamy sexual undercurrents. This time she’s been sent to work in a brothel and to try to sort out a pair of mysteries. First, she’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow detective Herschel Savage. Then she’s supposed to find out why Annette Haven is […]


This movie brings you a fiendish, ball-draining tale of dual facials, a 3-way and strap-ons featuring hardcore, sex-filled scenes. Digitally re-mastered and for the first time on DVD, you can let your fantasies take hold and have a bite! Here’s something you can sink your teeth into. Watch this movie and find out who the […]
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