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In the tradition of the surprisingly successful Edward Penishands, Paul Norman has once again created a unique and stylish novelty video. Cyrano follows the now-familiar tale of the man with a very noticeable nasal condition, only with a few new twists. Seems the reason his nose is so big is because under his mask, it’s […]

Femmes Impudiques

Two women alone in the country, in an old house, where even a fridge is missing, in vacation for 2 months, their husbands plan to visit them 2 days a week. A young girl, the future ‘rosi?re” (the most virtuous girl in the village), is hired to help for the cleaning. They are afraid to […]

Anyone But My Husband

After her husband rejects her, Nora Pelham is advised by Dr. Malcolm to have an affair. Soon enough, even the fortune teller Madame Chaney convinces Nora having sex with her is already determined by fate. Anyone But My Husband avec les actrices porno Beerbohn Tree,Bree Anthony,C.J. Laing,Deanna Darby,Michael Thorpe,Robert Combs,Robert Bolla,Ronnie Love,Thelma Thigh,Tony Perez,Roberta Findlay,Eric […]
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Sheets of San Francisco

Sheets of San Francisco avec les actrices porno Ray Wells,Blondie Bee,Candie Evens,Erica Boyer,Kristara Barrington,Mike DeMarco,Damon Christian,Tony Montana,Scotty Fox.

I Do 2

If you liked ‘I Do’, you’ll love ‘I Do 2’. Because it’s the honeymoon period, where nothing can go wrong and everyone can get off. Especially with bridesmaids like Raven and Cameo around. Watch ‘I Do 2’ where Hyapatia goes crazy with lust and you will 2. Enjoy!! I Do 2 avec les actrices porno […]


Burn avec les actrices porno Danielle Rogers,Mike Horner,Randy Spears,Randy West,Raven Richards,Alexis DeVell,Teri Diver,Scotty Fox,Stacy Nichols.

Dreams in the Forbidden Zone

Erica and Allan have the perfect marriage until he accidentally dies while playing sex games. Guilt ridden & grief stricken, Erica is visited by Allan’s spirit. He forgives her & comforts her by giving her a book of dreams from beyond. This book introduces Erica to a series of confusing & fanciful sexual adventures, sending […]

WPINK-TV 4: Back On The Air

WPINK-TV 4: Back On The Air avec les actrices porno Deidre Holland,Tony Vincent,Randy West,Rocco Siffredi,Flame,Sierra,Dyanna Lauren,Tim Lake,Deborah Wells,Tracy West,Rex Morrison.

Hershe Highway 3

There’s plenty more hardcore action of every sort imaginable as this searing sex video series continues. This one’s loosely structured around the idea that Saki keeps having dreams in which her friends are having sex while she watches. Well, this sets the stage for a series of blistering sexual outings that lean toward the rear […]


Lingerie avec les actrices porno Blake Palmer,David Cannon,Frank Brandt,Greg Derek,Hershel Savage,Jennifer West,John Holmes,Linda Shaw,Lisa Lake,Paul Barresi,Renee Summers,Ron Jeremy,Rosemarie,Tara Aire,Tina Marie,Tom Byron,Jerome Bronson,Amy Allison,Eric Edwards.

Dial N For Nikki

Sometimes a deep, dark night can close in on your like a fist, choking your very life away. That’s when you call Nikki at station KLUV, 93.7 on your FM Dial. She knows how to handle the night. All it takes is a little radioactivity. Go ahead touch that dial. Dial N For Nikki avec […]

Sweet Things

Imagine such classic porn legends as Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell and Angel Kelly together in one movie. Now imagine them in a hot lesbian scene or in a passionate threesome… No matter how exciting and arousing the pictures that you envisioned are, « Sweet Things » is way hotter than that! These super sexy, luscious and sultry […]

Talk Dirty to Me 5

There’s good news and great news. The good news is that Jack is back! The great news is that talented director Henri Pachard has kept the flavor of the previous Talk Dirty To Me films and videos and has injected new life in the series! Talk Dirty To Me, Part V opens with Jack (John […]

3:00 AM

One of the most highly praised erotic films of all time, Robert McCollum’s ‘3 A.M.’ is truly a landmark in the adult motion picture industry. With a remarkable story, brilliantly enacted by some of Hollywood’s finest young actors, ‘3 A.M.’ achieves new heights in sexual depiction. ‘3 A.M.’ was made with one basic intention – […]

From A Whisper to a Scream

Go all the way! From the quiet, smoldering intimacy of lovers sharing vows, to the non-stop roar of couples changing partners in a firestorm of sexual ecstasy. The trip of a lifetime awaits you, so what are you waiting for? Cum on in, and see just how wide a ‘range’ these girls really have . […]

Heather Hunters Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time there was a girl named Heather who came from a very ordinary place. Little did Heather know that she would grow up to be the biggest star in the sky. We want you to take part in this story filled with happy endings as Heather and her friends enchant you. Heather […]

Jungle Beaver

Every white woman has a deep dark legends. They watch them throwing ball. Kicking a field goal singing and dancing. They look at them in the National Geographic thrown rooks and skinning bears. They’re black men and lets face it white chicks love them. Don’t miss out! Jungle Beaver avec les actrices porno Aja,Carolyn Monroe,Heather […]

Perverse Dildo Spiele

Two teen girls get a new apartment in the city, eager to try out how sex will feel like in their new place. Passionate lesbian sex is the focus of this early ’90s German classic that features some of the hottest, naughtiest teen action with huge dildos put in every little hole, messy facials and […]

Coisas Eroticas 2

Second part of the Brazilian story, this vintage movie is certainly one of the more recognizable foreign films from the eighties. Grace Back and Elizabeth Bacelar are amazing to watch as they fuck, suck and lick away in a marathon of passionate fucking and tender lesbian sex. Other stars only make the scenes better, and […]

Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Pleasure avec les actrices porno Bobby Astor,Brooke Young,Carter Stevens,David Ruby,David Morris,David Pierce,Hershel Savage,Jack Munroe,Jack Teague,Jill Munroe,Ron Hudd,Rikki O’Neal,Roger Caine,Taylor Young,Ellyn Grant,Lisa LaGiuffria,Stephine Peterson,D. Hartman,J. Hartman,Samantha Fox.

Kittens 7

Porsche Lynn is a college sorority full of beautiful girls. When Clarissa wants to join the sorority, Ariana the Dean of girls, arranges for a big night of pledging that includes an exchange student from Russia and sorority pets Misty and Shelby! Porsche plans to only supervise the girls pledge party, but get so turned […]


Enter director Michael Craig’s shadowy world of wrongs and retribution. Debi Diamond is newly hired governess who’s come to score… and settle a score. When she brings her remarkable sexual skills (anal, DP, you name it) to this cozy little household, Mummy and Pop will never be the same. The Governess. She’s coming. And she’s […]


Sebastiana is a perfect example of Italian 1980s porn. This movie bursts with extremely arousing scenes including outdoor gangbang, lustful masturbation, exciting lesbian sex and steamy group fucking. Besides, the actresses are incredibly hot! It’s an absolute must-see for any vintage porn admirer! Sebastiana avec les actrices porno Giuseppe Alotta,Giuseppe Curia,Guia Lauri Filzi,Paolo Gramignano,Riccardo Zamagni,Sabrina […]

Misfits 2

Misfits 2 avec les actrices porno Jon Dough,Randy West,Rocco Siffredi,Tom Byron,Vanessa Chase,Marilyn Martyn,Norma Jeane,Kaylan Nicole.

Loose Morals

Peter North is a creative novelist whose characters come to life before him as he puts his words on the page. Fortunately for the viewer, Peter has a mind that’s about as wicked as they come, and his visions center around the lithe, supple frames of such blue-screen legends as Regina Bardot, Danica Rhea and […]

Throat: 12 Years After

First, it was Deep Throat. Now 12 sexually-liberated years later, Gerard Damiano brings us a scintillating look at our ‘anything goes’ society. From swing clubs, to extra-marital affairs, to orgies, to studs-for-hire, Damiano leaves no kink unturned in his quest to show just how far we’ll go to achieve carnal satisfaction. Throat: 12 Years After […]

Sex Appraisals

Down at the local savings and loan there are several ways to secure a loan, and not all of them have to do with good credit. Instead, head loan officer Bionca and her two henchmen, Marc Wallice and Peter North, are willing to make special deals with certain sexy customers. This being a porn video, […]

Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes, the fourth episode in the pseudo-soap Ice Cream series, makes me predict that this is what daytime television will be like in the year 2000. And won¢t that be wonderful! Some of the sex scenes here are long enough for Holly Housewife to mop the kitchen floor, feed the dog, send the brats […]

Les seins en feux

Three air hostesses live out their fantasies while stuck in Paris because of a strike. Several people benefit from their taste for « adventure »: a waiter, a tramp and a fake blindman, not to mention the taxi driver whom they tease with some exhibitionism and mutual groping in the back of his cab. The whole scene […]

Outlaw Women

On their way to a fun-filled weekend, three girls and a tantalizing pick-up (Tracy Donovan), become lost and end up in a secluded house. Without realizing, they have stumbled into an outlaw’s hideout. The girls fall into the hands (and bodies) of the returning bikers. What follows is sex and more sex that defies the […]

Call Girls In Action

What a difference a year or two makes. A style of video such as this with eight sex scenes and this number of performers used to be pretty much standard issue in the business. Times have changed, but this show, even though it was lensed a couple of years ago doesn’t fare much better in […]

Backdoor to Hollywood 13

What happens when a card game turns into a wild bawdry, backdoor ball-o-rama? Ante up, it’s gonna be a long, hard flight! Backdoor to Hollywood 13 avec les actrices porno Marc Wallace,Racquel Darrian,TT Boy,Chessie Moore,Hans Mueller,Randi Summer,Saki St. Jermaine,Gordon Vandermeer,Sean Michaels.

Seven Good Women

Crystal Wilder is the foxy forewoman on a jury deliberating over a riveting criminal case in this torrid take-off on ’12 Angry Men.’ The defense and prosecution have wrapped up their cases, and now the fate of the defendant is in the hands of the jurors. Trouble is, the jurors are in each other’s arms. […]

Confessions of a Young American Housewife

Carol, a beautiful young happily married woman, lives in New York with her husband and enjoys her wonderful sex life. Things just could not get better. That is until her mom comes to stay with her and emotions from their torrid past come back to Carol. What follows can only be described as a sheer […]

Big Bust Babes 6

If you’re a fan of gorgeous women with big, mouth-watering mammaries, then this is the video for you. Indulge your voyeuristic desires as you experience 90 minutes of bustybabes strutting their stuff for you and their lovers. Erection is the order of the day as sensitive, succulent nipples cry out to be sucked and gently […]

My Only Vice

Now that’s a dream job! Spying on people having sex and taking pictures – that’s just perfect for the voyeur type, like the main character of this steamy eighties porn video. He’s always hiding in the shadow and shooting the sexiest photos imaginable. Great blowjobs, dirty fucking, lesbian action, anal sex – he’s seen it […]

Luana la Porcona

Luana la Porcona avec les actrices porno Eric Weiss,Luana Borgia,Rocco Siffredi,Stella Tempest,Lorenzo Onorati,Lalla,Lori Ghidini,Sheila Kiss,Franco Roccaforte,Sergio Vitali.

Ingenues libertines

Marilyn Jess’s first scene seems to be the one from Marie salope for she can be seen masturbating behind a door to a room where Jean Leray is being given a blow-job by Brigitte Verbecq who then ends the scene in lesbian action with Monique Carrère. Later on Marilyn is introduced to Jacques Marbeuf and […]

Chance Meetings

Chance Meetings avec les actrices porno Amanda Tyler,Dana Lynn,Frank Brandt,Kristy Leigh,Marc Wallace,Ray Victory,Ron Jeremy,Samantha Strong,Steve Austin,Cherry Hill,Lorelei.

Deep Throat 5

The naughtiest deep throat yet! If you thought that the Deep Throat adventure had ended, think again. Part five takes you deeper and further than any other story in this saga of oral stimulation. Victoria Paris as the sexual adventurer, Linda Lovelace, will introduce you to the wildest, darkest, and nastiest sexual escapades from her […]

Poker Show

The « Poker Show est un superbe porno français, l’un des meilleurs », ont cité plusieurs journaux spécialisés anglais. Ce film en DVD regroupe des étoiles françaises et des interprètes de cinéma. Marilyn Jess est, dans cette surprenante production, une très belle fille à la française, des yeux bruns verts, naturelle, avec un corps de […]

Blue Voodoo

A spurned woman uses voodoo to exact vengeance on the man she loved. Blue Voodoo avec les actrices porno Heather Young,David Morris,Jamie Gillis,Jean Dalton,Joey Silvera,Simone Sinclair,Robert Bolla,Serena,Sharon Mitchell,Vanessa Del Rio,Wade Nichols,Linda York,Camille Sands,Electra Blue,Samantha Fox.

Let’s Play Doctor

A man thinks his girl may be a nymphomaniac, so he checks her into a clinic for rehabilitation. However, instead of curing her of her « affliction », she seems to be spreading it to the clinic’s staff. Let’s Play Doctor avec les actrices porno Buck Adams,Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,TT Boy,Isis Nile,Kaitlyn Ashley,Anna Malle,Kitty Yung,Barbara Doll,Rebecca Wild,Stuart Canterbury.

Olympic Sex Fever

A struggling Olympic swimmer uses a special dietary supplement to improve her performance, drawing the attention of the Russian team. Olympic Sex Fever avec les actrices porno Bill Margold,Candida Royalle,Connie Peterson,Jack Shute,Hillary Summers,Laurie Smith,Lisa DeLeeuw,Paul Thomas,R.J. Reynolds,Richard Bulik,Ron Jeremy,Seka,Serena,Vicki Glick,Phil Marshak.

Eleventh Commandment

Eleventh Commandment avec les actrices porno Alicia Monet,Erica Boyer,Krista Lane,Megan Leigh,Paul Thomas,Randy West,Tom Byron,Jim Brown.

The Anus Family

It’s the parody send-up of the year! All the weirdos – all in one place! And best of all: Ron Jeremy is just a hand, you never see his body! William Black, the genius behind Anal Nation and Total Reball takes a twisted look at television’s most twisted family in a video that asks the […]

Dr. Hooters

Dr. Hooters avec les actrices porno Cal Jammer,Eric Price,Paula Price,TT Boy,Tracey Adams,Trinity Loren,Ed Powers,Delta Make,Missy Warner,Viviana,Johnny Warner,Duck Dumont,Heather Hart.

Deep Inside Barbii

Barbii is one of the cutest little babydolls to hit the sex screen in a long time. Open to all types of sex, she gives the kind of performances that leave witnesses and partners completely drained, emotionally and otherwise. She has the kind of sweet innocence that drives men (and women) to the very brink […]


Some of the hottest performers of the erotic 80s join makes in this scintillating sexvid treat. The flick tells the story of Nina Hartley and Mike Horner, a married couple whose dreams of infidelity threaten to drive them apart. It seems that Nina’s some sort of overworked exec who spends most of her time on […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 93

A sexy tousled brunette chows down on her Wolfman Jack’s jock…And two pretty, happy lezbos get frisky!…Then a brunette and blonde in pink nylons – both bosomy – get friendly… And a sepia brunette sweetie takes on two pasty-white but well-hung honeys including a young JOHN HOLMES. A tousled blonde with nice breasts gives impressive […]

Say Something Nasty

Coast To Coast studios presents Say Something Nasty, a tale from the 80’s about a sex themed radio show where naughty couples call in to let their sexual adventures broadcasted for all to hear! Listen as they suck and fuck each other’s brains out all for your listening and viewing pleasure! Say Something Nasty avec […]
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