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Christy Canyon vs Ginger Lynn: the Early Years

You asked for it…and here it is. In all its XXX splendor. After carefully surveying our loyal customers, we went to the major (and even some minor) video producers, acquiring the hottest video vignettes available anywhere. The entire footage was then grouped into the hot situations you most wanted to see. It’s Christy Canyon vs. […]

Telefono Rosso

One of the greatest flicks of the gorgeous Cicciolina, « Telefono Rosso » is an erotic excursion into the exciting world of sexual fantasies. Cicciolina plays an insatible girl who is always willing to play along with the fantasies of any man who calls her, and her huge assortment of sex toys is always at her disposal. […]

Millies Home Coming

The story of Millie’s Homecoming concerns a day in the life of Lord and Lady Zazu. Lady Zazu (Dolly Sharp), a compulsive neurasthenic, is stressed out as per usual and appeals to her maid Hazel (Tina Russell) to soothe her jangled nerves. After restoring the Lady’s calm with the help of a vibrator, Hazel then […]
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Born for Love

Blonde sex goddess Sibylle Rauch plays a leading role in this 1980s porn movie, an actress whose life is full of seduction and temptation. This is undoubtedly one of the best flicks of gorgeous Sibylle Raunch. Her perfomance in this epic classic porn movie is really impressive and includes fantastic lesbian sex, masturbation and group […]

Do It With Iwanna

Another virtual sextape from the « Do It With … » – series. You could watch the blond and small breasted Iwanna masturbating with dildos and her fingers – anal and vaginal! She wears nice golden stilettos and pantyhose. Have fun Do It With Iwanna avec les actrices porno Carla Fischer,Roy Sandrini.

Do It With Pam

I think the one of the first « virtual-sex » movies. Pam masturbate most of the time and talk dirty to you !? Do It With Pam avec les actrices porno Pam Snyder,C.C. Messin.

Love Serfs

John Leslie plays a cop who tracks down and tries to foil the nefarious scheme. Later, his own girl is recruited into the doctor’s work and is later sent him. Love Serfs avec les actrices porno Bob Chinn,Heinz Russo,Desiree West,Enjil von Bergdorfe,John Leslie,Ken Scudder,Laura Bourbon,Sharon Thorpe,Veronica Taylor,Vicky Lyon,Alain Patrick,Astrid Gordon,Georges Malu,Janis Lake,Tanya Shea.

Double Power

Christophe’s female students love his biology lessons but his girlfriend Claudette is suspicious, and with good reason. Chris is fondling Janette’s tits and fingering her. He spears each of her love chutes til’ his mate joins them to give her the sandwich. Meanwhile, Claudette writhes naked, wanking in the hall and listening to her mate […]

Heisse Samendatteln

t is set some time in the 19th century, judging by the costumes. A blonde woman (the Eva of the Italain title – played by Eva Kleber) seems to be having an affair with a gentleman who is well off enough to employ a maid (Marie-Christine Chireix, as a blonde). There is some narrative by […]

Pussyman Auditions 13

Enjoy another of Pussyman’s Auditions featuring Missy, Peach and Cory Gates. First up to make audition is Peach, a brunette with a southern accent and wearing a cowboy hat. Says she has the best pussy. Guess where her peach tattoo is? She fucks Valentino and loves to tease his cock and says her specialty is […]

Poker di Donne

Karin Schubert & Marina Lotar (Marina Hedman, Marina Frajese) star in this classic Italian adult film. Karin is a nymphomaniac who is trying to keep her life away from her husband (Jean-Pierre Armand). After several sexual escapades with strangers she decides it’s time to let him know about her life. Directed by Richard Bennett and […]

Hard Talk

Hard Talk avec les actrices porno Jessie Eastern,Mike Horner,Sunny McKay,Tracey Adams,Alex Jordan,Melanie Moore,Scott Turner,Teri Diver,Michael Craig.

Chinesischen Schwestern

Girl is an English teacher during the day. But, at night, she turns into an unsatiable nymphomaniac. She gets involved with her pupils and, in the hope of a cure, she even seduces her girl. With nobody at hand, she makes love to herself. Chinesischen Schwestern avec les actrices porno Anthony Spinelli,China Leigh,Ed Navarro,Jack Wrangler,Mark […]

La Doctoresse A De Gros Seins

Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it’s J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her. The next day, she welcomes Etienne Jaumillot (an […]

Kaftes Mpalarines

Starting with an overwhelming group sex scene, this classic porn masterpiece keeps you on tenterhoors till the very end. This movie is packed with awesome and thrilling scenes including lesbian sex with a strapon, artful blowjobs, threesomes and foursomes, masturbation with a dildo and fantastic cum shots. An absolute must-see! Kaftes Mpalarines avec les actrices […]

Eskorte zu Ekstase

Tish Ambrose plays an owner of an agency where rich women can hire handsome guys to make all of their fantasies come true. Tish offers her hot employees a contest – the one who satisfies his female client the most would become « the top cock », have sex with gorgeous Tish and get a $5,000 bonus. […]

Video Voyeur 2

Video Voyeur 2 avec les actrices porno Barbara Dare,Bunny Bleu,Candie Evens,Dana Dylan,Erica Boyer,John Leslie,Mike Horner,Nikki Knights,Peter North,Randy West,Shanna McCullough,Stacy Donovan,Steve Drake,Angel Kelly.

Anal Intruder 7

Once Again, The Most Intimate Intrusion… Lilly’s friend is having trouble getting aroused. So Lilly does what any good friend would. She tries to find the magic formula. She tries vibrators. Voyeurism. Spanking. Peter North. Nothing works. Until she tries DP’s and anal. Bingo, Presenting Anal Intruder 7 directed by Michael Carpenter, with Lilly Xene, […]

HHHot TV 1

HHHot TV 1 avec les actrices porno Alexa Parks,Kathleen Gentry,Megan Leigh,Mike Horner,Nikki Knights,Nina Hartley,Peter North,Samantha Strong,Shanna McCullough,Sharon Mitchell,Crystal Jade,Scott Irish,Angel Kelly.

Home For Unwed Mothers

Home For Unwed mummys – Classic VHS Rip_Featuring « Milky Mamas » And « Poppin’ Mamas »_Milky Mamas: Marcie’s tits are painfully full of milk. She squeezes her swollen breasts, and milk squirts from her distended nipples. She finishes the job with a glass breast pump. Later, Marcie is hot to have her tits sucked dry, so she seduces […]

Danielle’s Girlfriends

This incredible classic porn movie starts with stunning Danielle masturbating on the stairs. Pretty damn hot, huh? But things get even hotter as Danielle’s girlfriends join her. These nasty girls know how to drive each other crazy! They have a huge assortment of various sex toys and they know dozens of sex positions, they are […]

Inonde mon ventre

The film opens on Lise masturbating in front of an audience. In fact she acts out her fantasies (not for money but for fun) thanks to Madame Bastide who also employs a black midget, whom she personally seems to enjoy, and a blonde girl who appears twice in the film. Lise is married to Bertrand […]


A new wife (Edwige Davis) proves reluctant to indulge in the kinkier aspects of sex, i.e. blowjobs. Her husband has made arrangements, however. He leaves on a trip and places a key to the outhouse in a draw, telling his wife she must not go there (I deduce). She succumbs to curiosity though and goes […]

Act Studio

One morning wife finds a dildo in her husband’s bag, and it shocks her. She’s always thought he was a shy decent man, but now she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Thrilled and worried, she decides to spy on him and find out what is wrong with him. Her little investigation brings her to […]

Foxy Lady 4

Stunning Teresa Orlowski is as insatiable as ever, and her new stories burst with passion and desire. Meet the hottest and horniest women you’ve ever seen and admire their drive and insatiable lust. These babes wanna fuck anywhere, anytime! Each story is incredibly heated and arousing, so don’t miss a single one of them. This […]

Fantasy World

Ginger Lynn’s Fantasy World exposes the desires of the hottest sex stars in the world. Erica Boyer pulls out all the stops with co-star Scott Taylor in action that will leave you wet with excitement. Ginger Lynn fronts her all-girl band in a scorching version of her hit rock video Fantasy World that keeps the […]

Busty Ladies In The 80s 4

The Busty Ladies In The 80s from Volume 4 are Tina Marie, Gina Gianetti, Desiree Lane, Busty Belle, Mona Page, Anne Alli. A nice mix of solo masturbation, lesbian clit licking and fat cocked XXX pumping in this ode to little known 90s bra busters! Ultra sexy Latin bra buster opens the titty show, showing […]


Healers avec les actrices porno Arlana Blue,Levi Richards,Ultramax,Susie Mann,Eduardo Cemano,Eduardo Cemano,Margo Sanger,Patrice DeBauer,Eberhard Ellis,Josh,Moishe Pippick,Rudi Pagliacci.

Wild Playgirls

2 men (Alban Ceray & Richard Lemieuvre) in financial trouble decide to become a bit resourceful and trade in their day jobs in order to become male prostitutes. They rent out a house and soon their business venture takes off. This classic French adult film also stars Catherine Greiner, Christine Schwarz & Uschi Karnat. Wild […]

Hot Shot

Hot Shot is a real masterpiece from the golden age of porn! This fantastic 1970s porn movie has it all to become one of your favorites: exciting plot, great actors, steamy action featuring jaw-breaking blowjobs, masturbation scenes, passionate fucking and awesome cum shots. Watch and enjoy! Hot Shot avec les actrices porno Annie Sprinkle,Bobby Astor,Jennifer […]

Erotic Radio WSEX

In a certain town, one husband cannot satisfy his wife, a construction worker doesn’t even have sex with his and a cheating husband’s wife fantasizes about the pool guy. The unsatisfied wife fantasizes about being in a threesome with two robbers, and later about being with her friend – the cheating husband’s wife. Meanwhile in […]

Motel Cowboys

Who’s ready to ride a stallion? At this seedy Southwestern motel, all the horny travelers are hung and ready for a little cowpoke! Even the horny proprietor (played by hunky Eric Edwards) grabs his bull by the horn for all of us to admire! And, these guys are so hot and horned up that they […]

Double D Dykes 1

Double D Dykes porn scenes of all-girl lesbian action. Double D Dykes DVD video Watch as big titted superstars Chessie Moore, Kitten Natividad and more lick and suck huge breasts and wet pussy. Double D Dykes movie Masturbation, vibators and strap-ons are in abundance as these busty babes get each other off! Double D Dykes […]

Hollywood Hooters

Watch as the large breasted Wendy Whoppers and Christina Clark take you an a will ride of stripteasing, masturbation and sex. Hollywood Hooters avec les actrices porno Randy West,John Dragon,Rick O’Shea,Wendy Whoppers.


A mentally disturbed woman arrives at a hotel. She peeps on a couple having sex in the next room and gets extremely horny. She starts to masturbate, dreaming of having sex with the stud. Finfoniye avec les actrices porno Meltem Isik,Oya Basak,Engin Temizer.

Captain Lust

The film tells the story of how Handsome Jack (Wade Nichols) and his sweet girl, Anne (Sharon Mitchell), assume identities to prove that Captain Lust (Jack Teague) was responsible for the death of their father, The Count of Monte Cristo. Love, sex, pathos and humor abound in this tale of adventure, villainy, buried treasure and […]

In Search of the Wild Beaver

A virginal young man’s first forays into sexual maturity are the subject of this tantalizing treat from 1986. Well, that’s one way to put it. Yet another would be that a frat guy and his buddies traipse around the desert in a motor home looking for the mythical ‘wild beaver.’ The action begins when Kevin […]

Robin Head

Coast to Coast video presents Robin Head, a hot movie from the 80’s featuring over 70 minutes of hardcore action! What’s it about? Does it matter? All that really matters is that these hot cum-sluts know how to get the job done and are guaranteed to get your engine started up right! Robin Head avec […]

Deeper Harder Faster

Deeper Harder Faster avec les actrices porno Bunny Bleu,Chris Chase,Debra Lynn,Heather Wayne,Jessie Eastern,Jessica Wylde,Jon Martin,Kimberly Carson,Lili Marlene,Lynn Franciss,Melba Peach,Nina Hartley,Peter North,Ron Jeremy,Tom Byron,Rick Savage,Buddy Love,Eric Edwards,Scott Irish,Tyler Reynolds.

Love Safe

John Leslie plays a cop who tracks down and tries to foil the nefarious scheme. Later, his own girl is recruited into the doctor’s work and is later sent him. Love Safe avec les actrices porno Bob Chinn,Heinz Russo,Desiree West,Enjil von Bergdorfe,John Leslie,Ken Scudder,Laura Bourbon,Sharon Thorpe,Veronica Taylor,Vicky Lyon,Alain Patrick,Astrid Gordon,Georges Malu,Janis Lake,Tanya Shea.

XXX Bra Busters In The 1980’s

Here’s what’s included in this Boobalicious collection: Barbara Alton takes on a young Ron Jeremy in Hollyweird! That saucy, stacked Amazonian beauty Tina Marie masturbates in the tub and then gets pummeled by Kevin James. Includes the strawberry blonde sexpot Cheri Delight in two rare scenes, an early, teenage scene with Christy Canyon, the voluptuous […]

Hot Slut Orgies

Hot classic action with Susan Nero and Hillary Summers! Hot Slut Orgies avec les actrices porno Aaron Stuart,Blair Harris,Bobby Hollander,David Morris,Hillary Summers,Holly Page,John Seeman,Jon Martin,Kyoto Sun,Laurien Dominique,Liza Dwyer,Nikki Randall,Perry Mann,R.J. Reynolds,Sue Nero,Veri Knotty,Angelo Rivera.

Invasion Of The Love Drones

Rod Sterling sound-a-like fills us in on the background as a cock-shaped spaceships hovers over Earth. It seems a group if interstellar hornies known as the  »OraGasms » have invaded Earth to absorb its sexual energy-which is their food! Before long the entire planet is crawling! There are several very good  »rough » scenes including a GREAT […]

Teas’n and Pleas’n

Teas’n and Pleas’n features the sultry centerfold dancers. These boppin Betty’s will show you moves and grooves which will leave you totally satisfied. Ronnie Dickson shakes her pretty white behind all over the screen.Then join centerfold dancer Breezy Lane as she excites you. Breezy has all the moves which will bring you to ecstasy.Penthouse centerfold […]

Bold Obsession

Welcome to the Linda Shaw show! Linda is in every scene (if not every frame) in this movie. It’s about Linda and a stalker she’s never met who makes her do lots of sexy stuff in hopes of finally fucking him. Linda has tons of fun sexual encounters and usually masturbates between them. Bold Obsession […]

The Visualizer

The Visualizer, originally released in 1992, could have very well been called The Daydreamer. The film follows Mike Horner as the lead Dan Baker working at a dead-end job for TT Boy and still struggling with his girlfriend more than a year ago. As he walks through life fantasizes he gets laid. The film opens […]

Curious Women

Curious Women– Two luscious lesbian cousins take to turning tricks after horny old Uncle Hans kicks the bucket. Curious Women avec les actrices porno Cindy West,Darby Lloyd Rains,Davey Jones,Harry Reems,Jamie Gillis.

Parta ola mwro mou

Parta ola mwro mou is a kind of classic porn movie that has something special for everyone. No matter what you like the most – hot lesbian action, gay or lesbian sex, anal lovemaking, masturbation or group sex – you’re gonna find all of it in the legendary « Parta ola mwro mou ». Parta ola mwro […]

The Pig Keeper’s Daughter

Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmer’s daughter (Moonbean) a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the town’s whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger girl Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her girl’s sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie […]

Itan Kapote Parthenes

Lust, passion, beautiful women and wild sex on the beach – sounds like a great porn movie! This terrific vintage porn video has lots of mind-blowing scenes including pretty women masturbating, heated sex by the sea, lewd lesbian games, hard anal sex and so much more… Itan Kapote Parthenes avec les actrices porno Samantha Romanou,Hristos […]

Toys 4 Us 2

Toys 4 Us 2 avec les actrices porno Alicia Monet,Amber Lynn,Aurora Lee,Buffy Davis,Careena Collins,Cheri Janvier,Elle Rio,Francois,Gina Carrera,Heather Wayne,Jack Baker,Jeanette Littledove,Jessica Wylde,Karen Summer,Krista Lane,Marc Wallace,Misty Regan,Peter North,Robin Cannes,Tom Byron,Billy Joe Fields,Tanya Nordic,Eva Adams,Caressa,John T. Bone,Chuck Martin.
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