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Sylvia is a racy, action packed, fast moving, in-depth study about severely berated human behavior. Not since Three Faces of Eve has a film attempted to so clearly define a true history of multiple personality. Sylvia D’Constant (Joanna Bell) is seemingly a quiet, reserved, saintly person living on a quiet, reserved well-manicured street in upper-middle […]

Telefono Rosso

One of the greatest flicks of the gorgeous Cicciolina, « Telefono Rosso » is an erotic excursion into the exciting world of sexual fantasies. Cicciolina plays an insatible girl who is always willing to play along with the fantasies of any man who calls her, and her huge assortment of sex toys is always at her disposal. […]

Les 14 Ans D’Aurelie

What are the groves of public gardens used for ? For an exhibitionist, to show his anatomy to young girls…. For two frightful yobs, to inflict a punishment to their favourite. Imagine that those groups happen to meet, this can make strange sparks… A young girl already “visually” aggressed, will know the shame of being […]
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Erotic City

This is the city… the EROTIC CITY. Here the hot, pulsating beat of the music blends with the throbbing tempo and driving rhythm of the street to incite new heights of sexual passion and desire. On this typically torrid day, a corporate battle is about to be laid wide open at Kingsley Industries. Who wins […]

Diary of a Nymph

Tracy is a middle class housewife suffering from that most dreaded of uterine maladies, sexual frustration. Her selfish husband seems not to notice that she diddles herself to orgasm after they have sex, all the while imagining scenes of erotic abandon. Tracy’s ennui turns to exhibitionism, however, when she lays herself out next to the […]

Black Jack City 2

Black Jack City explodes with an erotic intensity that will stimulate and shock. The power of the street gang mixes with the heated lust of their female followers to create a sexual energy that will take you to the highest peaks! Black Jack City 2 avec les actrices porno Brigette Aime,Cal Jammer,Tom Byron,Jonathan Morgan,Dominique Simone,Jeff […]

Black Jack City 3

Black Jack City, Sex City, explodes with an erotic intensity that will stimulate and shock. The power of the street gangs mixes with the heated lust of their female followers to create a sexual energy that will take you to the highest peaks. This time around it’s a poppin party going on, you mix some […]

From Rags To Riches

Barbii brings her dazzling natural assets to this torrid tale of a country gal who gets caught up in the Big City’s fast-paced lifestyle. She plans to stay with a gal pal, but when she goes to the address she has, Barbii finds out that her friend has moved away! Now she’s stuck with no […]

Street Girl Named Desire

Street Girl Named Desire avec les actrices porno Cal Jammer,Chrissy Ann,Jake Steed,Trixie Tyler,Hanaku,August West,Summer Knight,Chuck Martin.

Paris Frivol

Morning – she goes out. Claire (Kelly Deep) arrives and changes into basque, discovers Christophe in only a towel which expands outwards as she bends over in front of him – b/g. Cut to a street scene. A brunette in a red dress is seen approaching and entering a porn cinema. Brigitte Verbecq is having […]


DVDrip of yet another movie featuring Madison. Hope you guys aren’t getting tired of her. This flick seems to be built around the final scene with Madison and Marc Wallice. The other four scenes could be from other movies although none of them are familiar to me. Good quality rip (imho) I think you’ll like […]

Black Jack City

They’re a new breed of gangster. The new public enemy. There are 8 million naked stories in the city… this is hers. Filled with cum and hardcore sex, this women is ready to show you where the Jack in Black Jack City cums from. Black Jack City avec les actrices porno Flame,Melanie Moore,Charisma,Dominique Simone,Tom Chapman,Sikki […]

Men Into Women!

Exclusive – Wife Chocks up Hubby To Take It! His wife, with savage pleasure and another woman to assist her, puts her macho husband in a tight corset, a curly wig, lots of eye shadow and lip stick, high heels and slutty fish net stockings. The wife straps on a dildo and bends her pretty […]

Macho Men

A beefy, French traveler comes to New York City in search of his lover, Jerome. Along the way he has wild sexual encounters in very public places. Featuring an unforgettable, meat locker scene that will be hard to forget. Macho Men avec les actrices porno .

Les Memoires Dune Pute

Laura Valerie, one of the biggest stars of the French porn in the early 90’s recalls her life story of a whore to a writer who records the confession so he can finish writing her memoirs. From a cheap street slut to a big international star, Laura gladly tells the tale of hot sex with […]

The Oddest Couple

Sleazy tramp (the part, not the actress) Danielle interrupts her husband’s football watching once too often with her pleas for sexual gratification, landing her out on the street with nothing but a suitcase full of skimpy lingerie. Following a hilarious montage of failed attempts at securing a place to live (prompting cameos from Sullivan as […]

Do The White Thing

A female agency strives to sell their product by finding an ordinary basketball player off the street to endorse their product. Naturally, these gals wind up finding black studs, and they drop to their knees when the men drop trou. Alicia Rio is a Latin Delight. Eager as an unstrung high tension wire, she takes […]

The Ultimate Degenerate

Maria is in the city, bored with her lover Tammy. An exhibitionist, she answers an ad in the « New York Review of Sex. » She’s invited to a house in Vermont, owned by an eccentric named Spencer, a man who likes to watch. Maria goes, seeking thrills. She meets women who spend their days rehearsing for […]

Swinging Wives

Sex comedy about lonely housewives and their activities while the husband is away. It’s a series of vignettes connected by documentary-style interviews with people on the street. The eroticism relies completely on nudity, not altogether different from British sex comedies of the era. Swinging Wives avec les actrices porno .

69 Pump Street

Per standard operating procedure, there’s no connection between the title and its TV inspiration. Instead of a junior crime drama, we have a bar with a backroom that is available for sexual couplings. With no plot or character development, all that’s left is the couplings. What saves the feature from oblivion is a superior girl/girl […]


The story is about late bloomer Eva. Content with her lesbian relationship with Michelle she is curious but unknowledgeable about heterosexual sex. One day her cosy relationship is shattered when Michelle dumps her for a male lover. A flirtation with a colleague comes to nothing (except for a memorable encounter with an exhibitionist), and things […]

Amadeus Mozart

When a sexually indulgent couple discover a promiscuous young girl has moved in across the courtyard from their bedroom, they become so erotically charged from watching her sexual exploits that they become Peek Freaks. Peeping in on her, they see hugely hung black studs, aggressive lesbians and groups of horny men who revel in her […]

Tough Competition

Incredible new superstar, Kyle Carrington, in his premier performance, is America’s brightest hope for the 400 meter freestyle competition in the World Sports Games. It comes as no surprise when he stands upon the victory podium and receives the winner’s gold about his neck. And that’s not all this young, hot swimmer receives. From the […]

Lust Horizons

Looking for a new apartment? Down the street is an apartment building you should know about, Lust Horizons. You’ll find it’s a horny haven of bisexual activity that has to be seen to be believed! Get an erotic eyeful of guys and gals doing it every way they can. Move in and you’ll never move […]

Les Contes Immoraux

A peine sorti, ce film est devenu l’événement des festivals du X en obtenant les prix les plus prestigieux. Que ce soit la critique ou le public, tout le monde est unanime pour considérer ce grand moment du hard comme la référence en la matière. Les Contes Immoraux avec les actrices porno Ed Navarro,Eva Orlowsky,Jean-Yves […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 14

Why’s that pretty ’60s brunette letting that goofball into her apartment? Oh! He’s the TV repairman, there to repair her box…. Kinda dislike to see that bearded curly-haired hippie have his way with that cute little baby-doll blonde… Hey! There’s the baby-doll blonde again, and, oh no! This time some tattooed hippie is getting some!… […]

Endless Lust

A shocking expose of the notorious sexual scandals in today’s political arena. All the cover-ups are stripped away, revealing the naked truth behind the headlines. The illustrious Senator Jack Doucette has been indicted for gross sexual misconduct. His loving wife Erica, swearing to stand by him for better or for worse, proclaims his innocence. Yet […]

Best Of Aja

Aja was without a doubt one of the sexiest, most gorgeous women to appear in hardcore during the late 80s and early 90s. With a stunningly pretty face and an all-natural figure that could stop a clock, Aja exuded sensual allure with each and every movement. Her high-pitched squeal of a voice added a level […]

69th Street Vice

Undercover detectives Gagme & Layme hit the streets of New York in search of red hot action. 69th Street Vice avec les actrices porno Bobby Spector,David Christopher,Michael Gaunt,Satin Summer,Sharon Kane,Taija Rae,Tasha Voux,Scarlet Scarleau,Mark Roberts,John Jackson,Bill Elliot.

Uniform Behavior

Authoritative female workers gather around for a group sex therapy. They then raise flashbacks such as a female cop who was seduced by an alley flasher. Uniform Behavior avec les actrices porno Brittany Morgan,Bud Lee,Hyapatia Lee,Jessie Eastern,Jon Dough,Keisha,Megan Leigh,Nina Hartley,Randy West,Tom Byron,Caitlyn Lewis,Billy Dee.

Sex Dreams on Maple Street

Sex Dreams on Maple Street avec les actrices porno Evan Taylor,Ed Navarro,Janey Robbins,John Leslie,Jon Martin,Lili Marlene,Mike Horner,Stacy Donovan,Rick Savage,Carlos DeSantos,Justine.

Beyond the Hole

Gay sex can happen in some unusual unexpected places. Here we see it in the public restroom through the glory hole, in the car, and yes, even in the kitchen with fresh fruit! A short fuck romp with the hotel callboy provides plenty of ass pleasure in this movie as well. This vintage film provides […]

Dark Justice

Well, well, well… if it isn’t Judge Clarence Thompson (Sean Michaels) on the eve of his appointment to a high court with his clerk (Patricia Kennedy). Needless to say, they’re soon naked and sweaty. Afterwards he dresses just in time to enjoy a wonderful present his wife arranged – two hookers (Teri Diver, Melanie Moore) […]

Special Order

MARC STEVENS believes They’re All Sluts. No big surprise. Ogling a little muffin of a waitress in a coffee shop, Stevens slips her $50 to deliver a « special order » to his brokerage office around the corner. Carla, the waitress, is a tiny-titted, smiling waif who takes to delivering « special orders » wherever she goes. After Stevens […]

Gladys And Her All Girl Band

Last but not least, let’s have a big round of applause for Gladys And Her All Girl Band! Two dudes run down a New York street, one of whom is Shaun Costello. The other guy calls Shaun a putz, which is kind of rad. The lost whatever was chasing them and wind up at a […]

Verliebten Schwestern

Barbara Moose gives sex education lessons to seven schoolgirls, including an unwitting practical demonstration by a stream while on a biology field trip. On the same day out. Ella Rose recruits a male flasher to he a live model in the class. Jane Baker is the frustrated wife of a body builder. She resorts to […]

Killing Me Softly

Jack Wrangler discovers that his new lover (Stan Richards) is a serial killer! Apparently he has an « uncontrollable need to kill in order to have an orgasm ». Highlights include sex (and crime) on the West Side Piers, and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Even some great footage of one of the Gay Pride street festivals. Killing […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 150

Welcome to a 2-hour Special Edition of The Lost Loops of 42nd Street » featuring the finest in raunchy girt/girl entertainment including: Bikini Girls (color): After a dip in the ocean, three horny harlots return to their room for some clam diving (also finger action, tongue wrestling, and a lot of yodeling in the valley). An […]

Ball Street

A sexy stock market scandal is about to explode! The police are questioning voluptuous Mrs. Addison (Jamie Summers), the wife of a Wall Street broker who been using the delicious services of wanton call girls to manipulate the market. As this torrid tale unfolds, we get a luscious look at what makes Dow-Jones Averages spurt! […]

Sex Gallery

A wacked-out sculptor by the name of « The Mad Man of Mackelstein » (a pervier version of that Bob Ross character on public television) has been luring young models to his studio where he then screws and encapsulates them in a state of suspended animation, » turning the gals into gaudily painted works of art (a la […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 160

Welcome to the second all-lesbo edition of « The Lost Loops of 42nd Street » featuring the lines! in muff-mauling, twat-tonguing, boob-fondling fun Among the sweethearts on display are: China Chick (color): Hot little dark haired lady kisses cooze on a couch with an Asian cutie who loves making eye contact with the camera. Mmmmmmm .. Nothing […]


You’ve watched them on the beach, brushed against them in the elevator, and passed them on the street. Now Edwin Brown – the master of modern erotica – brings your Dreamgirls to life in five brand-new, incredibly erotic vignettes. Edwin Brown’s Dream Girls is a dream come true. DreamGirls avec les actrices porno Alexis Greco,Amber […]

More Hippies In Heat

It’s a common stereotype that hippies are promiscuous and practice all kinds of sex without any guilt or shame. Well, this kick-ass vintage porn compilation will prove that it’s true! Public sex, group sex, hot blowjobs, playing with sex toys – nothing is too wild for these horny flower guys. They plunge into the most […]

Extremes Verlangen junger Hausfrauen

Five beautiful and sexy women gather one afternoon to feel champagne and talk about their sex lives. Each of the women tells a story about the way she met her husband and about their first sex. All of these stories are extremely hot and exciting, every story is a thrilling sex adventure with such spicy […]

Girls on F Street

They say that music soothes the savage stranger, but when this tantalizing tune is played, it brings out the bestial best in everyone who hears it! Jerry Butler stars as a struggling musician who hits upon the perfect song — the moment anyone hears it, they can’t help but turn into raging sexual strangers. He […]


Dixie has two older girls who are so so good, but they can’t persuade her to fly the straight and narrow. Dixie was born to be wild. She’s sexually attracted lo every man she meets on the street and takes them to bed, one after the other. The girls give up on reforming Dixie and […]

Black Beauty

Aja is a photographer who enjoys her work and her men. She photographs Ray, then Tom and Victoria and gets some very sexy shots. However , when these photos show up in adult publications it looks like Aja is to blame. Rachael Ryan and John Long let Ray know he’s in a magazine plus Tom […]

Les seins en feux

Three air hostesses live out their fantasies while stuck in Paris because of a strike. Several people benefit from their taste for « adventure »: a waiter, a tramp and a fake blindman, not to mention the taxi driver whom they tease with some exhibitionism and mutual groping in the back of his cab. The whole scene […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 180

Break out the mouthwash and open a few cans of tuna, it’s time for more Lesbian Lovin’ 42nd Street style. I love lesbians! My house was built by two lesbian carpenters — it’s all tongue-in-groove with not a stud in sight… True Blue (color): Two darling dykes engage in some inspired rug munching when ANDREA […]

Corrupt Desires

Vice Admiral 42nd Street Pete returns to the high seas of sleazy ’70s sex with his Corrupt Desires Grindhouse Triple Feature and the oddly astute comment, « If you have a desire and it ain’t corrupt, you’re wasting a desire. » No such waste on display within this collection, as the corrupt desires of the morally bankrupt […]

Wet and Wild

A lot of ink has been spilled discussing the filth-laden career of Michael Findlay. Here’s a rare chance to see one of his hardcore features. Twisted scenarios are Findlay’s trademark. Wet & Wild is no exception. We open with his camera prowling 42nd Street. It’s like traveling back in time, before the sacred Deuce was […]

Christopher Street Blues

A young man is turned down for a promotion because of his youth and inexperience, only to trick with all of his bosses over the weekend, in various Christopher Street bars. By film’s end, he’s running the company! Christopher Street Blues avec les actrices porno Dan Raymond,Guiseppe Welsh,Lew Seager,Mark Hamilton,Francis Ellie,Charls Black,Lee Edwards,Lee Richards,Giuseppe Welch,Matt […]
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