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Christy Canyon vs Ginger Lynn: the Early Years

You asked for it…and here it is. In all its XXX splendor. After carefully surveying our loyal customers, we went to the major (and even some minor) video producers, acquiring the hottest video vignettes available anywhere. The entire footage was then grouped into the hot situations you most wanted to see. It’s Christy Canyon vs. […]

From Sweden With Love

Keisha receives a package from Sweden, chock full of panties, dildos, and other lovely reminders of the time her beautiful redhead friend Veronica Doll was an exchange student at the college boardinghouse. Each item recalls a sexual anecdote… Like the time when Ms. Zanstra (Erica Boyer), the house owner, seduced Veronica … or when the […]

Between The Cheeks

For the ultimate in anal erotica, there’s only one place to put it… This is the Dark Guys at thier best. Minimal, but stylish (for the 80’s) sets and hot, hot sex. You might recognise Jack Baker, (the black guy), as he did a lot of TV and movies before his porn career that was […]
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The Good Fairy

‘The Good Fairy’ helps lonely men by magically making sweeties appear in their bedrooms for their pleasure. three losers sit around on a Saturday night wishing they had girls when — poof! — The Good Fairy appears. Said Fairy is a big blonde beauty with a magic wand who offers them three wishes apiece Of […]

Backdoor Romance

Vicki (Sherry St. Clair) is told by her husband that when he comes home from work tonight he wants to do it « anally. » He even leaves her a book on « how to do it. » Horrified, she calls her best friend Mary. But Mary offers no consolation. She says that she and her husband do it […]

Rest Party

These four gorgeous girls are having a Party tonight, and you’re invited! Dawn is the experienced one of the group. Played by Ginger Lynn, she knows how to satisfy a man and have a good time doing it! Her three curious friends are played by the sexy Susan Hart, the fair-haired Athena Star and our […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 39

What’s this? Bucky goes arty! An overhead angle of a nicely built ’60s brunette, gigglingly hiking up her dress… Several camera angles later, she’s finding a new and interesting place to dangle her necklace!… Soon a stacked tousled-hair brunette with a cute kisser and knee stockings spreads sensually on a floral spread – wow! Is […]

Backdoor summer

The door (a backdoor) opens just a crack, inside we hear the most sensual actress in film, Ginger Lynn, say, « bottoms up, let the Summer Party begin. » Then bursting onto your screen comes the most beautiful sight in the world, a most worthy diversion for these hot, hot nights… ‘Backdoor Summer’! Gathered together for a […]

Veckanda i Stockholm

A young red haired girl (Ann-Marie Berglund) arrives at Stockholm Central. She’s in Stockholm to visit her long time friend Marie. Marie’s boyfriend Jan, a fat ugly guy in all denim clothing, is there to pick her up. They drive around Stockholm til’ late night. Later in Marie’s apartment they all end up in bed. […]

Dirty Blue Movies: The Sandwich

The Sandwich features a big busted redhead being talking into being made into a sandwich by a guy and his big friend! It is not too long before the three of them are going at it when yet another guy arrives on the scene! Dirty Blue Movies: The Sandwich avec les actrices porno Rusty Rhodes.

Fantasy World

Ginger Lynn’s Fantasy World exposes the desires of the hottest sex stars in the world. Erica Boyer pulls out all the stops with co-star Scott Taylor in action that will leave you wet with excitement. Ginger Lynn fronts her all-girl band in a scorching version of her hit rock video Fantasy World that keeps the […]

Cornfed Redhead

Your favorite cum guzzling DD redhead is back. Her big freckled tits never looked better than in Water Nymph, with John Holmes and his buddy tag teaming cute Lisa in the shower. Big John also slams her in the locker room in Aching Jaws. Her pussy and tits are yours to ogle forever in more […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 110

It’s a full-color, late ’60s clam convention, as a nicely-paired pair of hippie brunettes munch mutual muff… A beehive brunette fondles herself and is joined by a redhead… A pretty young brunette, creamily curvy, gets the once over from a more experienced, bosomy ponytailed brunette! A cuddly, pixie-haired, raven-tressed mammoth-boobed babe puts the moves on […]

Die Mädchen des Herrn S

Gina Janssen demands sex from her hairdresser who has to put his other client under the drier. they have just finished when gina’s husband arrives and she goes off with him to have sex in the dunes. Meanwhile her friend, a brunette, is with her husband in a bar, but eying up a black male […]

Breast Worx 10

Whether or not volume ten is your first exposure to his acclaimed BREAST WORX series, Professor Hollander (P.H.D. T.I.T School of Technology) has two distinct points he’d like to bring to your attention. First, Breast Worx as a series was created to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding Big Tit connoisseur. Nest, but […]

Jailhouse Girls

Henri Pachard churns out a grimy little grinder with a lot of impact that was overlooked by many critics. Ginger is the innocent babe tossed into the slammer on trumped up prostitution charges. Paul Thomas runs the place with an iron hand and a vasoline glove, assisted by Kelly Nichols, who plays inmate Killer. The […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn is probably one of the best known adult film stars in history! Her sexy voice and her wildly explosive orgasms made her America’s number 1 porn sweetheart! Golden Age Of Porn: Ginger Lynn avec les actrices porno Ginger Lynn.


Lots of short shorts, wailing guitars and gorgeous all-natural beauties are on hand in this sizzling production from co-directors Bruce Seven and John Stagliano. The action begins when a traveling lingerie salesman picks up a leggy hitchhiker and convinces her to become her door-to-door representative. Her first customer is Ginger Lynn, who tries on a […]

Pretty As You Feel

How would you like your doctor to order you to have sex as often as possible and with and with as many different beautiful women as you can? For John Bradley (Tom Byron) that’s just the cure for his years of impotence. His divorce left him limp, but his sexy therapist (Ginger Lynn) manages to […]

Deep Inside Ginger Lynn

Penetrate the sexuality and desires of one of America’s Super Queens of Adult Filmdom… Ginger Lynn. This collection of Ginger’s hottest scenes will light up your home video screen as she proves her sexual super-stardom! Deep Inside Ginger Lynn avec les actrices porno Blake Palmer,Cynthia Brooks,Desiree Lane,Dorothy Onan,Ginger Lynn,Honey Wilder,Larry Harwood,Paul Thomas,Robert Bolla,Ron Jeremy,Sunny Glick,Tom […]

Candy And Uschi Lesbian Special

Super tit package of all lesbian footage featuring the queens of the 1970’s Candy and Uschi! They life up each other’s heavy mounds and lick the massive nipples in Lesbian Encounter, The Big Three and The Mistress and the Maid. Stewardess Uschi digs into blonde Sandy Carey in an airplane bathroom and gets oiled up […]

The Pig Keeper’s Daughter

Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmer’s daughter (Moonbean) a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the town’s whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger girl Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her girl’s sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie […]

Forbidden Entry

Here’s another awesome classic from our friends at LBO. Anal action at its most explicit is the subject of this super hot skin flick! Ginger Lynn, Aurora Lee, Rose Marie, Sonya Summers, Debra Rush, and Valerie Darling are the objects as Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, and Mark Wallace are told to park in the rear! […]

Dance Fever

Feel the Beat! You’ll learn that here is more to dancing than just moving your feet in this sex filled feature. We are introduced to a world of horny hard bodies who would rather copulate than dance. Sensuous « Chic » centerfold, Ginger Lynn shows us the ins and outs of doing what feels good and she […]

Voyeur’s Delight

A telescope becomes a peephole into a world of sensual delights as a brunette beauty spies on her naughty neighbors. The voyeuristic premise serves as a clever way to link collected porn scenes featuring some of the most alluring starlets in porn history. From a youthful Ginger Lynn frolicking with Tom Byron and a spiky-haired […]

The Pleasure Hunt 2

After rejecting her husband for the devious test he subjected her to in the first Pleasure Hunt, Ginger Lynn gets a letter from his attorney. When she goes to see him, he tells her that her husband has keeled over because of the depression brought on by her rejection. The good news is that he’s […]

Porn Star Legends – Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn is probably one of the best known porn stars in history! Her sexy voice and her wildly explosive orgasms made her america’s number 1 porn sweetheart! Porn Star Legends – Ginger Lynn avec les actrices porno Ginger Lynn.

Golden Age Of Porn: Jacqueline Lorians

Jacqueline Lorians is one of the legendary stars of the golden age of porn, and this compilation will prove that she really deserves it! It consists of extremely hot sex scenes that feature raunchy lesbian action, passionate blowjobs, incredible threesomes, exciting role games and much more. Let this busty redhead blow your mind! Golden Age […]

Girl Has Assets

The choice is between long, blonde Rayne and red-headed Raven as to who’ll make you the hottest, and it’s not going to be easy to pick. Rayne, the girl with the assets, is out to succeed in business without really trying… unless you call making it with the boss work. She tells her chum in […]

Cavalcade of Stars

Music and sex come together in this visual assault on you senses. A hard pounding vibrant ride. Open you eyes and listen. Featuring the combined talents of Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne, Christy Cayon, Kathyn Moore, Gina Carrera, Brittany Stryker, Bunny Blake, Sandy Summers, Harry Reems, Rick Savage, Marc Wallace, Tyler Horne, Greg Rome, […]

Savanna R N

This is one registered nurse that you will LOVE to check into. Not only her, but also her HOT nymphomaniac friend, miss fire crotch!! In between her and Savanah, there is no time to waste, no BLOWJOBS to be left to the side. It’s all in good fun!! We’ll always love you Savanah!! Savanna R […]

Female Chauvinists

This sex comedy is filled with lesbian and/or outdoor sex scenes.Big busty models of the past Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Roxanne Brewer show their ample wares. The movie starts off with Roxanne(a redhead with an impossible bust) and her boyfriend hard at it, when their flatmate turns up.Roxanne Brewer goes “undercover” to help expose […]

50 Ways To Lick Your Lover

Here’s a video to keep your eyes on since award nominations time is upon us. randy Spears gives the comedy performance of the year and his career as a wacko German scientist out of the Sid Caesar school of German accents who has invented a lipstick that’s also an aphrodisiac. Before you say, « oh no, […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Lisa De Leeuw

She’s the hottest redhead of all time! Her soft, big tits and sweet, round ass make her the sweetheart of any man’s wet dreams. In every way, Lisa enjoyed sex, and now you’ll see the difference between real sex-crazed nymphos and today’s play-for-play girls. Golden Age Of Porn: Lisa De Leeuw avec les actrices porno […]

Ginger Lynn The Movie

She first meets a sleazy agent, aptly played by John Holmes, who only sends models out on job interviews if he takes them to ‘lunch’ first. Happy Harry Reems gives anxious ‘Ginger’ her name when they meet on her fist job. From then on, it’s Ginger bar the door. She is off in a business […]

Big Melons 3

If tit sucking & fucking is your thing, lube up and grab-a-hold of this packin’ two-hour megaboob masterpiece from 1985. The rarely seen Barbara Talton (as a blonde) sucks, fucks and titfucks Peter North to a facial climax. An eager Steve Drake, who can’t get enough of her massive mams, strips the outstanding Candy Kane […]

Tales of Taija Rae

John Leslie has searched high and low, around corners, under beds, in between sheets and under grandstands for his ideal golden goddess of erotica. Just when he thinks she’s non existent, in steps the pouty, baby faced, bundle of ball busting dynamite, Taija Rae. And John’s prayers are answered. Watch for the fiery and legendary […]

Sin In 69

A truly slimy piece of southern psycho sleaze made for those once ubiquitous 16mm storefront theaters. Ginger and Curt, a weirdly sex act. throw swinger parties for the neighborhood trash, but a mysterious agent in white shoes is strangling their guests: « You damn sluts are all alike! Ain’t nobody else going to bed with you! » […]

Hot Shorts Presents Ginger Lynn

Cum see super smokin’ hot Ginger Lynn show off her sweet ass in one crazy cum-filled flick! This superstar is one horny chick! Watch her have hot lesbian sex with a sexy brunette! Don’t miss out on her getting a good pussy pounding. This little slut can really take some big cock. Hot Shorts Presents […]

Doctor Ginger

Ginger Lynn stars in this delirious dollop of merry medical mayhem, playing a sex therapist whose cures usually seem to involve some heated hands-on methods. Sometimes she just encourages her clients to engage in some steamy office hi jinx – but at others she just can’t resist jumping into the action herself! Ginger romps with […]

Jacqueline Lorians Collection

An absolutely stunning redhead who oozed innocent sexual curiosity, Jacqueline Lorians, was one of the loveliest porn actresses of the 1980’s. A gorgeous treat for the eyes with a devinely, slender figure, radiant fair skin and a pair of the most sensually inviting and mesmerizing eyes ever seen on film. Jacqueline was a very compliant […]

China and Silk

Ginger is in two scenes at the end of the movie. She plays a policewoman on assignment and ends up fucking her partner and another guy. Classic old flick with Harry Reams in the lead. China and Silk avec les actrices porno Biff Malibu,Cara Lott,Colleen Brennan,Debbie Northrup,Mike Motion,Gina Carrera,Ginger Lynn,Harry Reems,Hershel Savage,Starbuck,Kristara Barrington,Paul Barresi,Paul Thomas,Peter […]

Billionaire Girls Club

Midnight Classics is proud to offer another classic title pulled from the archives. This title has not been in print since it was originally released in 1991. A spoiled rich girl driving through Beverly Hills talking dirty on her car phone and playing with herself introduces each vignette of scorching hot sex scenes between some […]

Love On The Hershe Highway

Lots of down and dirty back door action highlights this incendiary collection. We get the ball rolling with Ron Jeremy, who introduces the video in his own inimitable style. Of course, the fact that he’s getting some oral service from Scarlett O might have something to do with his jolly attitude! They finish out the […]

Pleasure Productions Volume 11

You don’t want to miss this classic flick as legendary performer Ginger Lynn headlines the cast of beautiful babes poised and ready for a hot beef injection. You won’t be able to contain yourself as these gorgeous sluts bend their sexy bodies every way possible to take in some cock. Jennifer Lane lets Marc Wallace […]

Ginger Rides Again

Ginger’s younger cousin (Laurel Canyon) is both eager and fascinated to follow in her idol’s footsteps into the forbidden world of eroticism. With Ginger showing the way, Laurel, the once naive little cousin is thrust into exotic sexual situations, but comes out smelling like a rose. Ginger Rides Again avec les actrices porno Angel,Cory Marjon,Dan […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 180

Break out the mouthwash and open a few cans of tuna, it’s time for more Lesbian Lovin’ 42nd Street style. I love lesbians! My house was built by two lesbian carpenters — it’s all tongue-in-groove with not a stud in sight… True Blue (color): Two darling dykes engage in some inspired rug munching when ANDREA […]

Ginger Lynn and Co

Beautiful, blonde, shapely Ginger Lynn, one of the all-time hottest superstars of x-rated video entertainment, reveals in intimate detail the built-for-sex body and the sexual know-how that has continued to keep her high on everybody’s list of wet dream fodder. Her first encounter in this video is with a big-boobed brunette in a swimming pool. […]

La Sex De Femme 3

This steamy collection is a great pick for fans of lesbian lust and late 80s-style beauties. Some of the hottest talents of the era show up here, delving into all manner of girl-groping mayhem as they work one another into frothy frenzies. Among the highlights is a blistering scene featuring a young Christy Canyon. She’s […]

Red Head

A descendant of a Scandinavian Goddess (Courtney Hill) is discovered behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant by a Doctor and her Associate (Heather Hunter) who arouse her natural erotic energy. It makes way for lots of titillating action. Red Head avec les actrices porno Natasha Skyler,Robert Bullock,Siobhan Hunter,Tami Monroe,Heather Hunter,Rick Savage,Joe Sarno.

Ginger Does Em All

Set in the atmosphere of gamblers, con artists, mobsters and bookmakers, a married couple (Tom Byron and Nina Hartley) are both in the rackets, each unbeknownst to the other. They have much more in common than they know: not only are their professions similar, they both have the same lover, Ginger (Alicia Monet). When they […]

Backdoor to Hollywood

Since she cant get into Hollywood though the front door, luscious starlet Ginger Reed heads for the casting couch with movie mogul Zanadu Forsythe as he enters through the bad door Backdoor to Hollywood avec les actrices porno Ariel Knight,Tami Lee Curtis,Greg Derek,Maggie Randall,Mike DeMarco,Peter North,Randy West,Tamara Longley,Trinity Loren,Jerome Bronson,Eric Edwards,Mike Marcos.
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