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Emmanuelle Goes to Cannes

Euro Super Sex star Olinka Hardiman takes on the title role of Emmanuelle who is stuck in a dead-end job as a stripper in a sleazy strip club. The manager, cum pimp, cum boyfriend sells her to the highest bidder so they can make ends meet. She finally realizes her dream of escaping to Cannes […]

Spritzfreudige Nachbarn

A classy big house is a place of daily orgies with beautiful teen girls prepared to go all the way and do anything to please their basic urges and desires. Lucky guys who come into their palace of love get immediatelly stripped and sucked before the girls take their dicks deep inside them in a […]

Educating Nina

Nina Hartley shines in this romp, one of her very first porn appearances. She’s in prime form as a scrumptious acting student who has an interesting idea for her senior project. Nina is writing a thesis on the effect of fantasy on one’s sex life, so she proposes a live show in which she and […]
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A Famosa Lingua de Ouro

Here’s what I can tell you: two girls have three way sex with random guys and then eviscerate their penises (or is the plural of penis « penii »?) and put the man meat in a brandy snifter when they’re done having their fun. They do this a few times, there’s a random scene with a horse, […]

Who Did Cock Robin?

After the title character is found dead in the alleyway behind a seedy club, a very dodgy young detective named Bamum is brought in to investigate. He reminds one of the classic Johnny Wadd character played by John Holmes, although the weapon this guy carries is a lot less impressive.) The first suspect to be […]

Baby Face 2

A woman about to be married is given a « bachelorette » party by her girlfriends, who hire a male stripper for the event. However, they don’t know that he has « mystical powers », and he proceeds to use those powers to take his revenge on them… Baby Face 2 avec les actrices porno Candie Evens,Careena Collins,Dick Rambone,Francois,Jamie […]


Where do you find the hottest girls? In a strip club, of course! This awesome 1980s porn movie is a story of five hot babes who work in one of the best strip clubs ever, and their shows are well-known all over the city for being unbelievably steamy and sexy. But the most interesting things […]

Erotic Radio WSEX

In a certain town, one husband cannot satisfy his wife, a construction worker doesn’t even have sex with his and a cheating husband’s wife fantasizes about the pool guy. The unsatisfied wife fantasizes about being in a threesome with two robbers, and later about being with her friend – the cheating husband’s wife. Meanwhile in […]

Virgin Forest

In the opening of The Virgin Forest, a soporific voice-over narration accompanies a seemingly endless montage of pastoral scenes: mountains, woods, babbling brooks, and so on. In the midst of jokes, anecdotes, and adages, the narrator promises « unexpected pleasures and adventures. « While we expect the unexpected, we are entertained with nuggets of burlesque-style wisdom like, […]

Roma Connection

Deborah Wells, is a mummy and a respectable wife who is married to an important man uses her beautiful and sensual body to obey and content the mafia boss’s request to have sex with one of his low-life trash assistants. She artistically strips for him. Undressing her fabulous black dress only to uncover her golden […]

Paris Frivol

Morning – she goes out. Claire (Kelly Deep) arrives and changes into basque, discovers Christophe in only a towel which expands outwards as she bends over in front of him – b/g. Cut to a street scene. A brunette in a red dress is seen approaching and entering a porn cinema. Brigitte Verbecq is having […]

Club Exotica 2

In this classic 80`s film, there are a ton of stars and a ton of big hair to go along with it! It`s girls night out, and they`re going to see some male strippers. All the chicks are fantasizing about their favorite dudes, or in one case, favorite chick. It`s a sexual dreamscape where all […]

John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens

It Took seven years to produce this magnificent erotic saga of the mighty Johnny « Wadd » Holmes’ rise to the big banana of porno stardom. Holmes is interviewing luscious Serena and between screen tests he recalls his first job with Candy Samples – – her luscious breasts and mouth made him shoot harder than ever before! […]


This narrated story has Lon Flexx dreaming of beefcake Alex Stone in a railroad tunnel. Alex strips from macho clothing and fondles his chest and tits. Rubbing his tits hard, Alex jacks off, as the camera offers larger-than-life close-ups. Both Lon and Alex take to beating off in this red-lighted segment. Later, after Lon wakes, […]

Hot Numbers

There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to what takes place in this one, just wall-to-wall action contained within a two-story house. We begin downstairs, where Nikki Knights is just finishing up her shower when Jon Martin comes calling. They soon are wrapped up in one another’s arms as they get down to business right then […]

Dance Fever

Feel the Beat! You’ll learn that here is more to dancing than just moving your feet in this sex filled feature. We are introduced to a world of horny hard bodies who would rather copulate than dance. Sensuous « Chic » centerfold, Ginger Lynn shows us the ins and outs of doing what feels good and she […]

Big Bust Babes 7

The title of this one says it all — ‘Big Bust Babes#7? delivers scene after scene of buxom beauties engaged in all manner of high-spirited hi jinx! We begin with Karisma, a dusky damsel whose awesomely enhanced assets are more than any man can resist. Certainly not Leo Martin, who joins Karisma for a wild, […]

My Tale Is Hot

Lucifer is unhappy: too few new souls in Hell. So, he bets his wife Saturna that he can get the world’s most faithful husband, according to « Ladies’ House Companion » magazine, to forsake that faithfulness. Lucifer visits the husband, Ben-Her Ova, and his doting wife, Miassis. At first, none of Lucifer’s ploys work: a backyard swimming […]

Red Garter

In this scorching 1986 sizzler, The Red Garter is the name of a steamy L.A. strip club that’s owned by luscious Hyapatia Lee. It’s a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia’s lesbian gal pal Colleen […]

Stripper Service

They take it off to get it on. What make a birthday part? A stripper, of course. One phone call brings you the hottest hardbodies in town, each one willing to take if off to get it on. Stripper Service avec les actrices porno Dallas Taylor,Hank Hightower,Josh Taylor,Karl Thomas,Marco Rossi,Mitch Taylor,Randy White,Ryan Block,Jason Broderick,Scott Bear.

A Stripper Named Desire

A preacher and a politician want to close down a dance club. They black mail a former titty bar superstar, throw the bar’s owner in jail, and wind up with egg on their face. The star, however wind up with something else on their face. A Stripper Named Desire avec les actrices porno Chaz Vincent,Todd […]

Candy Stripers 2

Those adorable and ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust packed sequel to one of the biggest selling classics of all time. Candy Stripers Angie and Sarah are only interested in patients and partying, but they’ll have their hands full (in more ways than one) with the trouble […]

La Defonce Transalpine N 1

3 Loops, one in a cinema : Andiamo al cinema, a masturbation scene : Rosaria Z Forti and a strip tease followed by a duo : Stasera show. La Defonce Transalpine N 1 avec les actrices porno Arduino Sacco.


Herschel Savage shoots from the hip on a journey into the seedy underworld of (dis) organized crime. Meet Jugsy, a stripper who bares more than her soul in a tale so torrid it’ll curl your spots. Grab a table and dim the lights Jugsy’ll blow you away. Jugsy avec les actrices porno Ashley Dunn,Cal Jammer,Heather […]

The Phantom of the Cabaret

Actually shot on location in Paris, this 1989 re-telling of the Phantom of the Opera story is a moody, surprisingly effective success. The story has been updated to the present day, and the opera house has been turned into a seedy strip club owned by Rick Savage. Jamie Gillis plays the Phantom, a lonely man […]

The Divine Obsession

Sex film. While performing for the last time as a member of The Cockettes, Julia Franklin recalls her turbulent life over the past few years. As a teenager, she leaves her Cleveland home and sweetheart for an acting career in New York, but becomes involved in sex movies. This film, although not great by any […]

Pleasures of Innocence

Face with losing their jobs to an exotic New York stripper, Cindy and Candy seduce their boss and steal the new stripper’s contract. Armed with this valuable information, the girls leave Iowa for the Big Apple to seek their fortunes. Once in the city, the girls are more than happy to accommodate the agents, photographers, […]

Endless Lust

A shocking expose of the notorious sexual scandals in today’s political arena. All the cover-ups are stripped away, revealing the naked truth behind the headlines. The illustrious Senator Jack Doucette has been indicted for gross sexual misconduct. His loving wife Erica, swearing to stand by him for better or for worse, proclaims his innocence. Yet […]

Big Melons 3

If tit sucking & fucking is your thing, lube up and grab-a-hold of this packin’ two-hour megaboob masterpiece from 1985. The rarely seen Barbara Talton (as a blonde) sucks, fucks and titfucks Peter North to a facial climax. An eager Steve Drake, who can’t get enough of her massive mams, strips the outstanding Candy Kane […]

Club Hyapatia

Hyapatia Lee owns an L.A. strip club called The Red Garter. It’s a place where guys go to dream away the cares of the day, and where the strippers actually enjoy their time in the spotlight. But now Hyapatia’s lesbian gal pal Colleen Brennan wants her to sell the club and come live in luxury […]

Loath Lovers

This 1977 film, directed by Zebedy Colt, is apparently only available in a very poor quality video tape with very muffled sound. Colt stars as a semi-retarded man who still lives in his backwoods home. His view of sex is distorted by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff, […]

Fuckingdales On Tour

The sexy world of a male stripper ensemble that tours through the country is the focus of this amazing nineties classic porn movie. A group of young hunky guys know how to have fun and in between stripping in front of thousands of horny women, they take their time to fuck some of the hottest […]

Shining Sex

A science-fiction porn classic from the seventies, Shining Sex follows a stripper (Lina Romay) who gets turned into a sex friend by a couple of strange chicks in a long and beautiful lesbian scene. Lina is now capable of beating men she fucks with once they get their dicks inside her pussy. The story is […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 86

Lots of color this time, in a late ’60s love-in that features a lovely curvy blonde humped by her long-haired beau… A cig-smokin’ guy and his bouffant bosomy brunette babe who invite a couple over, with the hostess serving hair-pie hors d’oeuvres A ponytail brunette with a nice bod is well-probed by a prince whose […]

Forbidden Bodies

A blabbering screwed regales his bartender with a series of scintillating stripper-based tales in this first-rate feature. The wraparound segments work well to set up the action, which is all set in and around a burlesque club, when strippers ruled the roost of erotic entertainment. The first story concerns Robert Bullock, who goes to visit […]

Party Stripper

As a treat for her husband on his birthday, Shauna Grant arranges for a ‘strip-o-gram’, Kimberly, the stripper, who is also Shana’s friend, has had designs on Shana’s sexy husband for awhile. She naturally intends to seduce him after her strip, but she doesn’t count on Shauna being there to urge them on! Party Stripper […]

Book Of Fantasy

Guy and Stephanie have diner at the restaurant, while Mark with the complicity of the valet, is robbing their apartment. When sharing the loot, Mark inherits a mysterious diary containing the most perverse fantasies of Stephanie. The couple discovers the damage and Guy, moved by the apparent disorder of his wife, sends her on vacation […]

Alia Starr et Anita Peida les Blacks Lesbiennes les plus chaudes

Alia Starr et Anita Peida savent très bien ce qui est sur le point de se passer. Ces deux lesbiennes vont tourner une scène de sexe très torride! Dès que Alia Starr boissons de son sujet figure – elle frappé! Ces black babes sont déjà très belles chaudasses, donc je ne peux pas imaginer l’explosion […]
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