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Adult Affairs

Those TV tabloid shows are always trying to get the dirt on someone else. So what happens when the staff of a trashy news show suddenly finds itself embroiled in its own scandal? ‘Adult Affairs’ is one of the most popular shows on TV … but the ratings really hit the roof when the oversexed […]

For Your Thighs Only

Holy headlines of horror! They (the religious right) want to outlaw sex for recreation and limit it to purposes of procreation. what is a wanton lover of sexual entertainment to do? Starring Angel, Brittany Stryker, Erica Boyer, Kari Foxx, Keli Richards, Patti Petite, Sheer Delight, Harry Reems, Jack Baker, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Michael Morrison, […]

The Erotic World Of Cody Nicole

Cody Nicole is a sexy blonde slut that starred in several films during the 80’s. In this film she personally takes us through some of her hottest scenes. Clad in her sexy lingerie, she talks to us before each new scene begins. Whether it’s a sexy couples scene, a hot 3-some scene, or a juicy […]
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Swallow It

Cheers, and fill me up again and again. I just can’t swallow it fast enough! Sometimes you gotta just go with the flow… The French Connection and Cream of the Crop have done it again. They’ve uncovered a classic masterpiece about the one subject we all want to experience: a no-holes-barred, non-stop fuckfest splattered by […]

Pussyman Auditions 13

Enjoy another of Pussyman’s Auditions featuring Missy, Peach and Cory Gates. First up to make audition is Peach, a brunette with a southern accent and wearing a cowboy hat. Says she has the best pussy. Guess where her peach tattoo is? She fucks Valentino and loves to tease his cock and says her specialty is […]

Young and Restless

There’s a house of ill repute for women, where beautiful, rich and lustful women spend their days, choosing men and ordering them what to do. Any fantasy comes to life in this place, no matter how dirty and twisted it is. Kimberly Carson plays a woman who comes to this house for the first time. […]

Deep Throat 4

Victoria Paris takes the torch in the fourth episode, guaranteed to light your fire. Soft, sensual and seductive Linda Lovelace knows just where your sweet spot is and how to get it! She’s just written a steamy book of how to’s and is more than happy to demonstrate. Enjoy her escapades as she and her […]

Blonde Savage

Come inside visite the dreamworld of Barbii, as she makes a retrospective of the best moments of her fantastic career. The hot blonde is completely exposed in this DVD, featuring timeless memories and the scenes of yesterday, that mades what XXX is all about today! Blonde Savage avec les actrices porno Alexandra Quinn,Carolyn Monroe,Marc Wallace,Randy […]

Intercourse With The Vampire

Imagine what it would be likeito be alive forever. To never grow old…ito be forever young, forever hard, forever ready. To haveia life full of unimaginable erotic sensations…ito have any woman you want, whenever you want her,iin any way you please. To make loveito an endless array of beautiful, willing women forever andiever. Is itia […]

L’Amour Aux Sports D’Hiver

White Heat is an erotic romp through snow-covered mountains, and it is one of the most exciting and beautiful adult films ever made. The situation is simple enough: a group of friends have decided to spend a weekend at a ski lodge, but what a group of friends! There are three men and three women […]


Nikki Wilde plays a sexy owner of a detective agency. Her business is slow, so when a pretty girl called Candy asks to find out if her boyfriend cheats on her Nikki agrees. She sends her best detective to spy on Candy’s boyfriend while she’s away, and the handsome stud gets all the information he […]

Gangbang Girl 5 And 6

Gangbang Girl 5 And 6 avec les actrices porno Ashley Nicole,Cal Jammer,Ed Navarro,Jamie Gillis,Jerry Butler,Mal O’Ree,Ron Jeremy,Wayne Summers,Woody Long,Nick Rage,Ed Powers,Jake Steed,Tom Elliot,Rick Blaine,Christopher Alexander,Heather Hart,Sean Michaels.

Orgasmi a Venezia

In Venice, the eternal city of love, it is easy to get lost in passion. This Italian movie from the early ’90s is a star studded porn classic that takes us from the romantic canals and vistas to the luxury villa’s, filled with some of the best scenes of double penetration and group sex of […]

Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All is a well-made, funny, sex-loaded feature that should be a winner for writer/director Stuart Canterbury. Canterbury’s quick pace, steady camera and excellent direction lead the viewer through a tale of greed that is both erotic and funny. Herschel Savage is in line to inherit $10 million, but cousin Ron Jeremy has different […]


A race car driver (Buck Adams) detroys his best friend in a crash and retires. His arch enemy (Waye Summers) is a driver dealer living with Raven who ends up being a cop (Yeah right! Frisk me officer.) Buck lives with or is married to Tabitha. His mechanics are John (Jim Raines), Quickie (Missy Warner), […]

Super Super Bestia

Super Super Bestia is an exciting classic 70s porn movie with such famous actresses as Barbara Moose and Brigitte Lahaie in the leading roles. This video is so full of hot action, you’ll watch it over and over again. Lesbian sex, steamy blowjobs, great cum shots and way more for you to enjoy! Super Super […]

The Coming Thing

Lewd Linda (in a Julie Christie hairdo) arrives in San Francisco looking for a job. She thinks she’d like to try professional modeling buy a photographer talks her into nude modeling: « It’s art! Erotica! A turn-on! Sex is a beautiful thing! » She agrees to do « a few test shots » with gawky male model Bob which […]

Ebony Gods

Ebony Gods is a real masterpiece of vintage black porn. If you like lustful and cock-hungry black girls and well-hung black guys then this movie was made with you in mind. Besides, it’s full of extremely raunchy scenes featuring awesome blowjobs and great cum shots. Ebony Gods avec les actrices porno F.M. Bradley,Jimmy Z.,Ron Hightower,Janet […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Kimberly Carson

Hugely popular during her reign in the ’80s, Kimberly Carson is know for her beautifully cherubic face, athletic yet feminine figure and her unbridled sexuality. She was as sweet as she was sexy gaining her huge popularity amongst her legion of fans. They don’t make ’em like this anymore! Golden Age Of Porn: Kimberly Carson […]

Hot Shorts Presents Cara Lott

Who is Cara Lott? Cara is a striking slender blonde adult movie starlet with firm pointed breasts who really loves to swallow cock and enjoys all kinds of sexual experimentation. She’ll try anything with anyone! The intense action completes your satisfaction! Cum see a flick were the bush was still badass and the action was […]

Gangbang Girl 7 And 8

Gangbang Girl 7 And 8 avec les actrices porno Cal Jammer,Jerry Butler,Mal O’Ree,Scott St. James,Selena Steele,Ted Williams,Woody Long,Tom Chapman,Julian St. Jox,Christopher Alexander,David Angel,Sugar Ray,Chuck Martin,Sean Michaels.

Deep Throat 6

The legend continues in this sixth installment of DEEP THROAT -the movie that started it all! An all-star cast of luscious sword swallowing goddesses engulf the long shafts of huge studs in one hot scene after another. High-budgeted, with the hottest sex to date, this is the adult feature of the decade! Deep Throat 6 […]

Ebony Humpers 4

A slight cut above other tapes released in this genre lately, Ebony Humpers 4 has the same basic plotline as most interracial tapes – Nikki Randall is without a boyfriend and wants a black man. The usual talk about what great stud black guys are ensues and beautiful, mammoth-breasted Ebony Ayes emcees the proceedings. Ebony […]

Vietnam Store 2

Pendant la guerre du Vietnam des filles dociles et lubriques subissent les pires humiliations sexuelles par des soldats impitoyables et en manque. Vietnam Store 2 avec les actrices porno Franco Giorgi,Joy Karins,Max Bellocchio,Michele Ceri,Roberto Malone,Rocco Siffredi,Tracey Adams,Frank Balard,Mario Salieri,Susan Turner,Alfredo Rosi,Antonio Supino,Gennaro Chiaro,Mariano Rosi,Romeo Colotta,Rosario Aburia,Stefano Mulas,Aburia Rosario,Barbara Moore,Frank Ralmi,Genaro Chiaro,Mulas Stefano,Romero Colutta,Rosi Alfredo,Rosi Mariano,Supino […]

Anal Adventures of Suzy Super Slut

An All Anal Adventure to be good, one has to be bad! Meet Leena as Suzy Superslut! Think you know how to have a good time? Suzy can show you a few things. She’s a great girl to be friends with… Anal Adventures of Suzy Super Slut avec les actrices porno Buck Adams,Joey Silvera,Marc Wallace,Tom […]

The Subway

This amazing find from the pre-condom era follows an always horny, big-dicked young man who cruises the New York subway trains and stations in search of sex! Everything you remember about those halcyon days is here in evidence: glory hole sex, beards, leather, 501 denim, bathroom sex, mustaches, bare-backing, cum swallowing, anonymous sex, cum-smeared faces […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 17

The ’60s blonde wakes up, smiles at me…She’s cute as a kitten!…Feeling herself up…Lucky hands!…Those eyes, those breasts! I’m in love!…Marry me! Marry me! That brunette girl in purple seems to enjoy entertaining her friend on that leopard sofa…and a foursome with masks and feathers and such…Kinda kinky for yours truly. A bearded guy would […]

New Wave Hookers 3

Never trust your lawyer. That’s the lesson to be learned in NWH#3. When Frank takes some « friendly » advice from his attorney, he ends up losing his wife to a Prostitute Training Center called the Deep House. Not only that, he almost loses his mind. Will Frank ever regain his wife? Or his mind? Will his […]

Bachelor Party 1

J.T. Video proudly brings you, « Bachelor Party! » You’ve never seen a bachelor party as hot as this! At this party, the main entertainment includes a lot of hot and sloppy blowjobs, and even more cum swallowing! After seeing this film, who wouldn’t love to have a party like this! Bachelor Party 1 avec les actrices […]

Deep Inside Centerfold Girls

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to be one of those babes who reveals their skin in the sleazy pages of men’s magazines? Now delve deep into the erotic motivations of these bodacious bimbos who spread their legs so that we may all enjoy a brighter, better and more beautiful tomorrow. Their motto […]


A German car wash and mechanic store is a place where horny teen girls come to play out their fantasies with handsome handyman. Vintage classic from the beginning of the nineties, Mosenpower features some of the most beautiful girls of their time, in a succesion of amazing group scenes and threesomes, followed by hot lesbian […]

Foxy Lady 9

Just when you think that the Foxy Lady videos simply can’t get any hotter Teresa Orlowski surprises you with a new collection of super hot sex stories. This time most of them are about group sex, and believe me, you’ve never seen foursomes as steamy as that. Double penetration, fantastic blowjobs, anal sex, great cum […]

Die Total Versaute Fernsehshow

Stories of sexual encounters of a German man retelling his amazing sex adventures with young beautiful girls in the late eighties. Perfectly casted girls are moaning and screaming in pleasure while doing everything from deep anal to raw double penetration and cum eating in this great vintage classic that is an absolute thrill ride from […]

Il Condominio Delle Mogli Infedeli

The passion levels are high, the women are hot and legs are raised in the air. Watch their tits bounce up and down as they ride serious cock. Actions are unpredictable in the heat of the moment and each couple take advantage of some alone time. When no one’s watching they allow their sexual instincts […]


This ribald sci-fi romp is set in the futuristic world of the late 21st century, a time when sex has been outlawed due to massive overpopulation. The populace is chocked up to swallow sex suppressant pills in order to keep their libidos in check. But one group of outlaws laughs at the restrictions placed on […]

Bikini Beach

Some like it hot, and some like it hotter! Come play with us in paradise. Come to BIKINI BEACH. Come see beautiful men and women show of their perfect bodies. If you come to the Bikini beach you are nowhere but in paradise. Where else can you get sun, sexy girls and much more. Bikini […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Young Seka

Seka is, without a doubt, the undisputed queen of blue cinema. See her when she was young and fresh, yet posessed of the erotic fury which made her the legend she is today. Watch her suck, f**k and eat cum better than many of her contemporaries. Seka: the first is still the best. Golden Age […]

Rocco’s Euroflesh 10 – Rome After Dark

Rocco’s Euroflesh 10 – Rome After Dark avec les actrices porno Alain L’Yle,Christophe Clark,Isabelle Neyle,Jean-Pierre Armand,Joey Silvera,Jon Dough,Joy Karins,Luana Borgia,Marianne Aubert,Richard Langin,Roberto Malone,Rocco Siffredi,Stella Grey,Angelica Bella,Nicholas Moore,Fabienne Dumont,Gizella,Georgia Anghela,Letizia Stovinsky,Paulette.


In a parody of the TV show « Moonlighting, » a pair of sleuths from the New Poon agency try to find out « who done it » in a case of infidelity. Moonlusting avec les actrices porno Hope,Henri Pachard,Jerry Butler,Joey Silvera,John Leslie,Keisha,Shanna McCullough,Siobhan Hunter,Taija Rae,Tara Blake,Tracey Adams.

Loath Lovers

This 1977 film, directed by Zebedy Colt, is apparently only available in a very poor quality video tape with very muffled sound. Colt stars as a semi-retarded man who still lives in his backwoods home. His view of sex is distorted by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff, […]

Masquerade 1

Masquerade 1 avec les actrices porno Gail Force,Jerry Butler,P.J. Sparxx,Jonathan Morgan,Crystal Wilder,Terry Thomas,Ariana,Luc Wylder,Tara Gold,Monique Perri,John Silkwood,Charlie Briggs,Martin Morgan,Heather Hart.

Sensuous Tales

Sex kitten, Cody Nicole passionately relates her most searing love sessions to us. In these boiling interludes of splendor, we’re shown all-around capacity, this captivating love adventuress has for a hot, steamy affair. The pleasures are passionately exposed to us as we watch this incredibly appealing beauty take on every inch of love super stars […]

Ti Sou Kano Mana Mou

The scene of this hot vintage porn movie is set in a bar. Couples meet there and after a feel or two go someplace where they can have sex. Regulars tell the barman about their most exciting sex adventures, and the barman himself has got a couple of raunchy stories to share. « Ti Sou Kano […]

Hard To Swallow

Hard To Swallow avec les actrices porno Erica Boyer,Francois,Joey Silvera,John Leslie,Jonathon Lee,Little Oral Annie,Ron Jeremy,Tom Byron,Justice Howard,Amanda Jane Adams,Adam,Patti Petite.

Latin Submission

These spicy boys love hard cock, and after a little bit of coaxing give in to their desires. You’ll see plenty of big dicks getting swallowed before someone ends up getting fucked hard. There’s plenty of hardcore XXX Latin ass humping, sphincter stretching, action in this one! Latin Submission avec les actrices porno Adrian Pena,Andrew […]

Dangerous Desire

Peter og hans super dejlige kone Terry er lidt tr?tte af deres lidt kedelig sexliv, sa Terry kommer med en fr?k og risikabel plan. De skal dyrke sex med vildt andre mennesker og mens den ene dyrker sex, skal den anden fra et skjul kigge pa – det forste forsog er Terry med en veninde […]

Anyone But My Husband

After her husband rejects her, Nora Pelham is advised by Dr. Malcolm to have an affair. Soon enough, even the fortune teller Madame Chaney convinces Nora having sex with her is already determined by fate. Anyone But My Husband avec les actrices porno Beerbohn Tree,Bree Anthony,C.J. Laing,Deanna Darby,Michael Thorpe,Robert Combs,Robert Bolla,Ronnie Love,Thelma Thigh,Tony Perez,Roberta Findlay,Eric […]

Gangbang Girl 15

Gangbang Girl 15 avec les actrices porno Jon Dough,Mike Horner,Tom Byron,Gerry Pike,Vince Vouyer,Jimmy Z.,Julian St. Jox,Alex Dane,Mr. Marcus,Magnum D.,Hercules,Nici Sterling,Rasta,Wilde Oscar,Christopher Alexander,Steve Drake,Mark Davis,Sean Michaels.


Enter director Michael Craig’s shadowy world of wrongs and retribution. Debi Diamond is newly hired governess who’s come to score… and settle a score. When she brings her remarkable sexual skills (anal, DP, you name it) to this cozy little household, Mummy and Pop will never be the same. The Governess. She’s coming. And she’s […]
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