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To retire ths kavalas

This Greek vintage porn video is all about seduction and carnal pleasures. Group sex, swing sex, artful blowjobs and explosive cumshots – every scene bursts with life, passion, lust and lewdness! To retire ths kavalas avec les actrices porno .

Teenage Runaways

A hard-boiled private eye finds himself being drawn into a wanton world of rock n’ roll groupies, white and delirious debauchery in this wild scorcher. Wade Nichols plays the gumshoe, a mustachioed tough guy who fancies himself the king of the streets. The action starts when he finds that his senior partner’s been crimered! Meanwhile, […]

Shes So Fine

What’s a bride to do when her groom doesn’t show up on their wedding day? Well, if you’re a liberated chick like Angela, you enjoy your last hours of sexual freedom and what better way to say goodbye to that ol’ swinging lifestyle then to get it on with your old flame! But let’s not […]
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Who Did Cock Robin?

After the title character is found dead in the alleyway behind a seedy club, a very dodgy young detective named Bamum is brought in to investigate. He reminds one of the classic Johnny Wadd character played by John Holmes, although the weapon this guy carries is a lot less impressive.) The first suspect to be […]

Plato’s Retreat West

Sandy Sunshine, Hollywood’s swinging teenage roller skater, decides to take a night off from her job selling popcorn for the local family movie theater on Hollywood Blvd. This particular night, Sandy decides to go to the wildest swing club in southern California in order to enjoy an all night sex orgy. She is the personal […]

Swinger Girls

Swinger Girls offers two of the most succulent of the species, split just the way we like ’em: MAGGIE WILLIAMS and BRIGITTE MAIER. An uptight dad is determined to break up the relationship between his guy and a girl that the dad believes is « beneath » him–especially when he catches them engaging in what he calls […]

A Gosto Do Fregues

Film in 3 episodes. In the first, « Serviço Completo », we see the adventures of a group of masseuses. The second, « Swing », shows a womanizer who wants to have sex with other men’s wives, but who isn’t willing to share his own wife. On the last, « O Vendedor de Beleza », handsome door-to-door make-up seller seduces his […]

Hair Raising

When I first cast my eyes on this title, I immediately pictured a scared cartoon cat. You know, when all of it’s hair points violently upward. Ya, this movie have nothing to do with that. It is, however, a solid movie including some hot, buff guys with loose assholes and even looser morals, plenty of […]


Busty beauty Gloria (Tina Eklund) and Donna (Ajita Wilson of Sadomania) travel to Greece for a photo shoot and end up finding love, but not before they make whoopee with sexy local singles and a swinging couple! After all, everybody needs to get laid before settling down…even hot freaky chicks! The_Pussycat_Syndrome avec les actrices porno […]

Intimate Lessons

Sexually frustrated swingers spend a weekend of sexual explorations in Sir Aubrey’s mansion. When one of them tries leaving early after even rejecting hostess Lady Amanda herself, she spikes his feel and fucks him till emission. Intimate Lessons avec les actrices porno Becky Savage,Bill Margold,Danielle,Debbie Northrup,Jeff White,Jerry Ram,K.C. Valentine,Kay Parker,Maria Tortuga,Patricia Manning,Paul Thomas,Richard Bulik,Woody Long,Phil […]

Lisa Melendez Collection

Though she was less prolific than girl Melissa, Latin Swedish Erotica sensation Lisa Melendez certainly made an impact on the cocks of many a die hard tit man. Lisa’s meaty udders swing through 10 unfogettable scenes of feverish XXX action in this 2 hour ode to this Latin Goddess! Lisa is joined by Leslie Winston, […]

The Sins of Sandra

Sins of Sandra is set in the high stakes neon jungle of Las Vegas. A bound, blindfolded cute woman is led into the home of « Mr. Ricco ». « Why did ya delete Johnny? » he mutters in a terrible Italian accent. The girl’s name is Julie and she tells a sad, sordid story. She fell in love […]


Couple try to make pornographic movies without spending a dime. So they make up an erotic video contest, using the name of a « swing » magazine. But their scheme is discovered, and they are entered the contest by the editor of the magazine, who is a sexual « athlete » herself. Physical avec les actrices porno Barbara Klouds,Beverly […]

Max Bedroom

Max Bedroom is a stressed-out worker of the Sexual Senses Bureau, and his new task is to research the sex life of the inhabitants of the Smallville district. Rumour has it that these people practice the most perverted and nasty things, but in fact all the couples seem normal and ordinary to Max. He goes […]

Robin’s Nest

The pressures of modern living explode when Alan and Robin’s one year marriage bursts into smithereens. Suddenly, Robin’s Nest is empty as the couples go their separate sex-filled ways in a wild wham-bam adventure of titillating hedonistic delights. For a change of taste, Robin shacks up with a gorgeous gay-gal while Alan and his buddy […]

Swinging Wives

Sex comedy about lonely housewives and their activities while the husband is away. It’s a series of vignettes connected by documentary-style interviews with people on the street. The eroticism relies completely on nudity, not altogether different from British sex comedies of the era. Swinging Wives avec les actrices porno .

Party Wives

A swinging couple hold a wife-swapping party for their friends. Party Wives avec les actrices porno Bionca,Frank Brandt,Ebony Ayes,Jon Dough,Lauryl Canyon,Marc Wallace,Ray Victory,Ron Jeremy,Bella Donna,Alan Boshard.

The Swinging Genie

Taking an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse, this guy gets a gift as a bonus for his purchase, and when it actually turns out to be a real magic pipe, there is only one thing that he has on his dirty mind, lots and lots of horny chicks to fuck as long and as hard […]

Big British Plumpers

We had to hop across the pond to capture these four plump beauties and their big all natural tits. Full figured gals Trisha and Donna will get your motots running with hot solo masturbation and seductive tease action, with all the focus on playing with their delicious soft big boobs. Then voluptuous vixens Millie and […]

The Altar of Lust

A woman’s session with a psychiatrist leads her to recall her past sexual experiences–being fucked as a teen by her father, moving to swinging New York and having sex with a man in the woods, joining him in a menage-a-trois with another gal, and realizing her lesbian desires. This Roberta Findlay sexploiter stars Stan Freemont […]

Deep Desires

This is one housing development that’s erecting more than just new homes! Join vivacious Tanya Fox and friends as they dispel the myth that sex in suburbia is tame. These naughty neighbors do unto others and then have it done unto them! Its a salacious behind the curtains as these swinging suburbanites delve into all […]

Marriage and Other Four Letter Words

Can a young and restless married couple find sexual satisfaction living in the suburbs? Desperate, they finally decide to expand their horny horizons, and our swinging twosome engage in all kinds of different couplings. In the end they find that « true love is the best thing yet! Marriage and Other Four Letter Words avec les […]

Seka Geheimnisse

When sensuous Seka discovers her husband Ken spying on the sexual activities of neighbors from their bedroom window, she decides to arouse him with her own brand of tease and please. Feturing a sizzling threesome with the swinging couple and their nubile babysitter, and the ultimate double penetration of the Platinum Princess by two hot […]

Girls Of Fur Pi

Welcome to Fur Pi, the sexiest sorority house on campus! These shapely young sirens are majoring in carnal cavorting, and can’t wait to delve into their sultry studies! From a tight-bodied cheerleader who takes on the swarthy black football captain to a pair of swinging girls who turn the backyard pool into a bubbling cauldron […]

Jack And Jill 2

Award winning erotic filmmaker Chuck Vincent brings us the second half of Jack ‘N Jill’s erotic adventure. In an attempt to revive their relationship, the lusty couple tries everything in the book – except each other! A swinging good time! Jack And Jill 2 avec les actrices porno Brooke Fields,Carol Cross,David Scott,Jack Wrangler,Jerry Butler,Spring Taylor,Taija […]

Sin In 69

A truly slimy piece of southern psycho sleaze made for those once ubiquitous 16mm storefront theaters. Ginger and Curt, a weirdly sex act. throw swinger parties for the neighborhood trash, but a mysterious agent in white shoes is strangling their guests: « You damn sluts are all alike! Ain’t nobody else going to bed with you! » […]


The lovely cast of the sexploitation flicks Swinging Sorority Girls and Swinging Ski Girls reprise their roles as nymphomaniacal All-American Girls in the lumbering saga of men who fell the big trees and the women who straddle their men’s logs, appropriately titled The Lumberjack. The transition from ski slope to lumber camp has not dampened […]

Love Champions

This movie is about a sex therapy camp where troubled couples go for counseling. So, the couples arrive, and the doctors and nurses help them with their love lives by teaching them how to pleasure each other, and the staff also joins in on the fun. The couples swing with one another, and the movie […]

Seduction Of Cindy

Seka and Veronica Hart come together! Seka, the Platinum Princess. Veronica Hart, Queen of the sophisticated sex. Two of the great names in XXX films come together – and we mean come- as they dive deep into the swing scene and only come up for air! Seduction Of Cindy avec les actrices porno Alan Adrian,Bethanna,Bobby […]

Dance Fire

Have you fantasized about fucking an incredibly hot whore at work? Wish a slutty blonde would appear in your office, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie? Daydream of a sexy bitch that dances around your desk with her tight ass grinding and her big titties swinging just waiting for you to suck on them? Do you […]

Throat: 12 Years After

First, it was Deep Throat. Now 12 sexually-liberated years later, Gerard Damiano brings us a scintillating look at our ‘anything goes’ society. From swing clubs, to extra-marital affairs, to orgies, to studs-for-hire, Damiano leaves no kink unturned in his quest to show just how far we’ll go to achieve carnal satisfaction. Throat: 12 Years After […]

Fashion Fantasy

Everyone knows clothing buyers need incentives. Meet Eric’s models. The youngest, sexiest, horniest incentives in town. These girls know how to close a sale, even if they have to go down on hands and knees. And when maximum effort is required they’re not to shy to swing a models and buyers orgy. Fashion Fantasy avec […]

Colossal Orgy 2

XXX Orgy Fun Watch in amazement as this swinging pack of friends gets together for some old school group sex enjoyment. There are tits and ass cheeks getting pounded all over the place. Sometimes you just have to put your morals aside and follow the crowd!! Colossal Orgy 2 avec les actrices porno Buck Adams,Eric […]

Inside Pussycat

Fear not. filth fans. Inside Pussycat more than picks up the slack. Conducting an experiment on « classic schizophrenia » for his doctorial thesis, a swinging hepcat drops some medicine on a handful of repressed college chicks, leading to squeals of pleasure. Later on, the shocked coeds watch themselves in action on the film. (« Wow! Is that […]

Swing Shift

What goes on after hours, in the dark? How about lots of sex games? Pink Feminine bodies being pounded by the hardest hung males around – how about vice versa? How about women doing each other?How about men doing each other? How about this flick? We’re talking hot, wet and something for everyone! Swing Shift […]

Jack and Jill 1

Jack ‘N Jill’ comes out swinging with an opening sequence that will leave you breathless. No wonder Samantha Fox won the Best-Actress-of-the-Year Award for her incredibly hot performance. Jack Wrangler plays Samantha’s husband as they decide to liven up their marriage by exploring the wild, kinky and surprising world of couples who are married but […]

Marina Heat

It’s an accepted fact that people who live at a marina are the loosest, most immoral swingers to be found. And the most infamous marina of all lies on the coast of sunny California, a stone’s throw away from the mega-rich Beverly Hills, scandalous Hollywood, and the international airport…an ideal location for the promiscuous flight […]

Peacock Lady

Peacock Lady is another bit of classic porn with a paper-thin plot but plenty of hardcore action. When Gordon (KEITH ERICKSON), a struggling screenwriter, catches his blonde Val-girl-type wife fucking another man, he storms out to write « The Wife Stealers » and other scripts on the swinging theme which sell like crazy. Realizing he’s on to […]

European Sex Tour

Gina Sweets in an International Sex Marathon! Gina Sweets checks into a charming Amsterdam hotel not knowing it is one of the notorious « sex hotels » of Europe. From the moment she realizes that she must share her bed with other guests to her first immersion in the communal bath, Gina is on a bump and […]
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