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Caught From Behind 9

Caught From Behind 9 Sensual Anal Erotica, your nastiest erotic dreams come true! This is the naughtiest C.F.B. yet Caught From Behind 9 avec les actrices porno .

Libres Echanges

The breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps provides the backdrop for smoldering sensuality in HoBo. Roland, a handsome forty-year old businessman, is quite fond of his lovely wife, Doris – but that doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of the lovely young girls who are always attracted to him. Not that Doris isn’t open-minded, however […]

At Skinner Jacks

It’s gettin’ hot again, too hot to relax. Damp sheets and heavy air make a man horny At Skinner Jacks avec les actrices porno .
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Days Gone Bi

Bang! An asshole becomes a yawning chasm millimeters wider as a massive cock drives home! Bone-hard studs fill the drooling mouths with hot steamy cum from throbbing pricks Days Gone Bi avec les actrices porno .

Attack Of The Mon Mammaries

Not to be confused with Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes . . . 50-Foot Woman . . . Puppet People and Giant Leaches, this is a compendium of siliconized sensuality that can readily be confused with Revenge Of The Babes . . . Busty Wrestling Babes … Big Bust Babes and . . . Babe. […]


A rare classic that is hard to find anywhere else. These beautiful private agents have a head for action and a lot on their chests! The cold war is over and the boss wants to turn the heat up on criminals at home. He enlists the gorgeous gals employed in his sector to get the […]


Young powerhouses rekindling adult sexuality, vibrant masturbation–an overdue return of eroticism. « I love to see it happen like a dream. » Live-Wired Sexual Energy, that packs a wallop…The private power of John Summers’, award winning masterpiece, « Rock Hard » is once again captured in BACKSTROKES. Now remastered for DVD! Gorgeous men enticed to strip down and do […]

Making It Big

Unlike any movie about the Hollywood casting system, Making It Big takes us on a ride behind the scenes into an acting workshop that trains its girl in what really counts in the world’s movie capital Making It Big avec les actrices porno .

For His Eyes Only

Joey Silvera arranges for his beautiful yet naive wife (Britt Morgan) to join an exclusive country club, a club which is to become the settings for her education in pleasures of the flesh. In this club each room is filled with someone different and each has a different requirement satisfaction. Anything is possible for a […]

Talk Dirty to Me 9

Talk Dirty To Me 9 winds up something like an 80-minute commercial for lesbian dial-a-date. Sex talk show hostess Dr. Connie Morris (Ashlyn Gere) is suspected of being a lesbian – an incendiary piece of news that causes Gere’s ratings to plummet faster than Woody Allen’s popularity index. Neither really defending nor denying (at least […]


TV cameraman Phil (Ron Jeremy) turns up with a brazen plan for a « sex-rated » past-prime-time program after watching girlfriend Cathy (Christy Canyon) turning on for his private video viewing pleasure. Phil and his crew start the ball rolling with some pulse-stopping aerobics that unbeknownst to the group have been picked up by satellite and beamed […]

Naked Came the Stranger

Based on a « spoof » 1969 novel written by some journalists to prove that any kind of poorly written trash could sell as long as it was sexually explicit. The book spent a week in the NYT Bestsellers list. Long story short Naked Came the Stranger avec les actrices porno .

Le Fruit du desir

Nathalie and Xavier are lovers. Xavier breaks up with her at dinner, which makes Nathalie vengeful. Nathalie gets a job as a maid at Xavier’s mansion (where he lives with his rich wife and step daughter) Le Fruit du desir avec les actrices porno .

Red Heat

There are plenty of films like this out there, many of them aren’t very good, and this one isn’t very good either. To sum this film up in a nutshell Red Heat avec les actrices porno .

On Golden Blonde

When a detour along a jogging path leads to St. Peter’s Gate. Alice is understandably upset as she discovers a twist of fate has called her to glory before her time. Apologetic but unable to entirely reverse the holy error, the Heavenly Gentleman assures Alice that he will, in due time, find a likely subject […]


The most beautiful girl in the world is a serf. She is one of many in the Prince’s harem… guarded from the world Arabika avec les actrices porno .

Gay Erotica from the Past Vol. 2

The cock tease continues in this second volume of gay « smokers » from the ’50s and ’60s. Buns, flaccid penises and over-enthusiastic wrestling are the recurring themes in these often-funny shorts. Shorts include one hilarious one called ‘Marble Illusion’ in which a sculptor’s Adonis-like marble statue comes to life, but he doesn’t know what to do […]

Double Crossings

Remember the hit, « Crossing Over » from 1991? My guess is that the producers had some left-over film footage of Moana they wanted to use, so they inserted it into a story that has Marc Wallice as a detective, and Fantasia as his assistant. The opening triad with Moana, Jon Dough and Marc is average (even […]

Extreme Passion

Summer’s going to extremes. Summer Knight is hot on your tail. And before you can say « Peter Gunn » you’ll be hot on hers. She plays a rookie P.I. who’s got away of getting herself in the thick of things Extreme Passion avec les actrices porno .

Dirty Laundry

This steamy sex video from 1988 features one of the most cliched plots in all of hardcore: a bunch of guys sit around a poker table and entertain one another with tales about their sex lives. And needless to say, we then get to see their stories in vivid detail. Okay, so they probably could […]

Ass Ventura: Crack Detective

The Mayor’s wife has just been absconded and all the king’s men can’t seem to sniff her out. who ya gonna call? You guessed right Ass Ventura: Crack Detective avec les actrices porno .

The Toybox

When Ralph persuades his girlfriend, Donna, to participate in party, she discovers the guests are to perform erotic plays in the presence of a corpse – Ralph’s millionaire uncle. The players are promised gifts from the « toy box. » Ralph and Donna await their turn, when the mansion’s doors lock at midnight The Toybox avec les […]

Golden Age Of Porn: Linda Wong

Golden Age Of Porn Linda Wong movie These guys should be arrested and convicted in the World Court!!! Why? They built a tribute to a legend to fit into 60 minutes. Golden Age Of Porn Linda Wong adult DVD What’s even more offensive is the fact that a lot of her scenes have been shrunk, […]

Girlz n Da Hood 5

The hot homie honeys are back and believe me guy they are bad. With plenty of ‘tude and the firm young bodies to back it up with, they make sure their boyz are well taken care of. A pair of huge tits, a luscious butt and a sweet, hot hole can bring a man to […]

Paul Raymond’s Erotica

Paul Raymond’s Erotica mainly documents nude-dancing routines at Raymond’s London cabarets in the early ’80s Paul Raymond’s Erotica avec les actrices porno .

X Factor – Beautiful Love Story

The X-Factor is more powerful for certain people. For the beautiful Pamela Mann and Eric Edwards it is the foundation for a warm and loving relationship with some very interesting side effects. Set in scenic San Francisco, the steamy, sultry side joins the warm and caring side in a touching love story. With a sensational […]

Lessons In Lust

This rip comes courtesy of « Mougah » over at VEF. However, I’ve cropped out the annoying watermark, and seriously lowered the Saturation and Hue. The reason this is one of my most favorite late 80’s movies is simple Lessons In Lust avec les actrices porno .

Diary Of A Bed

The premise evokes Diderot’s Les Bijou indiscret: a hoary old brass bed (animated through the device of a post-dubbed male voice) attempts to attract a « lady » mattress by regaling her with tales of the various trespasses that have jangled his aging springs. The first vignette involves the coupling of a Confederate soldier and a woman […]

Slippery When Wet

Rock hard cocks pop open the juicy slits you’ve ever seen in your life unleashing a tidal wave of naughty cunt nectar to wash away your worries. Watch these ditzy cocksuckers take heaping helpings of rigid man meat deep into their tight, pink pussies and spray hot twat juice all over. You’ll love listening to […]


In a comedic sex pulp men’s magazine format, in a very « Monty Python » style, the entire film is told from the position of a news reporter named « George Smutnam » in New York, relating the strange Vampiric happenings in Los Angeles, compiled by adventurous cameramen at great risk to themselves, chronicling alleged Vampire activity. From the […]

Midnight Heat

Roger Watkins is most well known, among cult film fans, as the director of the enigmatic Last House on Dead End Street. A masterpiece in it’s own right, most fans of the film are only vaguely aware of the career direction that he followed after that film, moving into hardcore films. Luckily, the same elements […]

Backdoor to Hollywood 5

Kascha and hubby Francois Papillon set fire to this otherwise standard venture. Their two sex scenes – one of which includes anal Backdoor to Hollywood 5 avec les actrices porno .

The Devil in Miss Jones 4

The mind searing action came to a bubbling frenzy in DMJ 3: A New Beginning reaches a fever pitch. In the grand finale of the Dark Bros. two-part epic, Justine Jones continues her quest to find the way out of hell with a little help from her infernal guide, Negro. Their search takes them through […]

Sweet Sexy Slips

Womanising Italian lingerie entrepreneur Ricardo Bertini tries to launch his newest collection in France, and – as you do – bed the local talent along the way. Problem is: his pretty new girl Lisa won’t play ball Sweet Sexy Slips avec les actrices porno .

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 57

It’s another SOLO, almost ALL-color edition of the 60’s sex goddesses, kicking off with a big-haired platinum blonde with a pretty face, perky cones and a great rear view. Then a tousled busty hippie-ish chick goes ape with grapes (and bananas), while a double-ponytail blonde reads a cinema zine, then shows off a lean, surprisingly […]

Pucelles Violees

This story is true, names of characters and of places have been changed, but it took place in the state of Georgia in the United States in 1978. Franck and Jack are deleted Pucelles Violees avec les actrices porno .

Period Of Attachment

In Period of Attachment, ERIC EDWARDS, sporting a Warren-Beatty-in-Shampoo-look, and his busty wife, LISA MARKS, feel left out of that « hip, happening, 70’s swinging scene. » After a banging that’s as hot as Satan’s asshole, they decide to mutually see other people. (« See »? Don’t they mean « fuck »?) Highlights include: Eric having blue flame sex with a […]

Jill Ein Feuchtfrohliches Madchen

Jill comes home from the girls’ internat. Her mom is a baroness and there is also the gay butler Petti. When Jill takes a bath, she tests if Petti is really gay Jill Ein Feuchtfrohliches Madchen avec les actrices porno .

La Scatola Dei Giochi Erotici

When Ralph persuades his girlfriend, Donna, to participate in party, she discovers the guests are to perform erotic plays in the presence of a corpse – Ralph’s millionaire uncle. The players are promised gifts from the « toy box. » Ralph and Donna await their turn, when the mansion’s doors lock at midnight La Scatola Dei Giochi […]

Penthouse Love Stories

After arriving on the video scene several months ago with the disappointing The Girls of Penthouse, Penthouse Magazine has brought us an unadulterated winner with Penthouse Video’s Love Stories. This is as good as the softcore field gets Penthouse Love Stories avec les actrices porno .

Sensuous Moments

Sensuous moments as provided by an relax, out-call service are the subject of this film. For instance, when a swinging couple invites a fellow female (bisexual) swinger to their bed as a birthday present for the husband, what ensues is steamy, hot menage a trios wherein the wife seems to take more pleasure from the […]

Finalmente Marina

I read somewhere that it is the last movie shoot by Marina Hedman, it really looks amateur, for Marina’s fans only Finalmente Marina avec les actrices porno .
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