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The Clinic

The day in the life of one Horny General Hospital of the early 70’s A naughty XXX soap opera. Natural tits and thick hairy bush. Taking temperatures with cock thermummyeter hot female patients seem to get better after they cum. Horny nurses with hairy bush gets seduced by patients and doctors. If you’re looking for […]

Coming Alive

Las Vegas Video presents you with our newest entry into our line of classic movies. Starring Nikki Randall, Dana Lynn, and Fallon, it is bound to find an honored place among your porn! Coming Alive avec les actrices porno Dana Lynn,Ed Navarro,Nikki Randall,Fallon,Tony Montana,Jon Stallion,Buddy Love,Billy Dee.


In caught from behind 3 your senses are flooded in scene after scene of explicit unrestrained CLASSIC anal erotica. Starring the innocent Ali Moore and backed up with the sex hungry cast including the exotic Kristara, and ever hard Ron Jeremy, the handsome Paul Thomas and busty Buffey! Caught 3 from behind is the raunchiest […]
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Reves De Cuir 2

Reves De Cuir 2 has met the challenge of being a love, mystery and sex thriller. Each shot of this picture that has won countless awards breaks every taboo possible and will free your most perverse impulses. A film you’ll never forget! Reves De Cuir 2 avec les actrices porno Roberto Malone,Julia Snow,Maeva,Francis Leroi,Alain,Cloe,Carole,Roland,Alan Champion,Christophe […]

Story of a Hole

Story of a Hole avec les actrices porno Monica Dimitriou,Pavlos Karanikolas,Aris Kosmatos,Georges Karras,Maria Mitrou,Tzeni Kontos,Vangelis Papadimas.

Little Muffy Johnson

She is « Kimmie’s little girl » and Kimmie is off to college. Her aunt tells her that an old friend is coming to spend the summer. He is given Kimmie’s room and he finds Muffy’s diary and we’re shown what it contains via flashbacks. In the end, they all have a big sex party! Enjoy this […]

French Satisfaction

Great French prone, drenched with passion, beautiful sex girls welcome and a decent storyline. Want to see the corrupt police, lewd advokatsh, beautiful and passionate French women, as well as how to suck here? Then this is the film for you French Satisfaction avec les actrices porno Francoise Countes,Alban Ceray,Barbel von Staden,Elisabeth Bure,Diane Dubois,Gabriel Pontello,Jacques […]

Great Balls Of Fire

I’ll shake your nerves and I’ll rattle your brain. I’ll make you hit notes you never knew you could. Come on, sing for me!! These guys are hot, horny, and ready to unleash their lustful passions on each other for you!!! The action is hardcore and will leave you begging for more!!! Great Balls Of […]

Butt’s Up Doc 3

A flash of lights, a cloud of dust, a shrieking siren, and a hearty left on Wilshire…The « BUTTS UP DOC! » Squad rides again! Dr. Michaels and his companions in anal expertise, service a waiting list of willing patients. More anal action for your insurance dollar than any other H.M.O. in town! Butt’s Up Doc 3 […]

Nasty Lady

This is the story of a highly sexed and very charming country girl moving to the big city looking for love, excitement and erotic thrills. Tara Aire gives one of the best acting jobs of her career, playing the country girl J.J., who goes to San Francisco to meet her old high school friend Katy […]

Bourgeoise Le Jour Pute La Nuit

Anitas big tits guarantee juicy games , anal ,double sandwitch and much , much more , compleate the horny action .That goes without saying! again an absolute topmovie for absolute topfans Bourgeoise Le Jour Pute La Nuit avec les actrices porno Laura Valerie,Melodie Kiss,Alain Payet,Nikky Dole.

Teenage Runaways

A hard-boiled private eye finds himself being drawn into a wanton world of rock n’ roll groupies, white and delirious debauchery in this wild scorcher. Wade Nichols plays the gumshoe, a mustachioed tough guy who fancies himself the king of the streets. The action starts when he finds that his senior partner’s been crimered! Meanwhile, […]

The True Story of the Nun of Monza

With the death of her illustrious father and the mental and physical decline of the Superior, Girl Virginia de Leyva becomes the Superior of herconvent. This changing of the guard, along with a prevalent moral ambiguity,causes an upheaval among the convent’s residents. Virginia finds herselfthe target of a horny killer, who is aided by a […]

Strange Family

There’s a family reunion planned, but Paula Stewart seems strangely unenthusiastic. How come? « I’ll tell you if you let me eat you, » she tells her girl, in Strange Family.A flashback reveals that she was shocked when the massage parlor patron whose pocket she was picking turned out to be her Uncle Wayne. And Uncle Wayne […]

Kaftes Mpalarines

Starting with an overwhelming group sex scene, this classic porn masterpiece keeps you on tenterhoors till the very end. This movie is packed with awesome and thrilling scenes including lesbian sex with a strapon, artful blowjobs, threesomes and foursomes, masturbation with a dildo and fantastic cum shots. An absolute must-see! Kaftes Mpalarines avec les actrices […]

Butt’s Up, Doc

A new twist on an old theme Mrs. Kelly has a clit in her butt there is no end to what it takes to get her off! Deep butt! Butt’s Up, Doc avec les actrices porno Biff Malibu,Brigette Aime,Cal Jammer,Louise Hodges,Milton Ingley,Stacy Nichols,Sean Michaels.

Dripping with Desire

Remember back in the day when adult movies actually had plots? « Dripping with Desire » harks back to the golden era of porn, before all the starlets were anorexic looking and had unnatural boob jobs, when hotties with bangs fucked for fucking’s sake, rather than hooking themselves for money. Check out this timeless classis and revel […]

Elle mouille entre les cordes

Ramirez manage a team of female wrestlers, Evelyne considers that the girls are unattractive, she introduces a new recruit. Elle mouille entre les cordes avec les actrices porno Jean-Paul Bride,Jean-Pierre Armand,Alain Payet,Kay Bara,Muriel Garcin,Valérie Brumel.

Tell Me Something Dirty

The boundaries between reality and fantasy no longer exist as a struggling screenwriter pitches his latest effort to a film producer. The irony is that as every cum drenched detail of the story unfolds, it all pales in comparison to the action taking place in every other office of the complex! Tell Me Something Dirty […]

El Ojete de Lulu

The movie introduce us a very interesting character: Lulu’s talking ass, who is unhappy because his pal, Lulu’s vagina is the only one getting all the action! Yeah, that’s the movie basic plot. Very amusing. El Ojete de Lulu avec les actrices porno Jesus Franco,Lina Romay,Mabel Escano,Diego Porta,José Miguel García.

Idonikes Diastrofes

This awesome Greek classic porn movie has it all to blow you away: beautiful actresses, fantastic sex scenes, great blowjobs, passionate lesbian action and spectacular cum shots. Idonikes Diastrofes avec les actrices porno Katerina Spathi,Monica Dimitriou,Telis Stallone,Joanna,Vanesa Ojdanic,Vanessa Danic,Apostolos Tegopoulos.

Heisser Sex auf Ibiza

Heisser Sex auf Ibiza avec les actrices porno Alban Ceray,Dominique Saint Claire,Gabriel Pontello,Laura May,Linda Ordóñez,Marianne Aubert,Olinka Hardiman,Gerard Loubeau,Hare Krane,Roman Huber,Laurence Eymard.

Breast Worx 1

Great gazongas! When the infamous master of mammaries, Bobby Hollander, sets his mind on amassing the finest collection of large-busted beauties ever to be released to lung lovers anywhere – he was thinking big! Simply put, we’re talking truckloads of the jiggliest, jelly-filled jugs ever to jostle their way across your screen! Not enough? See […]

Porn Star Legends – Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn was one of the 80s greatest porn superstars! Her passionate screen presence and her sultry sex scenes are world famous! So don`t miss this awesome and amazing legend! Porn Star Legends – Amber Lynn avec les actrices porno Amber Lynn.

Blame It On The Heat

Carol Cummings and Staci Lords are hotter than the 4th of July as they raise more than just the temperature in Blame It On The Heat. Watch them as they work up a sweat trying to cool down with an all-star cast! Blame It On The Heat avec les actrices porno Shane Hunter,Bionca,Fifi Bardot,Mike Horner,Nina […]

Oral Mania 2

The second cumming! Get ready for further adventures in the Root Canal! Oral Mania 2 avec les actrices porno Amber Lynn,Jeanna Fine,Tom Byron,Vanessa D’Oro,Eric Edwards.

Great Balls On Fire

A horny vixen Sharon Kane stars as a slutty little blonde in this classic vintage movie from the early ’90s where a group of hot chicks meet at a bar one Saturday night to talk about their sexual encounters and try to get more of the hunky cocks inside their wet pussies before the night […]

High Rollers

Ron Jeremy is a director with enough experience as a performer that he should make good tapes all of the time. This happens to be one of them. Frank James and Sasha Gabor are off to Vegas and the send-off James gets is one of the hottest and wettest openers I can recall. When they […]

Backdoor summer

The door (a backdoor) opens just a crack, inside we hear the most sensual actress in film, Ginger Lynn, say, « bottoms up, let the Summer Party begin. » Then bursting onto your screen comes the most beautiful sight in the world, a most worthy diversion for these hot, hot nights… ‘Backdoor Summer’! Gathered together for a […]

Starbangers 3

Incredible squirting porn star sensation Sarah-Jane Hamilton, soaking wet with insatiable love, has her way with eight porno studs in the wildest, wettest and the wickedest Starbangers ever! This is a collector’s item, it will never leave your head, it s definitely one to watch out for! Starbangers 3 avec les actrices porno Blake Palmer,Dan […]

Eskorte zu Ekstase

Tish Ambrose plays an owner of an agency where rich women can hire handsome guys to make all of their fantasies come true. Tish offers her hot employees a contest – the one who satisfies his female client the most would become « the top cock », have sex with gorgeous Tish and get a $5,000 bonus. […]

A Famosa Lingua de Ouro

Here’s what I can tell you: two girls have three way sex with random guys and then eviscerate their penises (or is the plural of penis « penii »?) and put the man meat in a brandy snifter when they’re done having their fun. They do this a few times, there’s a random scene with a horse, […]

Deep In The Bush

Take an exotic adventure Deep In The Bush. With six hardcore scenes, including guy-on-girl, lesbian action and interracial sex this movie is a lost gem, a true blast from the past. Deep In The Bush avec les actrices porno Amber Savage,Cal Jammer,Cameo,Mia Powers,Nikki Knights,Paula Price,Ray Victory,Fallon,No Director Credited,Tony Montana,Carol Cummings.

A Day in the Life of the Cosmopolitan Girls

A Day in the Life of the Cosmopolitan Girls avec les actrices porno Anna Turner,Ron Hudd,Marilyn Gee,Matt West,Michael Gaunt,Mike Feline,Rick Iverson,Ron Jeremy,Tish Ambrose,Miranda Stevens,Richard Mahler,Tamara Lynne.

Splatterhouse 3

Finally…a « fuck flick » series that has it all! Slatterhouse is full of the hottest, wildest, raunchiest, cum-filled action your dirty little mind can imagine! Big cocks, tight pussies and all the hot cum we can muster! It’s HOT Cuming in at just under 4 hours, Slatterhouse #3 is a red-hot skin flick that has a […]

Fatal Passion

When lust has no restraint, when sensuality has no boundary, and when love, pleasure, and pain are interwoven like the strands of a rope, only passion remains. Fatal Passion avec les actrices porno Alicia Monet,F.M. Bradley,Henri Pachard,Nikki Knights,Ona Z,Peter North,Robert Bullock,Shanna McCullough,Billy Dee,Angel Kelly.

Splatterhouse 2

Finally…a fuck Flick that has it all!!! SPLATTERHOUSE VOL 2 is full of the hottest, wildest, raunchiest, cum-filled action you can possibly imagine!!! Slam-Packed full of Big cocks, Tight Pussies and all the Hot Jizz we can muster!!! This is the one you’ve been saving your load for!!! It’s HOT!!! Splatterhouse 2 avec les actrices […]

Love Time fur heiße Verfuhrerinnen

Two men meet at the railway station where they see their wives and brats off. Both of them have two weeks of freedom ahead, and both feel adventurous and full of enthusiasm. No wonder they become friends and start to hang out together. They begin with watching porn movies, but soon they want more and […]

Girl Crazy

Two girls sit outside a building with binoculars watching the various lesbian (and one straight) activities taking place in different rooms. Girl Crazy avec les actrices porno Barbara Dare,Bionca,Cheri Taylor,Nina DePonca,Raven Richards,Ron Jeremy,Scarlett Scharleau,Sharon Mitchell,Tom Byron,Tori Welles,Tracey Adams,Veronica Hall,Jade East.

Baroness Nica

Rules of love from sadistic baroness. Baroness Nica avec les actrices porno Azure Te,John Seeman,Jonathan Younger,Link Beemer.

Black Rage

Nasty white girls love big black cocks! You doubt that? Watch this kick-ass vintage porn video to assuage your doubts! Besides, this movie is incredibly exciting and hot, and you’re gonna love these steamy sex scenes that are so full of lust, desire and passion. Check out the raunchiest interracial fuck ever! Black Rage avec […]

Black Jack City 2

Black Jack City explodes with an erotic intensity that will stimulate and shock. The power of the street gang mixes with the heated lust of their female followers to create a sexual energy that will take you to the highest peaks! Black Jack City 2 avec les actrices porno Brigette Aime,Cal Jammer,Tom Byron,Jonathan Morgan,Dominique Simone,Jeff […]

New York Vice

An evening in New York`s darker world, when the night people come out to seek their desires and dreams… It begins with Sheila, desperate and outrageous. Where bodies are sold and traded like a commodity. Where perverse women pursue their pleasures in the men`s toilet. Where dreams and fantasies become hard, sordid realities. The people […]

Anal Adventures 2

What’s a bun without a weenie? Indulge your cravings in this hot & nasty anal treat! Tasty buns getting filled with steamy, hot cock! This is the only Nancee Kellie video. Anal Adventures 2 avec les actrices porno Henri Pachard,TT Boy,Tom Byron,Courtney,Melanie Moore,Anisa,Alicyn Sterling,Nancee Kelly.

New Girl In Town 7

These girls might be new to the big screen but they’re more than prepared to handle a big hard COCK! These four lovely ladies put on quite the show. One loves anal and another boasts of her deep throat prowess see them both put into action and pressed to their limits along with two other […]

Histoire De Q

A female reminisces while travelling in a limo (we hear her voice, but don’t see her). This links lots of archive footage from Réseau particulier and Mélodie pour manuella and perhaps another film. Histoire De Q avec les actrices porno .

Sex Symbol

It’s not me to take my clothes off in front of a camera! Angela Summers screams at Tianna. that’s like Ted Kennedy saying, « I think the young lady was mistaken, officer. » Movie producer Sean Michaels wants Summers to disrobe. I just hope his sales pitch is slicker than his opening scene with assistant Tianna where […]
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