Changing Partners

Blonde porn superstar Sharon Kane sizzles in this partner-swapping sexfest. It’s the story of insatiable infidelity and primal passion behind closed office doors, filled with blistering interracial heat and feverishly frenzied frolicking. The amorous antics begin when a business executive starts prying into the private lives of his employees. Little does he suspect just how carnally crazed his wanton workers are when they are not in the office! While his sinfully sexy secretary dilly-dallies with debauched dictation, his amorous office manager’s up to his neck in nubile young women. The passion and erotic intensity build to a shattering finale that leaves everyone clamoring for overtime. Changing Partners avec les actrices porno Purple Passion,Sade,Sharon Kane,Hans Mueller,Steve Vegas,Susan Vegas,Christina Evol,Jade Ash,Scott Irish,Sean Michaels.


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