Color Black

Life in the big city can be mighty fun if you’re big, black, and beautiful. Just take it from Joey Starr, a nightclub star with a huge following. In between on-stage sessions, Joey gets down and dirty with a bevy of lusty white babes. Things get confusing, however, when a Joey Starr imitator known as Ernest begins plowing new ground with Joey’s horny girlfriends, who don’t know the difference — or don’t care! To make matters worse, Ernest proves to be a better Joey than the real thing. At this point, Joey finally realizes the importance of being Ernest when he probes the darker side of The Color Black. Filled with breathtaking interracial action, this is one vivacious video you won’t want to miss! Color Black avec les actrices porno F.M. Bradley,Mauvais DeNoir,Jack Baker,Lois Ayers,Ray Victory,Sahara,Junior ‘Speedy’ Bodden,Leroy LeRoy,Summer Rose.


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