Confessions Of A Chauffeur

The lives and loves of the rich and famous are the subjects of this fast-paced romp. The action revolves around the ribald recollections of a chauffeur, who has written a book describing his clients’ various passions. This flick outlines much of what is purportedly in his book, letting audiences in one the sex-fueled mayhem that often takes place in the back seat of a stretch limo. The chauffeur works for movie star Kelly Royce, a shapely little cutie who still carries a torch for her one-time sweetheart (Buck Adams). We watch in flashback and Kelly and Buck get down and dirty in the front seat of their car, a surprisingly romantic scene that gets the action off on the right foot. The story then makes a rapid shift, following the exploits of tabloid reporter Tony Montana. He has some sort of scam that involves seducing rich women. While the scam is never made clear, we do get to watch him romp with Lauren Brice in a blistering boff. Some confused motivation and plotlines then start cropping up, but the one constant is the steamy and sensual fun. Kelly Royce delivers a sterling performance, showing that she’s one frenetic ball of energy when she gets going. And Aussie beauty Sunny McKay also sizzles, delving into some passionate probing of her own in a segment sure to please fans of blonde bombshell. A nice pick for couples! “Collector’s Choice!” — X-Rated Videotape Guide III. Confessions Of A Chauffeur avec les actrices porno Buck Adams,Kelly Royce,Lauren Brice,Sunny McKay,Tony Montana,J.T. Monroe,Eric Edwards.


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