Creatures Of The Night

Just staring at the excellent packaging of Creatures Of The Night is almost enough to make my fluids boil. I mean, seeing pretty Angel Kelly and sultry Jessica Wylde looking like wild anis in a hot embrace really had me looking forward to a passionate, sensuous evening of video viewing. But the steamy side of this sexvid gets lost amidst a convoluted story of a researcher (Kelly) who is trying to tap into people’s innermost sexual thoughts. Kelly unscrupulously uses her friends as guinea pigs, and watches with more than interest as their deepest desires are recorded in her machine. Of course, thanks to the magic of video we get to see these fantasies come to life, but the disjointed nature of the scenes interrupts the eroticism. Also, I wish somebody would turn off all those special effect sounds. The electronic whirrs and zappps get annoying after awhile. Still, some good sex manages to find its way to the screen. Wylde is the star here, and lives up to her name in scenes with Damon Cashmere and Frank James. The rest of the scenes are marred by the dreamlike scenarios and constant whinning of the soundtrack. A little more attention to some technical points, and a little better effort from director Phil Prince to motivate his cast, would have earned Creatures that third A. Creatures Of The Night avec les actrices porno Charlie Diamond,Damien Cashmere,Ed Navarro,Jessie Eastern,Jessica Wylde,Patty Plenty,Sade,Frank James,Angel Kelly.


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