Crystal Balls

In this steamy sexvid, Kari Fox plays a fortune teller who reads tea leaves and looks into her crystal ball to provide her heart-broken clients a glimpse into what their erotic futures hold. In her kitchen, Kari has a gypsy boy mixing love potions and hair restorers. After a little lesbian loving with Rachel Ryan, her first client of the day, Kari meets with Tom Byron and Tami White. Poor Tami can’t get pregnant, no matter how hard she tries – and she and Tom demonstrate just how hard they have been trying. Kari’s so impressed with their efforts that she joins them in a feverish threesome. Then, when Kari herds them into a nearby bedroom to shower, Tom meets Rachel and they do what comes naturally. While they’re busy, Tami bumps into Kari’s boyfriend and enjoys it so much she does it again. . .and again. With all this erotic action going on all over her house, Kari gives Candie Evans a ribald reading she won’t soon forget. The wildness reaches its peak at the video’s conclusion, as all of the performers meet up in the living room for a feverish group grope. This is loopy, lusty fun with unforgettable performances turned in by Kari Fox and the endlessly voluptuous Tami White. Crystal Balls avec les actrices porno Ariel Knight,Candie Evens,Kari Foxx,Paul Barresi,Rachel Ryan,Tom Byron,Troy Tannier,Scotty Fox.


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