Dark Dreams

A newlywed couple drives through the woods, barely able to keep their hands off each other. But when their car breaks down they find that the only house for miles is haunted! They are taken in by a witch who serves them a strange brew. The bride passes out, and the groom is lured away by a busty blonde. A hooded warlock abducts the virgin bride – and she is subjected to a dose of bondage and lesbian loving! Meanwhile, the groom is seduced by one wanton vixen after another – including an oil-slicked black beauty and a buxom bombshell covered in whipped cream. He’s oblivious to his new wife’s erotic induction into witchcraft – which culminates in a wild gang bang that seals their fates forever! Dark Dreams avec les actrices porno Arlana Blue,Darby Lloyd Rains,Harry Reems,Laura Cannon,Tina Russell,June Dulu,Susie Mann,Roger Guermantes,Patrice De Veur,Alan Martin,Tom Lee.


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