Delires Sensuels

Chantal comes home after two years in a boarding school. Her mother tells her that her former friends Béatrice and Norbert now live together in the house that he has inherited. The whole story is told in an off voice by Chantal as we see her writing in her diary. She recalls good moments spent with her friends (the first scene shows Norbert making love to Béatrice in the woods while Chantal is watching nearby). She is next seen masturbating while reminiscing (or fantasizing?) of a sex scene with Alban Ceray. Then Chantal decides to pay her friend a visit and encounters a young uncredited blonde girl (is that a wig she’s got?) who seems to be someone of Béa’s acquaintance and who tells her they are away. Meanwhile, Norbert who seems to be listenning to the whole conversation takes care of a blonde girl who’s bound and gagged on a table, which seems to exclude the possibility of her being the same girl as the acquaintance. From then on we can see all five performers in all possible combinations (in the woods, kitchen, bedroom) and without apparent logic. We will never know who the blonde girl is or the reason for Alban’s presence. Delires Sensuels avec les actrices porno .


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