Erst Weich Dann Hart

This film is even wackier than usual for director Francis Leroi. Another porno about doctors, nurses and patients getting it on, but this time it’s a sex clinic in the country, and besides the usual characters in white coats, we also have nymphomaniacs running loose, interns who administer enemas and double penetration, lascivious nuns (nunsploitation!) who offer more than quiet prayer, and a dangerously young girl naked from the waist down and rolling her pussy around on a toy ball while a “monk” watches and jerks off. Bizarre indeed. The main characters are a married couple, Monsieur and Madam Mercier, played by Claude Valmont and Daniele David, who are clueless about sex, and come to the sex clinic for help. The crazy doctor and staff take full advantage of their naivete, and subject them to all sorts of sexual antics and experimentation in order to cure them of their inhibitions. Erst Weich Dann Hart avec les actrices porno .


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