Les 14 Ans D’Aurelie

What are the groves of public gardens used for ? For an exhibitionist, to show his anatomy to young girls…. For two frightful yobs, to inflict a punishment to their favourite. Imagine that those groups happen to meet, this can make strange sparks… A young girl already “visually” aggressed, will know the shame of being assaulted by the yobs. As a nice guy, the exhibitionist will find penetrating… arguments to comfort the beautiful assaulted girl. Convinced that the exhibitionist is a young talent finder, the yobs decide to use him unwittingly as a pilot fish. Another victim enticed by the assets of our exhibitionist will soon be collected by the vicious yobs looking for fresh meat. The scenes of assault will succeed to the scenes of voyeurism. Perverse, severe, the vicious yobs will inflict vicious ass fucking to the beautiful girl. Their favourite, Carole, called for help, arrives in the middle of a assault. Her lesbian support will spice the scene with tasty women to women sequences. But the exhibitionist wants to take revenge. He will do so in an incredible insane delirium that will leave you breathless… Les 14 Ans D’Aurelie avec les actrices porno .


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