The lovely cast of the sexploitation flicks Swinging Sorority Girls and Swinging Ski Girls reprise their roles as nymphomaniacal All-American Girls in the lumbering saga of men who fell the big trees and the women who straddle their men’s logs, appropriately titled The Lumberjack. The transition from ski slope to lumber camp has not dampened any of the sexual enthusiasm of these nubile nymphs, and in between cutaways to tree trunks being sawed and stacked by large machinery, the original softcore swingers do hardcore with wonderful aplomb. The plot, such as it as, has to do with a hard action — shot tastefully, symbolically, with shots of lumberjacking activity filling in for shots of the old in-out. Most of the action, however, takes place in a sort of lodge where dancing, pool-playing, and sex are the order of business. In one scene, a lumberjack is drilling his lumberjill while a dog barks off camera in perfect synchronization with his thrusts. The Deviate’s never seen anything like it. Lumberjack avec les actrices porno Cindy Wilson,Flora McIntosh,Susie Carlson,Anne Marie,Wendy Sanders,Anne Marie Sommer.


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