Marilyn – Bizarre Begierden

This film “Marilyn – Bizarre Begierden” is sometimes credited to Gerard Kikoine but seems to actually be directed by Joe de Palmer. An emotionally ambitious adult film with Giallo overtones. Manuela (Olinka Hardiman) has two mental problems • a recurring vision of a crying young girl and obssessive insatiable lust. Her husband (Gabriel Pontello) thinks a trip to the Alps will help with her mental state. Once there all sorts of things develop, including wife-swapping, orgies, Manuella discovering that her husband is encouraging her insanity to control her money, and encounters with the ugly knife-wielding man that crimed Manuella’s girl years earlier. Also stars Catherine Ringer, Cathy Stewart, Marilyn Jess and Mika Barthel. Marilyn – Bizarre Begierden avec les actrices porno Andre Kay,Anna Ordinis,Cathy Stewart,Catherine Ringer,Gabriel Pontello,Guilhem Causse,Guy Berardant,Jacques Marbeuf,John Oury,Marilyn Jess,Mika Barthel,Nathalie Perrey,Olinka Hardiman,Piotr Stanislas,Joe de Lara,Marc Winandy.


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