Mystic Pieces

Ahhhh! It’s an ’80s porn video feature, the kind of movie I helped put out of business when I came up with the Buttman/gonzo idea! And it stars me with a mullet again! Fortunately, there’s no dancing this time, but you get to see more of me acting…. Ahhhhh! Mystic Pieces also stars (in her first month in the business) Tori Wells, showing off why she was soon to become the top-selling Vivid girl. And there’s Cheri Taylor wiping down a Ferrari in a tight miniskirt. That got people’s attention at the time. While it’s not up to today’s standards of hard sex (and some of the dialogue seems laughable now), the women make this movie for me. Mystic Pieces avec les actrices porno Brandy Alexandre,Brittany Morgan,Cheri Taylor,John Stagliano,Jon Dough,Peter North,Randy West,Tom Byron,Tori Welles,Trinity Loren,Victoria Paris,Billy Dee.


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