Playing For Passion

Let’s face it. You know and I know that this video really isn’t a VCR game. Also, you know and I know that when they ask questions like, “Was Randy West wearing a wrist watch in that last gang bang,” we don’t know the answer because we’re too busy counting pubic hairs. In spite of the hokey theme (aren’t there enough x-rated “game” tapes?), this video is pretty good. Playing For Passion pretends to be a game where you watch a segment and then are asked questions about obscure details within that segment. The one who gets the most answers right wins. Once you get beyond the oddball questions, and the mummified hosts — the rest of this tape is fine. There’s a lot of terrific sex. And, with the extensive cast, you’re really going to see a Who’s Who of porn. I especially like the sizzling scene featuring Buffy Davis. It, like the rest of the video, features excellent camera work and we’re not playing games. Playing For Passion avec les actrices porno Brittany Morgan,Buffy Davis,Candie Evens,Crystal Breeze,Dan T Mann,Francois,Sibil Fine,Keisha,Randy West,Serena,Stacy Donovan,Tess Ferre,Jace Rocker,Rick Savage,Richard Mailer,C. O’Mara,Eric Edwards,Frank James,Steve Drake.


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