Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 39

What’s this? Bucky goes arty! An overhead angle of a nicely built ’60s brunette, gigglingly hiking up her dress… Several camera angles later, she’s finding a new and interesting place to dangle her necklace!… Soon a stacked tousled-hair brunette with a cute kisser and knee stockings spreads sensually on a floral spread – wow! Is […]

Back Door Girls

This is an action packed collection of scenes where Hollywood Superstars show you their sexual lust. These are the gals who want you to travel up the Hershey Highway and they want you to do it good . Seka, the blonde bombshell, whose had a thousand men and still aches for more, shows you how […]
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Onibus Da Suruba

O Onibus da Suruba e um dos filmes mais singulares da fase terminal do explicito da Boca do Lixo. Sady Baby e Renalto Alves produziram esse petardo da cinematografia brasileira. O onibus da suruba atravessa o Brasil soltando a franga com sua trilha sonora desconcertante combinando Beto Barbosa e Flash Dance numa orgia itinerante de […]

French Satisfaction

Great French prone, drenched with passion, beautiful sex girls welcome and a decent storyline. Want to see the corrupt police, lewd advokatsh, beautiful and passionate French women, as well as how to suck here? Then this is the film for you French Satisfaction avec les actrices porno Francoise Countes,Alban Ceray,Barbel von Staden,Elisabeth Bure,Diane Dubois,Gabriel Pontello,Jacques […]

Home For Unwed Mothers

Home For Unwed mummys – Classic VHS Rip_Featuring « Milky Mamas » And « Poppin’ Mamas »_Milky Mamas: Marcie’s tits are painfully full of milk. She squeezes her swollen breasts, and milk squirts from her distended nipples. She finishes the job with a glass breast pump. Later, Marcie is hot to have her tits sucked dry, so she seduces […]

Mr Billions Dollar Babies 2

Here’s the sequel to the famous 80s porn movie « Mr Billions Dollar Babies » that you’ve been waiting for! It’s hard to believe, but part 2 is even hotter than the first one! So sit back and enjoy incredibly steamy action that includes group sex, arousing blowjobs, fantastic cum shots and way more… Mr Billions Dollar […]

Hawaiian Heat 1

These hot babes recount trips and sexual adventures of their past, which makes them hot and horny in the present!! They decide that the flood of amazing sexual memories has taunted them into updating and making new and hotter sexual exploits, right on the spot!! Watch as they try to meet and exceed their previous […]


In this classic film set in the wild 80’s there are no holes that are off limits. The yacht club is on and popping as these studs get ready to set sail. Here are two busty babes getting nailed by multiple hard cocks. On the high seas they fuck the captain and each other in […]

Baby Face 2

A woman about to be married is given a « bachelorette » party by her girlfriends, who hire a male stripper for the event. However, they don’t know that he has « mystical powers », and he proceeds to use those powers to take his revenge on them… Baby Face 2 avec les actrices porno Candie Evens,Careena Collins,Dick Rambone,Francois,Jamie […]

Daddy Knows Best – Triple Feature

Due to degradation of the original source film, this archival footage displays some technical issues within the first few minutes of the film. A roomful of horny teenagers are bound to be up to something. Even in the classic days of filmdom, teenagers found comfort in each other’s arms and exploring each other’s bodies. No […]

Babe Watch

If only the original Baywatch had all the hot sex and large nuts as Babe Watch. At Babe Watch beach the censor encourage cum guzzling, hard pounding, and utter sex madness. Tight bathing suits cum flying off when these babes get hot in the sun. Theses hot babes need you to help cover them with […]

Sexual Heights

Gorgeous Tawny Pearl stars as a baby sitter responsible for ruining a marriage of a guy who plans a revenge with his friends, as they plan to fuck her teen butt one at a time. Other girls are just as beautiful and make this movie one of the rare gems of the early eighties, with […]

The Godmother 2

An explosion of integrated love splatters the screen as this super-sexy sequel delves deep into the mystery! » She still be makin’ an offer you can’t refuse! This beautiful criminal reminds you to « leave the gun, baby, but bring that big thick cannoli! The Godmother 2 avec les actrices porno Alexa Parks,Amanda Tyler,Blake Palmer,Ebony Ayes,Jack Baker,John […]

Foxy Lady 4

Stunning Teresa Orlowski is as insatiable as ever, and her new stories burst with passion and desire. Meet the hottest and horniest women you’ve ever seen and admire their drive and insatiable lust. These babes wanna fuck anywhere, anytime! Each story is incredibly heated and arousing, so don’t miss a single one of them. This […]

Wicked Fascination

It’s so sad Zara went back to Holland 7 years or so ago. Her scene in the chair with Marc Wallice is a masterpiece of erotica. Tom Byron does a pretty good job too with his 3some. And then there’s that skinny butted brunette Teri Weigel making so much noise. She really gets involved with […]


Where do you find the hottest girls? In a strip club, of course! This awesome 1980s porn movie is a story of five hot babes who work in one of the best strip clubs ever, and their shows are well-known all over the city for being unbelievably steamy and sexy. But the most interesting things […]

Reifeprufung auf der Schulbank

This 80s German vintage porn movie is a story of an erotomaniac who got a job as a PE teacher in high school. It’s hard to imagine any better job for him, as most of his students turn out to be not innocent girls but frisky cock-hungry babes. Besides, the new teacher’s female collegues are […]

Hollywood Starlets 6

Oh yeah, this guy’s got the job of your dream! He works for an adult model agency, and he has to have sex with all the girls to be sure they’ve got the potential to become porn stars. His typical work day consists of meeting sexy babes, enjoying hot blowjobs, eating pussies, drilling beautiful chicks […]

Busty And Wet By Herself 3

All solo titty tugging, pussy pawing, vibrator loving babes with huge tits! Peek in at how these gorgeous superstars get themselves off when they are lonely and wet. Pink labia spread open to show you the nice hard clit inside! Busty And Wet By Herself 3 avec les actrices porno Anna Ventura,Kelly Stewart,Lisa DeLeeuw,Little Oral […]

Double D Dykes 1

Double D Dykes porn scenes of all-girl lesbian action. Double D Dykes DVD video Watch as big titted superstars Chessie Moore, Kitten Natividad and more lick and suck huge breasts and wet pussy. Double D Dykes movie Masturbation, vibators and strap-ons are in abundance as these busty babes get each other off! Double D Dykes […]

Colon Cuties

Your favorite stars going hot and hard into the back door! The anal action is mean and dirty – these babes know what you like! Colon Cuties avec les actrices porno .

Big Bust Babes 3

This video holds back nothing as it snaps the clasp to unleash itself! Share with these buxom beauties the excitement as you lose yourself in the cleavage canyons of their Double D assets. The ultimate collection of the hottest NATURAL big tit stars strip down and show you what they’ve got! See Roberta Pedon, the […]

The Bashful Blonde From Beautiful Bendover

A luscious fantasy collection woven by CDI Digital featuring beautiful starlets and all natural babes who are ready to bend over and take it hard! With their hairy pussies, big boobs, and round butts, you won’t be able to stop yourself from jizzing along with the action as these girls get fucked! The Bashful Blonde […]

Nasty Nymphos 2

This is a great video! No filler, just great SEX! Biff Malibu gives you more of what you want in an adult video. 6 ALL NEW sex scenes, 6 hot babes, 4 anal scene, interracial action, & 5 facial finishes. ENJOY! Oh yeah, Wednesday’s first ever anal is here too! Nasty Nymphos 2 avec les […]

Tijuana Blue

A whiny dude scores some unnamed stuff from a rather mysterious gentleman in a fedora, shades, and raincoat. The man tries to entice the hapless hippie into doing some running for him, but dude’s not into it. His tune changes after he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant (« Ya dumb cunt! Things don’t just happen! » […]

Tudo Na Cama

Playboy from Sao Paulo decides to marry, but all his ex-girlfriends go to the ceremony to protest. Tudo Na Cama avec les actrices porno Zilda Mayo,Sandra Graffi,Arlete Montenegro,Celia Coutinho,Enio Goncalves,Liana Duval,Lu,Matilde Mastrangi,Monique Lafond,Railda Nonato,Walter Forster,Antonio Meliande.

Pumps In Da Rump

Ahhh, more beautiful Black babes with huge heineys, strutting their stuff for you to peruse! A big butt masterpiece!There’s some girl on girl shit goin on here too with toys, gotta catch a peek at these women they be lovin it! With the way these ladies shake those fat asses and put their pussies in […]

Babes With Attitudes

Babes With Attitudes avec les actrices porno Ed Navarro,Jacqueline,Jennifer Stewart,Jessie Eastern,Fallon,Cassandra Dark,C.B. DeVille.

Penitenziario Femminile

This is an outstanding Italian film that actually takes place in a women’s penitentiary! However, this penitentiary might be the hottest one in the world! Because this movie features some of the most delectable and hottest looking Italian starlets out there! If you’ve been jonesing for some excellent looking Italian babes … look no further, […]

Extases Impudiques

Sandra, a lovely young woman, returns to her apartment from work. She prepares something to eat and watches TV. Then all of a sudden she has a feeling that she is being watched by someone. This is actually Julien, her former boyfriend, who manages, in some way which is unclear, to appear in front of […]

Nasty Nymphos 5

6 ALL NEW sex scenes, 7 beautiful babes (5 of them taking it up the ass), some interracial action, 5 facial frosting, lots of hard fucking and Video Virgin Dominique Winters in her ANAL stretching debut! It’s an all out fuckfest of nasty nymphos! ENJOY!! Nasty Nymphos 5 avec les actrices porno Jon Dough,Mike Horner,Tera […]

White S-lavers

Having all the sex scenes in a boat cabin is as dull as the usual motel room or cheap studio set of rock-bottom porn. The women are unattractive, having obviously been cast on the basis of « show me your breasts, baby » sessions, including an evil looking lady with bad intentions s the boss, who definitely […]

Baby Blue

Here is a Pretty Decent Piece of Classic Porn. Baby Blue – (1978) aka Madelaine Susses Luder aka Lucky Lass (Canadian distributor retitle?) aka Madelaine Susses Luder aka Lucky Lass (Canadian distributor retitle?) Detailed info/story line were hard to find both by myself and the Torrent Guys. What or why I liked this flick is […]

Big Bust Babes 7

The title of this one says it all — ‘Big Bust Babes#7? delivers scene after scene of buxom beauties engaged in all manner of high-spirited hi jinx! We begin with Karisma, a dusky damsel whose awesomely enhanced assets are more than any man can resist. Certainly not Leo Martin, who joins Karisma for a wild, […]

Black Chicks In Heat

Two black babes get to the bottom of their bank accounts. They decide to make some extra bucks- so they start a stripping telegram service. Black Chicks In Heat avec les actrices porno F.M. Bradley,Ebony Ayes,Jeannie Pepper,Purple Passion,Ray Victory,Ron Jeremy,Steve Henessy.

The Rip-Off Of Millie

Years before the twisted story mechanics of Pulp Fiction, there was the strangelylinked narrative structural hijinks of The Rip-Off of Millie. The underworld intrigue begins with bad-boy « locksmith » Mack carving a couple of keys as two mafia tarts gargle his gonads. Just before the moment of explosive ecstasy, Big-Boss Ferdinand intervenes with an ultimatum: « Don’t […]

Worst Porno Ever Made … With The Best Sex

Worst Porno Ever Made…With The Best Sex – what a strange title for such a hot movie! With big ticket stars like Ron Jeremy, Dick Nasty, Lynn LeMay, and Jeanna Fine, this movie is guaranteed to get you hot, get you off, and get you coming back for more! You’ll see the lovely Lynn LeMay […]

Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman

When a couple of kooky strangers from the planet Urine (or Uranus, whatever they find funnier at the time) arrive on Earth, they have one thing on their mind…and it’s not visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. No, they are on a mission for mad monkey lovin’ with a few of the local lasses. Operation Procreation is […]

Diamond Baby

Porn-classic about cunning diamond-thief Laurent who fell out with his partner and is trying to get the deal done on his own. Needless to say his former best friend is anything but cool with it and therefore trying to get hold of the goods himself. Fortunately for Laurent his abilities as bootlegger are surpassed only […]

Broadcast Babes

This is a tale of outrageous goings on at WSIN-TV station. Photographers, producers, models and office girls make this station very X-rated. They are sex crazed TV employees who take their need for sex in front of the camera. Now you will know what goes on behind the camera, they placed it in front of […]

Caldi Istinti di una Ninfomane di Lusso

When you get older you need more love, more attention, and more quality spent with those who make you feel young. What better individuals than those who are young themselves to give you all the « love », « attention », and experiences that can bring your youth back by at least 30 or so years? That’s what these […]

All About Annette

All About Annette, 1982, should be called Nothing Much About Annette according to Bob Rimmer. Annette Haven spends a few minutes talking with Al Goldstein. « I cook, I sew, I clean, I knit baby booties…the only difference between me and lots of women is that I think sex is ok, and I’m not afraid to […]

Super Boobs 1

The Biggest most Bodacious babes of the 1950’s — 60’s! Super Boobs 1 avec les actrices porno Virginia Bell,Busty Brown,Eleanore Jones.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 17

The ’60s blonde wakes up, smiles at me…She’s cute as a kitten!…Feeling herself up…Lucky hands!…Those eyes, those breasts! I’m in love!…Marry me! Marry me! That brunette girl in purple seems to enjoy entertaining her friend on that leopard sofa…and a foursome with masks and feathers and such…Kinda kinky for yours truly. A bearded guy would […]

Pussyman Auditions 12

Of course the Pussyman is always on the lookout for better and wetter pussy. This time he brings you three new babes, all blondes, all sexy, and all ready to be fucked! Watch as Jill Kelly, Lavette, and Tabatha Stevens strut their stuff for the Pussyman and then get fucked hardcore by some of his […]

Up Desiree Lane

VCA Gold Classics brings you another special edition! Directed by Leon Gucci, and starring Desiree Lane, this lavish sex spectacle is filled with torrid passions and no-holds barred action! Back when porn was raw and sensual, Desiree is put in all positions and fucks in all places. See natural babes, hairy men, and some classic […]

Butter Me Up

Wall To Wall Anal! The hot babes with the hot booties are back for an anal extravaganza!! Join the finest ass in porn history, Nina Hartley, for wild back door action, just the way you like it! Butter Me Up avec les actrices porno Blair Harris,D.J. Cone,Dan T Mann,Jon Martin,Lili Marlene,Lynx Canon,Nina Hartley,Carlos DeSantos.

One Night Stand With Danielle Rogers

Life is a non-stop party full of beautiful, gig-breasted babes for rock video director Walker Novack. But something is missing. That something is his brother Clay’s sexy soon-to-be bride, Catherine. That’s okay, because brother Caly, a rich plastic surgeon, is really getting it on with his newest patient, a hot-estate agent named Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t […]

Waterbabies 2

This time the waterbabie are terrorizing a private women’s club, and this time Paula Price is bringing a friend! Playboy lingerie superstar Shanen Steel! “Waterbabies 2”, It’s 2 hot 2 believe! Waterbabies 2 avec les actrices porno Eric Price,Madison,Paula Price,Peter North,Alicia Rio,Christine Appleigh,Cassidy,Jim Enright,Shannen Steel,Sean Michaels.

Baby Doll

Candy Mason might be called Baby Doll, but she’s definitely all grown-up and is getting tired of just sucking her thumb. Ready to experience her freakiest fantasies at last, Candy prepares to go out on the prowl. Joined by a stunning set of her sexiest girl friends, Candy gives in to the horny demands of […]
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