House of 1001 Pleasures

This is Olinka’s best film, and among the best of all French adult movies. Some misfortune results in Olinka working in a fancy French brothel. When she falls in love with a customer, she plans her escape. That’s the plot, what there is of it, but what make this a great hardcore film are the […]

Erotic City

This is the city… the EROTIC CITY. Here the hot, pulsating beat of the music blends with the throbbing tempo and driving rhythm of the street to incite new heights of sexual passion and desire. On this typically torrid day, a corporate battle is about to be laid wide open at Kingsley Industries. Who wins […]

Black Mariah

Oh man, this one’s definitely going to piss some people with no sense of humor off! Subtitled « A Black Sex Comedy, » this unique video is often very funny, while retaining its sexuality. Opening with old black and white cartoons full of racial caricatures along with old stereotypical film clips, they soon are zinging the jokes […]
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Big Game

Big Game explores realistic sexuality and passions of the two-footed variety. A young lady allows us to hear her thoughts as she writes about the wild. At first it sounds like a forage into the jungle, but her descriptions soon turn into human craving and hunger for pure sexual satisfaction. Appropriately, most of the action […]

Mouthwatering Naturals

The top underground tit films of the early 70’s remain some of the purest tit action films made to this day. Jaw dropping stunners like Roberta Pedon needed a few extra bucks and would strip down and show off their huge hot tits and every square inch of skin to horny cameramen. The big titty […]

Racquel’s Addiction

Slap any walkman on your ears and all you hear is music, unless you have the kind of special cassette Racquel and her pals have been grooving to. It doesn’t play tunes – it plays fantasies…your fantasies in living color! Just press play…. Racquel’s Addiction avec les actrices porno Derrick Lane,Jacqueline,Jon Dough,Madison,Micky Ray,Patricia Kennedy,Peter North,Racquel […]

One of a Kind

One of a Kind is an exciting 80s porn movie about a man who happened to buy a very special accordion. Its music made any woman incredibly horny and lustful, made her forget about everything and just yield to temptation, no matter what. Maybe this is hard to believe, but as soon as the new […]

Navy Blue

One of the most memorable scenes: Jack Wrangler getting a blow job from Giuseppe Welsh in a helicopter, flying over Manhattan!! George Payne and Wrangler are in the Navy, best buddies, in love with each other, but too afraid to tell the other. Payne fucks a Salvation Army Santa! The final scene, where Wrangler and […]

As Taras De Um Minivampiro

This one has the pint-sized pervert runnin’ around and peepin’ in on couples getting’ their groove on, set to a ripped-off 80’s music sound-track. Chumb rolls around the ‘hood suckin’ on necks and used tampons to feed his habit, and as long as he’s rockin’ his Sonny Crockett Ray-Ban knock-offs, he can even chill out […]

Life and Loves of Nikki Charm

Besides the sex this movie has the best hard rocking songs of ANY movie, porn or not. The title track contains an unbelievable guitar hook with a blazing solo at the end. Then there’s the song « Tonight » which also kicks butt. O.K., so you didn’t buy the movie for the soundtrack. Well there are a […]

Fires Down Below

The Fires Down Below starts off promising indeed. A handheld camera tracks threateningly around a Victorian sitting room while eerie tribal music plays on the soundtrack. The stillness is soon pierced by a ravishing, dark-haired beauty who enters in a sheer negligee, sits, and begins reading a book. « My life is so empty since Brian […]

Muscle Bound

A New York bath house manager makes sex with his unsuspecting customers. The emphasis is on bound! Original music by David Earnest. Muscle Bound avec les actrices porno Chuck Adams,Bill Pollin,Costa DelSol,Earl Berger,Ed Stiffler,Evan Dales,Jim Agent,Justin Thyme,Ken Darrell,Michael Rivera,Rick Amout,Scott Allen,Tom Cat Louie,Arch Brown,Tom Cat Louie.

Talk Dirty to Me 8

Welcome back to the nation’s only radio station that offers continuous psychological advice and non-stop country music. We’ve got a special treat for you today folks. Ashlyn Gere takes over the prime time slot. After an enthusiastic boy/girl romp, she’ll lead our numerous female listeners in a diddle-with-yourself workshop. Later, our other D.J., Randy West, […]

Breaker Beauties

At home his wife complains of deleted dick. But on the road, he becomes « Big Bear » a superman of trucking and fucking. In this ode to the sexual power of the trucker, horny cute hitch hikers give it up to anyone piloting an 18-wheeler, and the Truck Haven bar has back rooms for trucking groupies […]

Sex Mood Ring

A rather subdued Ric Lutze gives his girlfriend a Sex Mood Ring in grateful appreciation of a super-duper blowjob. She rubs the ring, the camera goes out of focus, then voila’. Her wildest sex fantasies come true! She even manages to change into a variety of other women: « Boy, that was fun, » she says. « Can’t […]

Undercover Angel

This is the farewell perfomance of gorgeous Angel, so there’s no way you can miss it! As always, Angel looks incredibly hot and feels unbelievably horny. She plays a hostess of a radio show who often forgets about work ’cause she’s got something more exciting to do, like sucking on a big cock or plunging […]

Cavalcade of Stars

Music and sex come together in this visual assault on you senses. A hard pounding vibrant ride. Open you eyes and listen. Featuring the combined talents of Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne, Christy Cayon, Kathyn Moore, Gina Carrera, Brittany Stryker, Bunny Blake, Sandy Summers, Harry Reems, Rick Savage, Marc Wallace, Tyler Horne, Greg Rome, […]

Voices Of Desire

A girl named « Anna » picks up a pay phone in New York City and hears strange voices. Seemingly made magic by the voices, she engages in sexual fantasies that at some point cross over into reality. This is not as good as « Repulsion », of course, nor as serious and depressing as « Deranged », but it’s certainly […]

Big Tit Fucking In The 70s

2 full hours of the hottest big tit fuck loops from the era of the naturally busty porn super slut! Experienced all-stars and jaw dropping first timers get fucked up their tight cunt holes while their huge tits bounce and sway to the rhythm! Includes 12 complete films like Watermelon Girl, Bouncing Breasts, Two Plus, […]

Big Bust Loops 36

A compilation of loops from the 70’s featuring large-breasted women, with odd, anachronistic music added. Big Bust Loops 36 avec les actrices porno .

Professor Of Sex Ed

What I planned to get into tonight, was a discussion of the clitoris, the prof announces over coffee and cookies, and then asks for a student volunteer. This whole business is carried on with such utter earnestness by everyone involved that the movie goes over the top by the back door, as it were. When […]

Jail Time Girls

In Jail Time Girls, magazine writer Marc STevens interviews sex-offender Andrea True behind bars — both hamming it up with regional accents — and we see her « story » acted out, to a driving sitar rag. (Sex and sitar music, you may remember, used to go together like a horse and carriage.) Blowing her jailer, Andrea […]

Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising is one of those standard interracial sexvids that have become so common these days. When it comes to plot, not much seems to be enough, since black/white sex still garners a guaranteed audience. In this regard, Black Moon Rising pretty much sets up its premise in the first minute: three ex-college friends […]

Big Bust Loops 37

A compilation of loops from the 70’s featuring large-breasted women, with odd, anachronistic music added. Big Bust Loops 37 avec les actrices porno .

Maximum Perversum 26

The version of Hunger nach Liebe Teil I watched, was German language, with Dutch subtitles. As the title suggests, everyone is Hungry for Love, especially Debbie van Gils. Love is one word, dirty sex is another, doubt there was much love when it came to Suraya Jamal WC scenes. The intro credits music has vibes […]

Girls on F Street

They say that music soothes the savage stranger, but when this tantalizing tune is played, it brings out the bestial best in everyone who hears it! Jerry Butler stars as a struggling musician who hits upon the perfect song — the moment anyone hears it, they can’t help but turn into raging sexual strangers. He […]

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 45

It’s hair pie, served up ’60s style! A voluptuous pixie brunette, opens for inspection… A bouffant platinum blonde, with a lovely rounded blonde-all-over… A lustily trashy, pretty, pouty, high heel blonde with perfect cupcake breasts… A chatty short haired blonde in go-go boots and knit mini dress… And a pouty blonde with dark bush! Later, […]


In the tradition of the surprisingly successful Edward Penishands, Paul Norman has once again created a unique and stylish novelty video. Cyrano follows the now-familiar tale of the man with a very noticeable nasal condition, only with a few new twists. Seems the reason his nose is so big is because under his mask, it’s […]

Country Hooker

See what happens when a country singer meets a country hooker as Dave and his pal Billy B get detoured from a gig at a country-western bar by sexy hitchhikers Jen and Sue (Sandy Dempsey and Rene Bond). The girls however are actually in the employ of sleazy Mike The Singing Pimp, who wants the […]

Seduction Of The Innocents

Neither does this splendid little tale of the journey from innocence to experience. The actress who plays the innocent girl is perfect for the role, and her portrayal of budding womanhood is guaranteed to leave you moist around the gills. Even her voice is perfect, with a little catch and stammer in it, as she […]

French Throat

The film is in decent shape considering it’s from a video tape that’s almost thirty years old. It has creative photography, music, story and has that pervading 70’s darkness that I am all so fond of, more so now, because it’s so definitive of that era and looks unlikely to make a return soon, All […]

Debbie Does Dallas 2

Get out your fiddle and banjo, start beating on them thar drums and don’t stop pickin’ til ya get the beat of the beds creakin’. Ya all see, what we got here it e surprise sex sequel of the year, Debbie Does Dallas Part II. And there ain’t nothin’ here but sex. It’s hotter than […]

Doctor Lust

A disturbed wife calls Dr. Lust’s show after walking in on her husband having sex with her own best African American friend. She agrees to follow Dr. Lust’s surprising advise that if you can’t beat them, join them. Dr. Lust then tells a woman that what it takes to get her boyfriend’s buddy to join […]
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