Black Magic

The premise of this 1985 romp is simplicity itself. That old Black Magic, it’ll get you everytime… or at least whenever you gaze into Madame Andrea’s crystal ball! That’s why Stella and Gigi check out Andrea’s supernatural sex connection to get a peek at their own upcomming love lives. What these ebony vixens encounter is […]

Les 14 Ans D’Aurelie

What are the groves of public gardens used for ? For an exhibitionist, to show his anatomy to young girls…. For two frightful yobs, to inflict a punishment to their favourite. Imagine that those groups happen to meet, this can make strange sparks… A young girl already “visually” aggressed, will know the shame of being […]

Anal Adventures 2

What’s a bun without a weenie? Indulge your cravings in this hot & nasty anal treat! Tasty buns getting filled with steamy, hot cock! This is the only Nancee Kellie video. Anal Adventures 2 avec les actrices porno Henri Pachard,TT Boy,Tom Byron,Courtney,Melanie Moore,Anisa,Alicyn Sterling,Nancee Kelly.
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Honeymoon Harlots

Eric Edwards plays a cartoonist whose artistic creations come to lascivious life in this torrid, fast-paced sexvid. While his editor keeps haranguing him about deadlines, Eric doodles and cooks up some seriously steamy situations for his fictional characters to get into. Each vignette revolves in some way to marriage, thus giving us the title. Jerry […]

Teenage Games

When Mummy is away the girls will play… With themselves and just about everyone else. Lori and Sue are girls who are hungry for something hot and tasty, so… Lori calls the pizza parlor. But when Ted, the delivery man, arrives he brings more than just pizza to eat… he brings old friends along also. […]

Naughty Cheerleaders

Scrumptious little sex kitten Ali Moore stars in this fun-filled romp, playing a fresh-faced young cheerleader who yearns to work at the local ice cream shop. It’s where all of her mouthwatering gal pals hang out and seems like the perfect place to earn some extra cash. Of course, little does she suspect that the […]

Tasty and Tight

Can very intimate friendship between two tight and tasty trollops survive the rampant sexual cravings coursing through their veins? Will an incredible five foot package of irresistible beauty that devours any stud in her path drive a wedge of hatred through all of them? Will honorable, innocent men (???) stand rigid against the devilish temptations […]

Sperm Crazy

A sexy brunette with her tasty breasts on display reverse cowgirls, doggies and reverse cowgirl-anals her partner before taking a resounding facial. A sort of punkish, Molly Ringwaldish gal (except way prettier) gives some succulent head and tit fucks her partner before bumpin’ uglies with him. After a friend shows up, a d.p. ensues, capped […]

Taija’s Tasty Treats

Sex, friends and intrigue never hurt anybody, or at least not in the bad way. This is exactly what Taija finds out in this classic tale of sex and cum. Featuring some of the best stars in classic porn and plenty of tongue exercise too. This is perfect for a fan of the old school […]

Garters And Lace

Luscious Aubrey Turner introduces us to six fiery vignettes, each one a feverish, frantic foray into the outer limits of 70s erotica. The real star of the show, though, is legendary porn stud John Holmes. Holmes lives up to his reputation in a quartet of sensually charged couplings. He brings out the bawdy best in […]

Get Me While I’m Hot

A Classic 80’s hardcore featuring Keisha and Peter North. Porn Star Keisha is a luscious dream queen who first hit hardcore screens in 1985 and continues to turn out steamy performances today. Keisha’s probably the prettiest Latina to ever appear in porn, a lush fantasy girl with a deliciously ripe body. Keisha started in hardcore […]


In this fast-paced sexvid, Buck Adams and Ron Jeremy play the owners of a bar which employs a bunch of sexy waitresses who are quite willing to serve up more than just ale and booze. The boys let business slip as they prefer to spend most of their time at work plowing through their tasty […]

Titten Tango

So, if you like tits, we got ’em! Round and firm, tiny and tasty or big and floppy. Step right up and get the chance of a lifetime. Ladies and gents, we got six of the most buxom girls of all time including Kim Alexis with her lactating boobies and Jessica Bogart’s bee stings. What […]


When a beautiful female Genie escapes from her flask, a young man’s life gets turned upside down in this frenetic erotic fable. It seems that the Genie yearns to experience everything that she’s missed while locked away inside her flask — including sizzling sexual satisfaction! She promises her ‘master’ his every carnal desire — just […]

Girls who Love Girls 5

Once again into the breach, dear friends, as we join a sizzling selection of porn’s hottest harlots as they delve into scene after scene of merry girl-girl groping. This fifth edition might just be the most enchanting yet, filled with some truly tasty tarts giving their amorous all. Angel Kelly ranks among the tightest babes […]

Wild Stuff

This wall-to-wall 1987 collection of mostly interracial couplings stars a youthful Jeanna Fine as the owner of an unhinged sex club called Wild Stuff. Jeanna sports a mane of short, platinum blonde hair that gives away her punky nature, and throws herself into the proceedings with the ardor of a newcomer who just can’t get […]

Pussyman Auditions 5

Fans of massively inflated boobs will have a field day with this fast-paced gonzo rollercoaster of silicon-enhanced lust. Once again, David Christopher’s invited over a trio of tasty tantalizers to try out for his latest Pussyman flick. This time out, though, each gal sports some truly enormous fake sweater-busters. Leggy exotic dancer Whitney Wonders is […]

Taija’s Tasty Treats

Sex, friends and intrigue never hurt anybody, or at least not in the bad way. This is exactly what Taija finds out in this classic tale of sex and cum. Featuring some of the best stars in classic porn and plenty of tongue exercise too. This is perfect for a fan of the old school […]

A Tasty Kind Of Love

A Tasty Kind Of Love avec les actrices porno Alexis Firestone,Cara Lott,Jerry Butler,Krista Lane,Taliesin,Randy Paul,Jeff Satkin.
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